Matisse and his “actors” of inspiration

Don’t you often wonder when you look at a beautifully designed room or a stunning piece of art, what the inspiration was behind the creation? “What inspires you?” has to be one of the most asked questions of any creative. The answers vary but often times it’s things like art, travel, nature or even other creatives. 

So it was great anticipation that I made my way to the Matisse exhibit at the Boston MFA just before I left on vacation. The paintings were curated around the objects that inspired Matisse. He referred to his favorite objects as “actors” and used them over and over again in his work. 

“The object is an actor. A good actor can have a part in ten different plays; an object can play a role in ten different pictures” Matisse

I have had a love affair with Matisse since high school. In fact, this framed poster below has hung in every apartment and house I have lived in since college. I have had it for close to 40 years and although it has little to no monetary value, I just couldn’t bring myself to part with it during the downsizing purge. 

Some of the more interesting “actors” used by Matisse were African figures and ethnic textiles.

 Matisse was intrigued with the simplicity of the sculpture and the fact that it was stripped down to just the visual essentials.

Preliminary sketch for portrait below.

Matisse also was inspired by textiles, especially those from Northern Africa and Islamic cultures. He loved the rich saturated colors and the patterns of the hand made cloth. This Egyptian cloth in the exhibit hung in his studio and was used over and over again in his work.

Here it is on the right side of the painting.

The exotic Islamic culture fascinated Matisse and became a favorite subject to paint.

This is a detail shot of another antique textile from his collection.

Matisse used it for his inspiration in the painting below.

One of the more interesting facts I learned at the show was that it was these Islamic textiles that became the inspiration for Matisse’s cut outs which he is so well know for.

He studied the play of light on the mirrored glass inserts and the “movement” it gave to the pattern.

African Kuba cloth which is so on trend today was also a favorite of Matisse.

He collected samples from many different tribes and was taken by the fact that the pattern seemed to have no beginning and no end. The painting below shows his Kuba cloth interpretation in the background. Notice how the pattern climbs out the window seemingly going on forever.

Later in his career Matisse became captivated by Chinese calligraphy and collected samples that he hung in his studio.

The fluid movement of the characters inspired this work called The Acrobat.

He also collected Chinese pottery

Which became inspiration for the tree painting below. 

I found the exhibit so fascinating because it was almost like being inside Matisse’s head. I could look at the object and then see how it inspired him to create his work. 

It also got me thinking about what inspires me. It’s probably cliche but for the most part it’s travel and nature. We were on vacation last week in the white mountains of New Hampshire. The vibrant greens of the forest against the beige/taupe colored rocks became inspiration for a color palette for a new space I am working on.

Here are a few images of what I was surrounded by last week.

White Mountains NH

Linda Holt Photo

Galehead trail NH mountains

Linda Holt Photo

river stream in White Mountains

Linda Holt Photo

This is my color palette inspired by the mountains.

My mountain inspired color palette: Linda Holt photo

Inspiration is different for everyone. I would love to hear what inspires you?

2018 color trends you want to see now

Another High Point Spring Market is in the books and once again I made my annual pilgrimage to see all the new introductions, trends and colors so that I can report back to you what is new in the world of furniture, accessories and lighting.

So as not to overwhelm you (like I was going through thousands of images) I will break this trend report into several posts. Since color, or I should say lack of color, was such a big story at market I am devoting this entire first post to color. Tuesday’s blog will feature the first half of eight trends spotted and I will follow that up with the final four trends.  As usual there are more pictures than words so sit back, grab a coffee or wine and enjoy Color trends from High Point Market.

These are the four color trends I saw at Market with the fifth being “one to watch”.

  1. Warm Neutrals
  2. Black and White
  3. Blush
  4. Jewel Tones
  5. Terracotta

 1.Warm neutrals dominated Spring Market, and I mean…as in there was hardly any color in the majority of the showrooms!

It looks like the tide has finally turned for the cool blue grays. Those sophisticated cool grays that were everywhere just two short years ago have now been warmed up and replaced by warmer tones of gray, taupe and even brown.

Guy Chaddock Monterey collection: Linda Holt Photo

Showroom after showroom was filled with these warm neutrals. It’s as if they all followed in step with Sherwin Williams color of the year Poised Taupe.

Taupe and gray, gray and taupe was all over Market.

