The new Domino book and a GIVEAWAY!

Back in 2005-2007 I was huge Domino junkie. Domino magazine came out about the same time I was starting to get serious about interior design. I was taking design classes at a local college and devouring every shelter magazine and design book I came across. I remember how excited I was when the first Domino book came out. I read it cover to cover and studied it like a text book. Remember this was before Pinterest, Houzz and design blogs so it wasn’t all the easy to get pertinent design information.

Domino schooled me in design basics and explained with illustrations the difference between a chesterfield, a tuxedo and a camel back sofa. I learned how high to hang a chandelier and the names of all the different design styles such a Mid Century, Boho and Hollywood glam.

Now Domino has come out with their second book, Domino, Your Guide to a Stylish Home. Whereas the first book was a guide to make a home complete, this new book is a guide to make a home your own, decorating in your own unique style.


Domino’s new editor Jessica Romm Perez was in Boston with her team last week on a book tour and I had an opportunity to chat with Jessica about Domino and want to share with you part of our conversation.

Linda: How has Domino evolved since 2005 and who is your target reader?

Jessica: What was once just a print magazine has today evolved into three divisions. We have the magazine, the website and e-commerce. We are very fortunate in that our readers span all ages from early 20’s and up. We have our original loyal Domino readers who are now somewhat older as well as a new younger generation who mainly interact with Domino online, through social media and especially through our curated e-commerce site.

Linda: What do you think attributes to Domino’s huge success as a brand?

Jessica: I think one key to Domino’s success is that we are what I like to call “elevated approachable”. Unlike the other shelter magazines that feature somewhat unattainable rooms (for the average person), we feature homes that are livable and showcase how people really live. They are not perfect “show house” spaces but instead highlight the people who live there and reflect their unique personalities and show how they really live.

Linda: What is inspiring you today in design?

Jessica: Wallpaper, especially removable wallpaper, has really caught my eye. It is such a great way to add color and pattern as well as personalize a space. I am also loving the mixed metallics, the return of leather, painted cabinets and smokey colors with depth.

Linda: Speaking of color, what is your take on Pantone’s color of the year Greenery?

Jessica: I love it. So fresh and uplifting!

Linda: Where do you see Domino in 3-5 years?

Jessica: I envision more digital content, and evolving into more of a life style brand and not strictly a decorating brand. I see more content relating to food, entertaining, health and wellness.

Linda: Lastly, what three things should someone spurge on in their home?

Jessica: A good sofa, the best light bulbs you can afford, and good sheets and towels.

I really enjoyed speaking with Jessica and now the best part! I have a signed autographed copy of Domino’s brand new book to give away. Just comment on this post and you will be entered to win. (US only please). For extra chances to win follow me on Instagram and tag two friends in the comment section under the domino book photo.

Winner will be announced this Sunday the 18th just in time for Christmas!

12 Responses to The new Domino book and a GIVEAWAY!
  1. Allyson Paris Reply

    I remember similarly pouring over issues of House Beautiful in the 80’s, before a career in decorating was eve a glimmer in my eyes. Domino was added to my list when it came out and added a fresh angle that I enjoyed for years. So glad they are back with a new book that sounds fabulous!

  2. Gigi Reply

    Resources like Domino are so important in getting clients to branch out and are a valuable tool for designer!

  3. nirma Reply

    I love the “elevated approachable” style of decorating. While I want my family to live in a beautiful space, I want it to feel welcoming and also want them to feel comfortable.
    Thanks for the interview highlights! Can’t wait to read the book!

  4. Gilda Reply

    I have never seen this publication and am anxious to go to the website to learn more! I am decorating-mad!

  5. Becky Tellefsen Reply

    Love Domino!!! Can’t wait to read this next book! Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Sheila Reply

    I loved the questions you asked Jessica. I look forward to reading the book, because the topic is very relevant.

  7. Angela Taylor Reply

    I have not heard of Domino but am now curious to know more about it.

  8. Kimberly Buchanan Reply

    I remember when I bought the first domino book as well when I first became interested in interior design when I moved into my first home.

  9. Janis Hill Reply

    I loved the original Domino book and am very excited to see they have come out with a new one.

  10. Deborah Main Reply

    Fantastic interview Linda!! I remember when too that Domino was one of my main inspirations. I was so sad to see the mag fold. But boy, did they come back stronger than ever. I would LOVE to win this book. TY for the opportunity!! Happy Holidays! xo

  11. Sandy Roth Reply

    As always, very informative!
    Thanks for letting us know about the new book..Definitely will be on my Christmas list!
    Happy Holidays to you and your family!!

  12. Mary Reply

    Attainable, absolutely love it ; D

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