Could a red envelope and what’s inside help sell our house?

It’s been quite a month. Between traveling to Spain with Tile of Spain and then immediately heading cross country to LA to attend the Design Bloggers Conference, I have been MIA these past two weeks and I apologize. Add in the huge stress I have been under as we finish up purging and cleaning to get our house ready to list and it’s amazing I am still standing. (Well Last week I wasn’t but I won’t get into that).

Today I have a great story for you. Twelve years ago when we first bought our house (the same one we are now selling) I met a guy who was a Feng Shui master. Since we bought our house from a family with a very sick child I asked him if he would come do a cleansing and give it some good mojo. I knew very little about Feng Shui at the time other than the basics. He did his thing and told me the house actually had great energy and made a few suggestions for what would improve it even more. The biggest change we made was to our walk in master closet.

It turned out that our “wealth center” on the Feng Shui bagua map was our cluttered, and messy master closet.  When he said our closet was stifling us financially, I told him I would do anything required to fix that! I did every thing he told me to do including major organization, painting the inside walls red, putting some jewelry on display and filling a jar with extra pocket change. I also put a large amethyst and some photos on the shelf that represented abundance. At the time I didn’t know what would happen but I figured I had nothing to loose so why not?

Well one week later almost to the day of finishing up with all the master closet changes I won a $1,000 gas card. Up until then, I had never won a single thing in my life! Two weeks after winning the free gas I won a $500 Amex gift card and shortly after that I won both a business raffle and a free dinner for two. It was flipping crazy but the honest to God truth. To this day I continue to be “lucky” and my family jokes that it’s all because the master closet. 

So, this brings me to the red envelope story. While at the Design Bloggers Conference I roomed with my friend Amanda Gates. Amanda specializes in Feng Shui so I asked her if she had any Feng Shui tips to help get the house sold. She told me to take something from the kitchen (a screw from a cabinet) and mail it to her in red envelope. Okay, I’m sure you think this is voodoo crazy but after my master closet experience I didn’t even question it. 

This past weekend we took a small screw out of the back of a cabinet. Amanda said I needed to mail it in a red envelope but I had no idea where I would find a single red envelope. Now this is where is gets freaky. I have an old shoe box filled with one of a kind notes and pretty cards that I pick up here and there. I don’t know why I didn’t put the box it into storage because I rarely write personal notes but for some reason I didn’t. I thought I would at least look inside but I highly doubted there was a red envelope in the box. When I took the lid off  the box this is what I saw.

I KID YOU NOT! I had chills all over my body and couldn’t text Amanda fast enough. I have absolutely no memory of this red envelope and it was even stranger because there was no accompanying card, just a single red envelope sitting right on top of the pile. I know there is absolutely no explaining this or even making sense out of it. Amanda though, took it all in stride and texted back, “On one hand extraordinary on the other hand, welcome to my world of magic”.

So this morning I mailed my red envelope with a kitchen cabinet screw inside. I sent it with love and intention and soon it will be in Amanda’s hands. Our house goes on the market in less than two weeks so we are grateful for whatever help Amanda can give us. I will be sure to keep you updated as to what happens with the sale. If it sells quickly, Amanda might have a side line business to incorporate into her practice!

Speaking of Amanda, she has a book coming out soon called “Detoxing Clutter with Feng Shui”. If you’re interested in getting on the list for copy just click HERE.  Amanda told me she has a chapter on dealing with family heirlooms that need to be honored and not simply tossed or randomly donated. I have a storage locker filled with that kind of stuff so I can’t wait!

How about you? Do you practice Feng Shui or have a story to share?

33 Responses to Could a red envelope and what’s inside help sell our house?
  1. Darla Powell Reply

    Hmmmm…interesting. I have never subscribed to Feng Shui, per se. Although, I do believe spaces have a vibe and an “energy” so maybe I should check it out.
    I can’t imagine writing a blog being as busy as you are. I am having a hard enough time with mine and I’m not traveling all over the world and selling my house. Good job!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Darla, my blog is a labor of love so it takes a lot to keep me from writing. The past few weeks though have finally gotten the better of me. I so appreciate you taking the time to read and comment.

  2. Nancy Powell Reply

    I love this story Linda. I am giving a talk this week on Feng Shui to my networking group! This stuff is amazing and no joke. I would love to get Amanda’s book- thanks for the heads up. Good luck with the house and can’t wait to hear the follow up story! See you at market.
    Xo Nancy

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi Nancy, I don’t understand it at all but I have proof it works! Good luck with your talk and yes, excited to see you at market!

