Light Fixtures…Is Bigger Really Better?

I am not sure when the trend of Lights on Steroids actually began but if you are looking for new ( and current)  lighting, you don’t have a lot of choice but to go big or go home.  “Super Size Me” home lighting has not only undergone a bigger is better design transformation but lighting design has evolved from functional into functional and LOOK AT ME !!

Check out this “Master Sea Light” from the current Restoration Hardware catalog.

Master Sea Light Restoration Hardware

Seriously, do we need a light that looks like it actually could illuminate the Sea just in order to read the newspaper?


Or how about these giant Corinthian Floor lamps also from the same catalog.


Seems to me, with all the talk about Downsizing and and less is more movement, the lighting companies are a little too late to the bigger is better party of the early 2000’s. The appeal of the 10,000+ sq. ft.  McMansions (where  these lights would look right at home) is definitely wanning.

Even when the base itself is of moderate size, the shades are super sized, like this one from West Elm.

West Elm woven veneer floor lamp

Or this one from Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel Magnum lamp

Having said all this…The one “bigger is better” light trend I do LOVE are the big hanging ceiling lights. They look SO great, don’t take up any floor space and add such personality to a room.


Talk about a statement!

Check out this beauty in Kelsey Grammer’s dining room.

Kelsey Grammer's dining room


I just adore this simply furnished white bedroom with this fabulous hanging light(s)


And just think how cute these plastic Beach Ball lights would look hanging from a Cathedral ceiling of a beach house where the interior was painted all bright white.


As you can guess, most of these huge hanging statement lights come with an equally huge statement price tag. I think this one from IKEA though is so much fun and the price is only $49.99. I would definitely consider it…if only I had tall ceilings!

As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on Super Sized lighting.




9 Responses to Light Fixtures…Is Bigger Really Better?
  1. Kelly Reply

    Restoration Hardware has gone off the deep end! Have you seen the new furniture line using aircraft parts?? I do love large hanging lights, not on the floor though! Looks silly.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      You are not kidding. When I got there new catalog I just kind of went…HUH??? The airplane desk and chair is ridiculous… who on earth would want that …not to mention the price! Too bad because I used to love RH.

  2. Maria Killam Reply

    Great post and I love the look of your new blog! Welcome to blogland!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      OMG!! made my day…thank you for the kind feedback. You are my number one inspiration since your blog was the very first one I subscribed to and I eagerly awaited each new post. I couldn’t ( and still can’t..get enough of them!).You will definitely get a kick out of my next blog posting…I hope you can read it!

  3. Barbara Pilcher Reply

    A terrific post. I’ll follow you.

    I liked this post so much, I tweeted its link. Thanks.

    Looking forward to more good stuff from you. No pressure. Ha ha.

  4. kristie@thedecorologist Reply

    You KNOW I love BIG lighting! Big hanging fixtures, big lamp bases and shades. But I definitely agree that those crazy tree lamps from Restoration Hardware are just awful. I saw a pair in a home here in Nashville and they just looked ridiculous!

  5. Susan Siefer Reply

    I’d need a stool to reach the switch. Love Kelsey Grammers dining room but wonder who got that after the divorce?(oops , I think I watch too much TMZ). Love the blog.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Actually, it’s on the market so it could be yours!!

  6. Susan Siefer Reply

    ha ha. No thanks, bad vibes.

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