Don’t Make This Mistake When You List Your Home For Sale

When it comes time to sell your home, a common mistake many homeowners make is that they Decorate their home to sell rather than Stage their home to sell. When you decorate your home it is all about you, the homeowner. As lovely as it may be, it is still your taste and your design style. This point was recently made very clear to me when a homeowner turned down my offer to help stage her home because she said it had been professional decorated and was in “show ready” condition. Professionally decorated it was…in a formal French Country style that would appeal to any buyer who also liked formal French Country and had the furniture and accessories to match. Sadly, that professionally decorated home is still on the market 8 months later; even after two price reductions.

French Country by Charles Faudree


When you Stage your home, it is all about the Buyer, and since you don’t know who your Buyer is, it is important to appeal to ALL Buyers and ALL tastes. Maybe you love French Country but maybe your future buyer loves Contemporary, or Early American, or Eclectic or Shabby Chic….you just don’t know. This is why neutral paint colors on the walls, no distracting collectibles, photos, or taste specific decor is the only way to go. Buyers need to imagine their furniture, their photos and their taste specific decor in your home.


staged home


Once staged, you may think your home lacks character and personality…that is exactly the point. Remember, the best way to Stage your home for sale, is to undecorate your home. If you do, it will appeal to more potential buyers and get you a quicker and better dollar offer. Then you are free to move on and decorate to your heart’s content in your new home.


If you would like help Staging your home for sale or undecorating your home, give me a call.











Don’t make these 3 mistakes when Staging your own home

Most sellers today realize the imporatance of preparing their home for the market or what we call Staging. I see a lot of homes for sale and more often than not, I  see three mistakes that sellers continue to make.


1. Assuming buyers won’t notice something.

Sloppy D.I.Y. paint jobs, a sticking basement door, a small stain on the carpet, a broken fence post, etc. You may have lived with it for years and think it is just a minor inconvenience but Buyers have laser vision when it comes to spotting any imperfection with your home. Address the problem before you list your home and Buyers will have less downward negotiating power if everything is perfect.


2. Not checking out the competition.


Buyers are not only looking at your home, but the one for sale down the street, the one around the corner and the dozens of others around town that are in the same price range. If you don’t know what buyers are seeing, how do you know how to make your home stand out and look the best? Let’s face it, the Real Estate market is not that much different than a beauty contest. The “prettiest” house gets the Buyer. Check out some competing Open Houses and make note of what those homes have that might appeal to buyers over your home. Challenge yourself to make your home look just a little better. If the other homes are not well staged and yours is, then lucky you, the competition is just helping you sell yours.


3. Not being objective.

When it comes to our own home it is very challeging to be objective. We think our home is lovely and perfectly staged and yet no offers come in. The trick I like to use to help with this problem is to stand in the doorway and take a photo of the room.  Do this for every room in your house. Upload them to your computer and then look at them as critically as possible. Notice where your eye goes;  does the room look like there is too much furniture? Does it appear cluttered? Too dark? Too busy?  Graphic wallpaper, bright colors, and busy fabrics have a tenancy to be magnified when seen online which is why professional Stagers will always stress neutral colors and use very little pattern in a room.  Have a (brutally honest) friend take a look as well and get their opinion.

Remember, Buyers first see your home in photos on the MLS listings and not in the flesh. How a room appears when we are standing in it can be quite different than what a Buyer might see online. Make sure the rooms look as spacious, neutral and uncluttered as possible so that the buyers will not immediately move on to the next listing.

If you would like some help Staging your home or just need an honest opinion of the job you have done, give me a call!

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