Bar carts and table settings you do not want to miss!

Wow, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind for me. Nine days in Berlin, home, three hours sleep then off to the Boston Design Center for the next five days to install, style and participate in Boston’s first Designer fundraiser for the charity Heading Home To Dinner.This first of it’s kind event was a HUGE success with both a cocktail party and gala selling out. There were many designers on the planning committee but three need to be singled out for their vision and planning that lead to such a successful event; Mally Skok, Elizabeth Benedict and Kristen Rivoli.

The charity Heading Home to Dinner is Boston based and it’s mission is “to end homelessness in greater Boston by providing a supported pathway to self-sufficiency that begins with a home, together with critical services such as life skills, financial literacy, and job training”. 

The event was held at the Boston Design Center in a huge open space with cement floors and huge windows that let in tons of light over looking Boston harbor. The tables were arranged in the middle of the room and the bar carts were lined up against the windowless wall. The room looked beautiful but it was somewhat of a photographer’s nightmare. I did my absolute best shooting the tables and carts (with my iphone) but with the sun streaming in on two sides, many tables had harsh back lighting and there was poor lighting against the wall where the carts were. To complicate the photography even more there was always something distracting in the background or someone was in the background.  I did my best though so in no particular order, feast your eyes on some very creative, beautiful and “no two alike” tables and bar carts.

Elizabeth Benedict, Safari Style

I love that Elizabeth used two floor hides as table runners. The binoculars and blankets on each chair also are a wonderful touch….and the FLOWERS!!!

Kristen Rivoli: Hygge under the stars

Kristen Rivoli used the Danish word Hygee as her theme. Her table celebrates the simple pleasure of dinning with friends at home or out.

Mally Skok: California Dreaming Lunch Party

Mally Skok’s table wowed me with lot’s of plants and blue glassware. I heard she designed and then had the plates made in Africa. They are gorgeous!

Kathryn Pearce: Cerulean Serendipity

This table by Kathryn Pearce was such a pretty table. I loved those turquoise goblets and pink flowers.

Pamela Copeman: Claude Monet at Giverny

This is the table that I was lucky enough to be seated at for the gala. It was magical dinning under the twinkling flower gazebo. The designer, Pamela Copeman, is an accomplished artist besides a well known designer and the fabric on the chairs as well as the table topper were custom made from an origional oil painting she created just for the event.

Kristin Paton: Let them eat cake

This one had lot’s to look at as well and was so much fun!

Megan Pesce: The artist collaboration

Megan Pesce partnered with her artist friend who painted a custom canvas table runner. I loved the way Megan accessorized with paint tubs and brushes.

Renee Rucci and Julie Wood

This table designed by Renee Rucci and Julie Wood had so many thoughtful little details it needed to be carefully studied so as to not miss anything. Julie took the opportunity to showcase her new fabric line featuring maps of coastal New England.

Dennis Duffy: Alice’s Acid Tea party

Crystal dishes of “Quaaludes” added some humor to this colorful table.

The bar carts were equally as varied.

Holly Joe design

Holly Joe’s theme was Cocktails in Shangri-La

Rachel Reider

Rachel Reider partner with Dunes and Duchess and styled “an Enchanted Evening” with this new bar cart that was just introduced as part of their new line.

Kim Macumber

Kim Macumber’s Summer Cart is perfectly styled for summer cocktails on the front porch. 

Justine Sterling: Modern Island

Justine Sterling mixed colonial, modern and tropical elements for her festive backyard bar cart.

Michelle Cortizo: New years Champagne

Michelle Cortizo styled a new Years Eve bar cart that I would love to ring in the New Years with.

Kelly Rogers

Kelly Rogers styled her bar cart for a Tanglewood picnic for two. Don’t you just love that fox pillow?

Rachel Dunham

This retro bar cart was filled with all sorts of cool things but I especially liked the vintage glassware.

Lastly, here is my Nantucket brunch in the garden bar cart.

Linda Holt: Nantucket Brunch in the Garden

This was the very first time I have ever done anything like this. I will be honest it was a little a scary because there were some very big names and design firms involved. I had more than one sleepless night worrying I was in over my head. It all turned out great though and I had a wonderful time. I also learned how stressful it can be when things don’t go as planned. Let me just give you a hint with the word “leakage” and you might be able to guess to what happened.

I’d love to hear from you. Which is your favorite?





10 Responses to Bar carts and table settings you do not want to miss!
  1. Linda Pakravan Reply

    Your cart is beautiful@

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thank you so much Linda, I appreciate it.

  2. Darla Powell Reply

    Some serious creativity went down there. I really like the bar carts and the Hygge table.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Darla. It as such a great event to be a part of and the creativity was off the chart!

  3. Angela Taylor Reply

    Goodness, such a feast for the eyes! My absolute favorite is Pamela Copeman: Claude Monet…wow! I loved your bar cart too, and can appreciate the nerves because I enter our local floral design section in the County Fair each year, and the pressure is always intense. What a wonderful idea this was, I think it could catch on:) Thanks so much for sharing, and your photo’s are terrific as usual.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Angela. It was such a fun event and when all was totaled the event raised $100,000 to help combat Boston homelessness.

  4. Mally Skok Reply

    It was just great having you on the team Linda, never, every doubt your talent, loved your bar cart!!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thank you Mally! So happy to be involved.

  5. Pamela Copeman Reply

    Beautiful post, you really captured the event. Thank you south for including me, I was so thrilled to have you with me Saturday night. Xoxo

    • Linda Holt Reply

      The pleasure was all mine Pamela!

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