The seven top trends at KBIS 2017 in photos

It’s funny how everyone comes away from a big design show like KBIS (the annual Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) with a different perspective and different thoughts on what is new or trending. I am a color lover so I obviously am going to be drawn to all the color I see. Also, as someone who is beginning the process of downsizing I was also on alert for space saving products. I guess I’m not alone because small and compact seemed to be one of the overall themes of the show. I spoke to many vendors and most shared the same point of view that Millennials don’t want the big houses and the Boomers are dumping theirs (Like my husband and I).

So in no particular order, here are the seven top trends I spotted at KBIS 2017 in photos..

1.COLOR: Color was a big story this year. Skittle colored faucets, ranges and furniture were crowd pleasers and Instagram darlings.

color at KBIS

KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

Here’s the thing though about these brightly colored appliance. I asked reps from multiple booths displaying colorful appliances if they were they selling many of these colorful appliances? The answer was overwhelmingly “not many”. What color are they selling? Stainless steal. Sorry to burst your bubble folks but although everyone says they LOVE color and the fun colors draw show goers into the booth for Instagram photos, very few homeowners are putting these colorful appliances into their homes. Is it fear that they will tire of it? Is it the expense? Probably both but I think after attending KBIS now for the past three years I have come to the conclusion that these colorful appliances are little more than expensive marketing pieces. So for the time being it looks like stainless is still king.

2. Say goodbye to all white kitchens: I didn’t spot a single all white kitchen while at the show. I heard someone say they attended a “how to get published” seminar and the editor of one of the top shelter magazines told the audience their magazine is no longer going to publish all white kitchens. Wow…harsh but I guess since that is all we have seen for the past five years it takes some tough love to get folks to move on. So what was on trend for cabinets at KBIS? Lightly stained wood with visible grain.

KBIS 2017 Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017 Linda Holt Photo

3. Mixed color cabinets: Besides stained wood cabinets, mixed color cabinets also had a very strong presence at the show. White with blue, white with black or gray and even white with stained wood.

two toned cabinets

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

4.The return of the statement back splash: Oh PLEASE say it ain’t true! This is one trend I am not a fan of. I always say to my clients, “nothing dates a kitchen faster than a statement back splash”. The vendors at KBIS though embraced the statement back splash it in all it’s busy glory! Similar to the mind set of no more all white kitchens, I think this is a revolt against the ubiquitous subway tiles. In looking at my examples below there is not one back splash I would want to live with for more than a few months (okay weeks).


KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

5.Black finishes: Black was very on trend last year at the show and I saw even more of it this year. Matt black faucets, hardware and even sinks.

Black finishes at KBIS: Linda Holt Photo

Black finishes at KBIS: Linda Holt Photo

6. Organized kitchens and baths: It seems all of North America is on the decluttering and get organized band wagon…I mean EVERYONE! We are stressed and pressed for time and having a well organized kitchen and bath with a place for everything is a luxury we are willing to spend on.


KBIS 2017:Linda Holt Photo

Drawer insides that resemble jewelry boxes and pull out shelves that eliminate the need to fumble around inside the cabinet for pots and pans. Clutter has become a dirty word and the trend in kitchens and baths is to have a place for everything and clear clutter free counter tops.

7. Wall mounted vanities and toilets.This trend was impossible to miss. I have never seen so many wall mounted vanities and toilets.

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

Getting the vanity and toilet off the floor allows for a more open feeling and with the trend toward living in smaller homes, more visible floor space gives the illusion of a bigger space. (Note too the black toilet, sink and fixtures in the bottom right photo)

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

KBIS 2017: Linda Holt Photo

So there you have it my friends. A summary of seven trends I spotted in the day and a half I was at the show.

What’s your favorite or least favorite trend?


17 Responses to The seven top trends at KBIS 2017 in photos
  1. Cathy Reply

    Wood stained cabinets! I love them! I just remodeled my kitchen and bought new cabinets that look like wood and I’m so glad I did. The room looks amazing!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Cathy, It is refreshing seeing wood again after Years of seeing primarily white cabinets. Having said that though, I still love a white kitchen!

  2. Amy, Home Glow Design Reply

    With you on the busy backsplashes! Ugh!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Amy, I know…right? Ugly and dated in a minutes time.

  3. Maureen Reply

    Hi Linda,
    First thank you for your wonderful tutorials on getting better pictures. I have bookmarked them and plan to study them!
    I am not happy about most of these kitchen trends especially the busy backsplash tile. I really prefer a classic look in such an expensive room as the kitchen.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I’m with you Maureen about keeping a timeless look for the kitchen. I strongly disliked all the busy back splashs. I am all over the organization trend though!

  4. Ruxana's Home Interiors Reply

    Thanks for sharing! I didn’t make it to KBIS this year but enjoyed your review. All the best.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Roxana. I’m happy you found it of value.

  5. Barbara Pirie Reply

    Great job pulling together the trends. I, too, am all about color. I love decorating with black (love the faucets), grey (still a stainless steel fan), and brown (wood stained cabinets are beautiful). The wall mounted vanities and toilets are so chic, so city, and so contemporary! My newest love, wall mounted faucets in the bath! Embrace your downsizing as a new decorating challenge! ❤️

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Barb. I work really hard at the shows to give my readers a good general over view so I really appreciate the positive feedback.

  6. Laurel Bern Reply

    Hi Linda,

    Great post. Re: backsplashes and living with them. For me, not more than a nano-second. haha. They are horrid, just horrid.

    I think that shows like this are a lot like fashion week. The designers show clothing that’s conceptual, but no one actually wears it. Perhaps some of the ideas get distilled into something that feels more normal. And I think it’s that way with some of these kitchens and baths. Or at least, I hope so!

    I think the manufacturers feel that they must get something out there that’s different, for the sake of something new that they can sell and make money on. But there are only so many things that look good together and they’ve probably all been done before.

    Functionality is possibly the only area to get a little inroad.

    And while I love the bright colored ranges, when it comes down to it, would never plunk down my bucks for one of them, but that’s just me. I’m mostly a classical girl.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Laurel and yes, I completely agree. The vendors want to design something eye catching in their booth to draw in the show goers and a busy statement tile back splash is one of the ways. The scary thing is, I am having client’s who are requesting a more “interesting back splash than subway tiles”. My last three client’s all showed me tiles that I tried to talk them out of. They were beautiful tiles but trendy trendy trendy!

  7. Linda Pakravan Reply

    Do you think 5 years from now we will think mixed color cabinets are done? I really like lower cabs done in a darker color, light or white for the uppers.

  8. Matt Reply

    I love the wall mounted vanities! Great insight and a great post!

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