Linda Holt Photo

At one point while finishing up a tour of one of the better known showrooms (which shall remain anonymous) my color loving friend Kelly Rogers turned to me and said she felt depressed. I was feeling the exact same way! The absence of any real color was actually affecting our mood.

Linda Holt Photo

The rooms by themselves were all lovely and beautifully styled but for someone like myself who loves color it was getting very hard to take.

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair. taupe and white

Mary McDonald for Chaddock: Linda Holt Photo

A lot of the new wood furniture introductions had a gray brown stain that was taupe colored as well.

High Point Market Spring 2017. Taupe stained console table

Linda Holt Photo

Below is a better representation of this gray brown stain. The wood is stained but the grain is allowed to show through. (I have no idea what that pink spot is but it would have taken way too long to remove it so please just disregard).

2017 High Point Market. Stained wood trening

Linda Holt Photo

2.Black and White: Warm grays and taupe not your vibe? Well black and white was also trending at Market.

Linda Holt Photo

This may be a look only a few homes and homeowners can pull off but in the right circumstance it is stunning.

Linda Holt Photo

I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of this bold graphic look since I saw lot’s of black and white accessories, artwork and furniture.

Left Bank Art: Linda Holt Photo

Bernhardt furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Matte Black finishes were especially popular for accessories.

Handley Drive for Codarus: Linda Holt Photo

3. Blush:There was one color that stood out as being the “color of the Market ” and that was blush. This soft pink hue was featured in multiple showrooms. 

Mary McDonald for Chaddock Home: Linda Holt Photo

I saw hints of this soft pink in Spring 2016 but this year it was hard to miss.

Mary McDonald :Linda Holt Photo

The sofa below by Christopher Guy is leaning a little too much toward mauve for my liking but I have a feeling that blush, which is so popular right now is going to turn into mauve eventually….urgh.

Christopher Guy: Linda Holt Photo

Pillows, rugs and art work in blush color were prevalent.

Nourison carpet: Linda Holt Photo

4.Jewel Tones: Blues, greens, chartreuse, hot pinks and other jewel colors were spotted at market. I had to seek them out by visiting showrooms that are specifically known for color but the trip was well worth it. Although still popular I saw less Mediterranean blue than in years past and surprisingly used more on furniture than on walls. Blue paired with chartreuse was a very popular combo this Spring.

Lillian August: Linda Holt Photo

A hot pink velvet chesterfield sofa was spotted at Lillian August. Obviously not for everyone but after three days of seeing nothing but grays and taupe I was ready to get my check book out right on the spot.

Lillian August: Linda Holt Photo

C.R.Laine is another showroom that never disappoints with their use of color and they had plenty of it. Blue and orange was another a popular combination this Spring.

C.R.Laine: Linda Holt Photo

The pillows this Spring at Market were some of the most colorful I’ve seen to date. Since I was so starved for color they were like a cool glass of water on a hot summer day. I would make an immediate bee line to any color I saw and fill up with a color fix before moving on to the next neutral showroom. I had a fantasy of buying all these pillows and going from showroom to showroom and plunking a couple down in everyone of those colorless showrooms.

Square Feathers: Linda Holt Photo

Much like the booths filled with colorful pillows, the art showrooms were bursting with beautiful bold brightly colored art. Large scale art still dominated but groupings were popular as well.

Trowbridge art: Linda Holt Photo

It’s not surprising that the accessories were so colorful because how do you add some color to all those neutrals? With colorful jewel toned pillows and bright bold art work of course.

C.R.Laine: Linda Holt Photo

5.Terracotta: I’m calling this a color to watch. I spotted this warm rusty red orange in several showrooms and one trend which I will share on Tuesday makes use of this color.

David Easton for Chaddock: Linda Holt Photo

So there you have it. The 2017 colors of High Point which dictate what you will be seeing in your local home stores in 2018.

I would love to hear your thoughts about the warming up of gray. Happy to see taupe and brown coming back or not?

UPDATE on our house sale. We signed the P and S last week and will be moving May 27th. There is SO much to still do which is why this post is two days past my posting day. Please accept my apologizes and know I will get back on schedule ASAP.













The only two granite choices for your kitchen that are not dated

Before I get to the two granite choices that won’t date your kitchen I want to thank everyone for all the supportive comments that were left on last weeks blog regarding our mission to downsize. It has been more work and more stress than I could have imagined but we are slowly inching our way to getting our house purged of stuff and ready to put on the market. I’ll be sure to update within the next couple of weeks.

