Friday’s Photo: Tip for the best time of the day for photos

Whenever I go on vacation I always make it a priority to get up extra early to photograph during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is just after sunrise when the light is low in the sky and often has a golden glow. It’s a great time to shoot before all the tourists and locals crowd the streets and the lighting gets harsh from the sun. Last weekend I talked my husband into playing tourist in Boston and we drove in not quite at sunrise but around 7am. We were rewarded with a glorious morning and streets void of people and parked cars in this otherwise crowded Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Beacon Hill: linda Holt Iphone Photo

Beacon Hill: Linda Holt iphone Photo

If getting up early is not your thing then the other time of the day to catch the golden hour is just before sunset. The crowds may still be around but the lighting will be the same soft glowing golden light.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to try out the “golden hour”.



2 Responses to Friday’s Photo: Tip for the best time of the day for photos
  1. Deborah Main Reply

    Beautiful!! Brings back fond memories when I lived in Boston and going to some great restaurants in Beacon Hill. Love to walk around there. The color in the flowers is gorgeous against the red brick!!

  2. kelly Reply

    Love your photo tips Linda. I was just saying tonight to my husband how wonderful t would be to get up early, around 6-7 am and sit outside. So great! Now we just have to do it!!

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