It took 11 years but I finally have a decorated dining room

As is true with many designers, our own home often takes a back seat when it comes to decorating. Between client projects, blogging, family obligations and an overall busy life it’s a wonder anything gets done at all. Case in point, my family room was filled with junky/yard sale furniture for over two years after we gave almost all the origional furniture to my son for his apartment. It took the public pressure of the One Room Challenge to finally kick my butt into gear to getting it decorated. (the six week deadline almost did me in but at least it got finished)

I also have a few other unfinished spaces in my house and the dining room was one of them. You see, I never got around to buying a carpet. It’s not that I didn’t look, it’s just that every carpet I liked was either the wrong size, too high of a pile or over budget.

Last January a perfect solution presented itself when Karastan Carpet, one of our Modenus Blogtour sponsors for KBIS, explained to us that any of their wall to wall carpets could be cut and bound to just about any size. Eureka! Wall to wall carpet is often a more affordable option than a large area rug and the fact that I could have it cut to a specific size was even better.

Due to allergies and a dog that sheds like crazy, I wanted a 100% wool low pile carpet. Karastan has so many great choices but in the end I chose the Woolston Plaid in Domino. It arrived last week cut and bound to my exact size specifications and I am thrilled! It’s a black and white grid pattern and here is what it looked like as soon as we laid it down. (The edges have since relaxed and it lays flat)

dining room before

Karastan Woolston Plaid carpet in Domino

I am now happy to say I have one more completely finished room in my house.

dining room with black plaid rug

Linda Holt Photo

My new gallery wall from Fracture is on the adjacent wall and if you want to read my blog about the process of mounting images on glass you can read it HERE.

Gallery wall

Linda Holt Interiors

Now I just have the the master bedroom and guest room left to tackle. Oh well, one room at a time….unless of course we move which is a continuing topic of conversation.

How about you? Do you have any unfinished rooms in your home?

14 Responses to It took 11 years but I finally have a decorated dining room
  1. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    How absolutely perfect! I had no idea that carpet came in those types of colours and patterns. It’s perfect!
    OK, time for me to do MY living room. What is the saying, something about the Cobbler’s child having no shoes…?

    • Linda Holt Reply

      You are so right Jil. Our homes always take a back seat don’t they?

  2. Kristie Barnett Reply

    So pretty, Linda! I love the chartreuse and dark blue together 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kristie! I take that as a huge compliment coming from you.

  3. Heather Bates Reply

    Very fun room…just as you finish I can tell you that we SOLD OFF our entire dining room – down to the rug, when we began our tour called “Downsizing” to become a new tour in about a year called “Back to UPsizing!” Monday, I pulled the rug and pad out from under my custom kitchen table ( Yeah, all by myself, ugh) because it was too much of a temptation for my 4 month old pup. Ready for a new one anyway.

    Great idea about binding the carpet. Did that for one spot in an unfinished basement in a house we rented a few years ago. My hubby’s workout space.

    Flipped over the rug, as I was folding it, and you could see the history of having pets.

    Great use of color and pattern, nice modern update to a traditional room.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Heather!!

  4. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Linda, Curious if you believe a room isn’t finished until there’s a rug? as I tend to use one in the living room area but not the dining room area (open floor plan). Love the geometric with more traditional furniture but my favorite … how you mixed the 2 fabrics on the windows.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Tina, I think it totally depends on the room. Most of my clients don’t want a rug in the dining room but I wanted one to add some more warmth and pattern. I love bare hardwood floors as long as the room doesn’t “feel” bare and unfinished.

  5. Tina Gleisner Reply

    PS Another carpet trick when you are having a hard time finding the perfect rug – visit flooring store warehouses. They have lots of remnants leftover from carpet installs & you can get great deals on this carpeting which effectively, has already been paid for. Also, they will only bind new carpeting so you can’t reuse old carpeting you’re taking out of your house.

  6. Carla Aston Reply

    That rug really finishes the room off and compliments your green color in there beautifully! I love it.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Carla!

  7. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Thanks Linda, and I see what you mean about using the rug for warmth … and of course the pattern which I love (I also got a geometric pattern for new rug in Arizona).

  8. Amy Mitchell Reply

    So friendly and fun, Linda! Side note, I’m actually considering using Fracture for a couple of candid portraits I took of my boys at the beach this summer thanks to your recommendation. Most of our stuff definitely resides in the cloud, and trying to change that. Thinking about having them going up the stairs.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I think you will be very happy with Fracture Amy. I love mine and am doing a grouping for a client as well.

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