Those of us in the design world have seen dark granite falling out of favor for the past several years. I would even go so far as to say most granite counter tops are now perceived as dated. In my part of the country (New England) many homeowners have grown tired of being bossed around by the busy, dark, speckled stone and are incurring the expense of ripping it out and replacing it.

dark speckled granites

dark speckled granites

So what’s trending now? When I attended KBIS (kitchen and bath industry show) a couple weeks ago it is clear that quartz is the new top choice for counter tops. Quartz is an engineered stone that is a composite of natural quartz and a man made resin.The advantage of quartz is that it can mimic natural stone such as marble or soapstone but doesn’t have the same issues with staining and maintenance as those softer stones. Quartz wears like iron and never needs to be sealed. It’s also quieter than granite and the chosen pattern is consistent throughout the slab.

Quartz counter tops

Popular Quartz counter tops

Vendors I spoke with at KBIS told me their most popular sellers today are white, cream, soft gray and charcoal colored quartz.

Silestone suede finish

Silestone suede finish

Silestone introduced a new finish at KBIS called Suede which was so soft and luxurious. Much more natural feeling than the high gloss and shiny granite counter tops of the past.

There is one big drawback to quartz and that is the price. It is a luxury product and although I have several clients desire it, they had to change plans once they received a price quote. Unfortunately, quartz can be double or even triple the price of granite. So what should you choose if you want stone but your budget only allows for granite? There are only two choices I recommend and that is white or black/charcoal granites.

White and black granite is as timeless as you will find and unlike the bossy speckled granite, you won’t be limited in picking a wall color that works with your pink, peach, gold or brown granite. Just as with quartz, you can also choose a leather or honed finish for a softer look and feel.

black and white granite

Arctic white and absolute black granite

Jet mist is a dark charcoal colored granite that I think is a beautiful choice. In fact, it looks very similar to the Silestone quartz that I showed above.

Jet Mist honed granite

Jet Mist honed granite

Different vendors have their own names for their white and black granites but these are the only colors I recommend if you are choosing granite.

So, whether you are renovating or building new, take my advise and steer clear of the speckled dark granite. I guarantee you will tire of it and if you decide to sell, buyers don’t want it.


The seven top trends at KBIS 2017 in photos

It’s funny how everyone comes away from a big design show like KBIS (the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) with a different perspective and different thoughts on what is new or trending. I am a color lover so I obviously am going to be drawn to all the color I see. Also, as someone who is beginning the process of downsizing I was also on alert for space saving products. I guess I’m not alone because small and compact seemed to be one of the overall themes of the show. I spoke to many vendors and most shared the same point of view that Millennials don’t want the big houses and the Boomers are dumping theirs (Like my husband and I).

So in no particular order, here are the seven top trends I spotted at KBIS 2017 in photos..

1.COLOR: Color was a big story this year. Skittle colored faucets, ranges and furniture were crowd pleasers and Instagram darlings.

color at KBIS

KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

Here’s the thing though about these brightly colored appliance. I asked reps from multiple booths displaying colorful appliances if they were they selling many of these colorful appliances? The answer was overwhelmingly “not many”. What color are they selling? Stainless steal. Sorry to burst your bubble folks but although everyone says they LOVE color and the fun colors draw show goers into the booth for Instagram photos, very few homeowners are putting these colorful appliances into their homes. Is it fear that they will tire of it? Is it the expense? Probably both but I think after attending KBIS now for the past three years I have come to the conclusion that these colorful appliances are little more than expensive marketing pieces. So for the time being it looks like stainless is still king.

2. Say goodbye to all white kitchens: I didn’t spot a single all white kitchen while at the show. I heard someone say they attended a “how to get published” seminar and the editor of one of the top shelter magazines told the audience their magazine is no longer going to publish all white kitchens. Wow…harsh but I guess since that is all we have seen for the past five years it takes some tough love to get folks to move on. So what was on trend for cabinets at KBIS? Lightly stained wood with visible grain.

KBIS 2017 Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017 Linda Holt Photo

3. Mixed color cabinets: Besides stained wood cabinets, mixed color cabinets also had a very strong presence at the show. White with blue, white with black or gray and even white with stained wood.

two toned cabinets

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

4.The return of the statement back splash: Oh PLEASE say it ain’t true! This is one trend I am not a fan of. I always say to my clients, “nothing dates a kitchen faster than a statement back splash”. The vendors at KBIS though embraced the statement back splash it in all it’s busy glory! Similar to the mind set of no more all white kitchens, I think this is a revolt against the ubiquitous subway tiles. In looking at my examples below there is not one back splash I would want to live with for more than a few months (okay weeks).


KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

5.Black finishes: Black was very on trend last year at the show and I saw even more of it this year. Matt black faucets, hardware and even sinks.

Black finishes at KBIS: Linda Holt Photo

Black finishes at KBIS: Linda Holt Photo

6. Organized kitchens and baths: It seems all of North America is on the decluttering and get organized band wagon…I mean EVERYONE! We are stressed and pressed for time and having a well organized kitchen and bath with a place for everything is a luxury we are willing to spend on.


KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

Drawer insides that resemble jewelry boxes and pull out shelves that eliminate the need to fumble around inside the cabinet for pots and pans. Clutter has become a dirty word and the trend in kitchens and baths is to have a place for everything and clear clutter free counter tops.

7. Wall mounted vanities and toilets.This trend was impossible to miss. I have never seen so many wall mounted vanities and toilets.

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

Getting the vanity and toilet off the floor allows for a more open feeling and with the trend toward living in smaller homes, more visible floor space gives the illusion of a bigger space. (Note too the black toilet, sink and fixtures in the bottom right photo)

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

So there you have it my friends. A summary of seven trends I spotted in the day and a half I was at the show.

What’s your favorite or least favorite trend?


Looking up at the Boston Junior League show house

Boston’s latest show house (The Nathaniel Allen House) sponsored by The Junior League of Boston is now open. Recently I had a chance to tour the house and take some iphone photos. If you love color, pattern and art you can’t miss this show. The rooms are done up with warm tones, luxurious textures, fabulous wallpapers and art work galore.

The rooms are all so different yet somehow they all seemed to flow. Color and wallpaper are a very big story but the stand out for me is the attention the ceilings received. Almost all of the rooms have either a colorful painted or wallpapered ceiling. Take a look at few of my favorites.

The “Morning Room” was bright, cheerful and fresh and the yellow painted ceiling glowed with warmth from the early morning sun.

The Morning room Kate McCusker Rosenberger:Linda Holt Photo

The Morning room Design by Kate McCusker Rosenberger: Linda Holt Photo

My good friend Kelly Rogers used a similar warm color palette in her “Mother in Law’s Suite” and also chose to paint the ceiling a warm golden honey.

Design by Kelly Rogers Linda Holt Photo

Design by Kelly Rogers: Linda Holt Photo

This “Petite Retreat” designed by Nancy Seibel has a not very shy pink painted ceiling. So fun for a little bathroom don’t you think?

The Petit Retreat designed by Nancy Seibel: Linda Holt Photo

Designed by Nancy Seibel: Linda Holt Photo

Elizabeth Benedict wallpapered the ceiling in her “Chinoiserie Chic” bedroom with bamboo trellis wallpaper. How wonderful to wake up in the morning and see something beautiful rather than a blank white ceiling.

Elizabeth Benedict Design: Linda Holt Photo

Elizabeth Benedict Design: Linda Holt Photo

The “Dressing Room” which had a small desk area also had a wallpapered ceiling. Choosing a fabulous statement wallpaper is a great idea in a small space like a powder room or closet because the cost will not be too high and every time you enter it will put a smile on your face.

Suzanne Logan design :Linda Holt Photo

Suzanne Logan design : Linda Holt Photo

The ceiling that really impressed me was in the “Receiving Room and Sitting Room”. Designer Gerald Pomeroy used high gloss paint to create a decorative stripe that tied two different but adjoining rooms together. The “Receiving Room” is below. The lighting could not have been worse with the sun pouring in creating a lot of glare but you can see what I am talking about if you look above the fireplace.

Receiving room:Linda Holt Photo

Receiving room: Linda Holt Photo

Here is a closer look at the same room with a broad gray stripe and a narrower green stripe.

Receiving room ceiling:Linda Holt Photo

Receiving room ceiling: Linda Holt Photo

Below is the adjoining “Sitting Room”. You can see he reversed the colors with the broader stripe green and the the thinner stripe gray.

"Sitting Room"

“Sitting Room” : Linda Holt Photo

Lastly, here is an image of the two rooms and the ceilings taken from the doorway where the two rooms join.