  3. Darla Powell Reply

    Mine is as well. It’s hard keeping a schedule, especially with a full-time business. I may or may not have missed my deadline this week, :).

    • Linda Holt Reply

      It is very challenging to publish weekly and all we can do is try our best. There are going to be times I think for everyone that a post is just not going to happen. I think (hope) our readers understand.

  4. Debra Reply

    Very entertaining post, Linda! Thanks for reminding me the magic of HOPE and FAITH!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi Debra, I know it sounds completely crazy and I hesitated to even share it but opening that box and seeing that red envelope was just too unbelievable not to share.

  5. Kelly Martin Reply

    I believe and I practice! Great story! Good luck (although it sounds like you may not need it)!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kelly! I can’t say I practice it but I sure am interested in it after my experiences with it.

  6. Dorothy Reply

    Okay. All I want to know is where’s the money center in MY house?

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I wish I could answer that for you Dorothy! One thing I know for sure is that I will definitely find out where it is in our next apartment or house. I want to keep my lucky streak going!

  7. Sandy Reply

    Hi Linda,
    Wow! I love when things like this happen! The RED envelope in the box? I would have been beside myself!
    Cant wait to find out what happens next….
    Also, I’m on the list for Amanda’s book. Anything I can learn to detox clutter (especially in my closet) would be great!! Thanks!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I will be sure to let you and everyone know what happens! As far as the red envelope, I did freak out but Amanda just took it all in stride so I calmed down. Every time I think about it though I am just amazed.

  8. Carla Aston Reply

    Well, I will certainly be following along! Now I’m dying to see your red closet. 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Yes Carla, I should share that shouldn’t I? Maybe next weeks post?

  9. Lori Sawaya Reply

    What a fabulous tale you have the tell, Linda! Loved it and thanks for sharing. Good luck with your house.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Lori! I’ll let everyone know what happens.

  10. amanda Reply

    The magic is just starting to unfold…. 🙂

    Let’s see where this takes us. It will be fun indeed.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Amanda, I am so very excited to see what unfolds!

  11. Deborah Main Reply

    WOW!!! What a doozy of a story!!! Tell me what Feng Shui thing I need to do to my house to make fantastic things like that happen in my life too!! I do believe in magic!! Can’t wait to find out what Amanda does with your red envelope. And YES, pics of the red closet pronto please!! 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi Deborah! I am as excited to see what Amanda does as you! As far as telling you what to do with your own house I WISH I knew.

  12. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Oh my goodness, how absolutely exciting! I completely remember how lucky you are! When we purchased our home we smudged it out with cedar and sage, to clear out any bad energy 🙂
    Can’t believe about the red envelope! Wow!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi Jil, it’s a crazy story indeed but I am open to whatever the universe has planned for us.

  13. Donna Vello Reply

    Love this story, Linda, and I love when these amazing “coincidences” happen. Once you start to experience them more and more, they just put a big smile on your face when they happen. 11:11 is a number I see all the time when I am looking for confirmation of something. xo

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I agree Donna, there are powers at work more powerful than us and at this point I am done questioning them.

  14. LuAnn Nigara Reply

    Linda this a fantastic!! Love the red closet! Question, did you paint it white for resale or leave it red for the confined wealth manifestation? Seems like a conundrum and I’m curious about that.
    I too am waiting anxiously for Amanda’s book!!!
    And I’m looking forward to watching and reading about your magic unfolding!! Best to you!! Xxoo

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi LuAnn, thanks for commenting. The closet is remaining red. It was a conundrum for sure but in the end we decided to just keep it as is. I’ll be sure to let you know what happens!

  15. Davetta Moore Reply

    I am a a believer in Feng Shai, I just don’t know a lot about the whole philosophy, but what I have read about in the last few years I have found very interesting. I put my house on the market on the 29th. So please send good vibration my way. Good luck to you and your quick sale. I will order Amanda book.

  16. Remya Warrior Reply

    I’m so intrigued with this red envelop & the screw. My dad knew Feng Shui, & Vastu shastra (Indian version) I regret not learning it from him. Keep us posted about your home & I missed connecting with you at #DBCLA.

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  18. Beth Reply

    I just read this blog. Amazing story. I am on the waiting list for Amanda’s book and can use any pointers I can get. I am sure your house will sell quickly. I wish you continued success. Beth

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Beth! It’s been very stressful getting the house ready but we listed yesterday and have high hopes for a quick sale. The red envelope sure gave me hope!

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