Gerald Pomeroy Design:Linda Holt Photo

Gerald Pomeroy Design: Linda Holt Photo

I think it is brilliant and I would love to do something similar for a client. What do you think?

I will be posting more beautiful rooms from the show house but I couldn’t wait to show you all the wonderful ceilings in the house. I hope after seeing this trend you will think twice before defaulting to “ceiling white”.

The 2016 Junior League of Boston Show house runs through June 5th. You can purchase tickets here.




High Point Market Recap part one

Oh my goodness…what an inspiring week at the High Point Furniture! I feel like I walked 50 miles in five days. I was so honored to be chosen for the High Point Design Bloggers Tour and we all had so much fun. We visited showrooms I am very familiar with as well as a few I had never heard of but was happy to discover. The Spring Market was bursting with energy and I saw so many beautiful new designs. I compiled a list of nine trends and since I am all about photos, I want to show you lot’s of images. So as not to overwhelm you I have divided my report into three posts since I have so much to share. As a summary these are nine trends I spotted.

  1. Color: Red, Pink, Blush, Coral, Persimmon and Watermelon ruled this Spring, followed by Blue, Emerald green, White and Gold
  2. Chairs: Exposed wood spines, sexy backs, sculpture in the room, statement pieces
  3. Case goods: Faceted wood fronts, wallpapered fronts, decorative geometric shapes, hardware that is either big or “go pegs”.
  4. Brass is KING…seriously, the amount of it was overwhelming.
  5. Live Like You: Furniture for real life not “magazine rooms”. Crypton fabrics, durable quality core pieces for beds and dressers, durable rugs.
  6. Mixed Materials: wood with faux shagreen, wood and brass, Lucite and wood, Lucite and leather, parchment and wood, glass and wood.
  7. Elevated organics: Organic shapes and forms applied to furniture
  8. Accessories: Organics, rock crystals, shells, bones, feathers, spiney sea urchin shapes in brass and white
  9. Fabrics: Large scale florals, birds, tie dye and water colors.


RED in all it’s various hues was without a doubt the trending color of Spring Market. I personally have never been a huge fan of red but after seeing some of the showrooms I think I might have to rethink how I feel about this dramatic color. The Ambella Home showroom knocked me over with their use of red. It was one of my favorite showrooms. The white upholstery and the light gray woods are so striking against the red wall.


Ambella Home: Linda Holt Photo

One of my favorite designers who loves color as much as I do is Tobi Fairley. Her new furniture collection for C.R. Laine and for Woodbridge  is full of rich yummy color, especially vibrant pinks and fushia. (notice nail heads and Lucite are still trending).


Linda Holt Photo

This Pink coffee table is fun but also comes in any color you choose.

Tobi Fairley for C.R.Laine:Linda Holt Photo

Tobi Fairley for Woodbridge:Linda Holt Photo

The Lillian August show room was one of the most colorful showrooms and I love the the raspberry velvet chairs in her Spring collection.

Lillian August:Linda Holt Photo

Lillian August:Linda Holt Photo

Blush pink got a lot of buzz at the show and this blush colored leather chair immediately drew me in. The leather and steel base is more masculine but the blush color pushes it toward the feminine. The chair thus becomes almost gender neutral which was another trend I saw emerging (gender neutrality).


Linda Holt Photo

Norwalk Furniture chose three color themes for Spring. Under the Sea (Blues), Jetson (think 60’s red, silver,black and gold) and Hill Country which is this dusty pink pictured below.


Rowe Furniture Linda Holt Photo

Blue continued to have a very strong showing as seen in the Mr. Brown Home showroom.

Mr. Brown Home

Mr. Brown Home: Linda Holt Photo

Duralee hit a home run with their new fabrics from John Robshaw. The show room was so lively and inspiring and that red and blue sofa in the background was like sitting on a cloud as it was all down!


Duralee: Linda Holt Photo

Deep blue velvet upholstery was spotted it in multiple showrooms and in the photo below it is striking paired with red.


Linda Holt Photo

I also spotted a lot of softer gray blues as in this vignette from Bernhardt Furniture.   The all white furniture and accessories makes the room so calming. Can’t you just see this at a sea side location?


Linda Holt Photo

Emerald Green was another color that made a strong showing. Similar to the bold red wall in the first image, notice the furnishings and accessories are neutral black and white. The green color is the star of the room. The M.T. Company showroom had several rooms using emerald green.

The M.T. Company: Linda Holt Photo

The M.T. Company: Linda Holt Photo

Again, the bold green fabric is the star and the supporting colors are kept neutral with white, black and gray.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I don’t want you to think that every showroom was bursting with color. There was plenty of gray, white and gold. I just tend to gravitate toward color like a moth to the flame so color is what stood out to me.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

2.Chairs. Sexy is back or should I say backs are sexy! Chair after chair had exposed spines or interesting lines and looked just as fabulous from the back as from the front. This little red number from Ambella Home was one of my favorites.

ambella chair.REd

Ambella Home: Linda Holt Photo

I also love these dining chairs from Universal Furniture.

Universal Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Universal Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

This one from Stanley Furniture caught my eye.

Stanley Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Stanley Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

If chairs didn’t have exposed spines they had interesting shapes. I saw a lot of barrel shaped chairs which tend to look good floating in a room. Blush color velvet adorn these chairs from the new Michael Berman collection for Theodore Alexander.

Theodore Alexander:Linda Holt Photo

Theodore Alexander:Linda Holt Photo

and last but not least, check out this chair from Bernhardt clad in artisan hammered metal. Now wouldn’t that be the statement piece in the room! Surprisingly it was comfortable too!

Bernhardt: Linda Holt Photo

Bernhardt: Linda Holt Photo

3. Case goods. No longer delegated to a supporting role, case goods are now shouting “look at me”. I saw bold, gold, brutalist, faceted, sculptural, and wrapped and wallpapered. There was a huge variety but they were all statement pieces.

Noir: Linda Holt Photo

Noir: Linda Holt Photo

Many had geometric designs like this one from Vanguard.

Vanguard: Linda Holt Photo

Vanguard: Linda Holt Photo

This one from Lexington Furniture was both faceted and gold.

Lexington Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Lexington Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Metal wrapped and hammered consoles were also trending like this one from Mr. Brown Home.

Mr. Brown Home:Linda Holt Photo

Mr. Brown Home:Linda Holt Photo

I also saw a number of wallpaper wrapped chests.

wallpaper chest

The other trend is that the hardware has become jewelry. The trend is either really big like on this cabinet from Global Views

Global Views

Global Views

and this one from Harp and Finial

Harp and Finial:Linda Holt Photo

Harp and Finial:Linda Holt Photo

Or really small like these pegs on a chest at Noir.

Noir pegs

Armoires are also making a comeback and they too are statement pieces like this metal hammered stunner at Bernhardt.

Bernhardt Linda Holt Photo

Bernhardt Linda Holt Photo

Geometric shapes are also popular on the doors, especially over glass.

Universal Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Universal Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Even children’s furniture is following the trend like this cute patch work quilt decorated chest spotted at Sauder.

Sauder: Linda Holt Photo

Sauder: Linda Holt Photo

So there you have the first three trends. The second three will be up within a day or so.

Which trend do you like the most so far?

Friday’s Photo: 8 High Point Market trends in one photo

Hi everyone! I just returned home from the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour. It was inspiring, fun, educational and exhausting all at the same time. I have SOOOO much to share and over a thousand photos to plow through and edit. My more detailed trend report will be up early next week but for today’s Friday Photo I have a photo to share that I took at the Mr. Brown show room.

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Not all of these eight trends are new but overall, this photo is a good representation of what was showing at High Point Market.

  1. Color: Persimmon, coral, watermelon, pink, blush and all the various hues of RED are trending.
  2. Brass and gold finishes were EVERYWHERE. Brass definitely outweighed all other finishes at the Spring market.
  3. Mid century is still going strong. The floor lamp, the hanging brass pendants and the chairs.
  4. Armoires are back: We don’t need them to hide bulky TV’s anymore but with all the talk of downsizing and living small it seems we just can’t get enough storage.
  5. Decorative fronts on case goods. I will talk much more about this in my report next week but get ready for sculpted, faceted, hammered, printed and wallpapered fronts on case goods.
  6. Mixed materials. Mirrored glass and laser cut wood tall cabinet. The table has a stained wood base, a faux shagreen (Sting ray skin) top and a brass edge on both the table top and base.
  7. Geometrics: The arms on the chairs
  8. Antiques mixed in with new: An antique wood bowl on a stand on the table

Have a great weekend everyone….I’ll be editing and editing and editing!

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