(almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Decorating

Have you ever wondered how big a chandelier to buy for your dining room?  What about the best online sources for inexpensive fabric?  Do you ever want to know the names of different types of chairs?

Before I had any decorating training I wanted to know the answers to all those questions. I was always searching online and wished their was a single source where I could have all my questions answered…well there is!

Over the past year I have been curating a Pinterest board that I call Design FYI I have collected and pinned all sorts of helpful decorating tips, visuals and answers to many common decorating questions.

To figure out how big a chandelier you will need for your dining room just read this pin

Names of different styles of chairs? This guide was handy for me.

Looking for a good online source for inexpensive fabric? Check out this pin.

Looking for throw pillows under $50.00? Here is a pin that lists some online sources to check out.

Not yet a member of Pinterest?  It is simple to join and it is one of my favorite sources for design inspiration and learning. Check it out and don’t forget to “follow me” and my Design FYI board so you too will have all the answers to those common decorating questions.

If you would like some decorating help this Summer creating a soulful home that reflects you and your family, give me a call.


A Few High Point COLOR Trends From Friends

A huge event occurred last week known in the design world simply as High Point. Twice a year, Designers from all over the country descend on High Point, NC  to view the hottest new trends in furniture and design. Although I did not attend I felt like I was there last week because I was following a few of my friends who were designated ” Style Spotters” for Pinterest.

When a Pinterest Style Spotter saw an item they thought was worth noting they would “pin” the item to their style board.  I  in turn would repin those items I wanted to share with my Pinterest followers.

Here are a few of the trends relating to my favorite subject, Color, seen at High Point from a few of my Style Spotter friends.

Bright saturated Color has been huge in 2012 and Emerald Green is trending as one of the hottest colors going into 2013.

Lisa Mende spotted this gorgeous Louis 16th chair covered with Robert Allen malachite emerald green fabric in the Wesley show room.


Wesley Hall Showroom

Stacy Naquin spotted this Peter Kennedy emerald green laquered chest in the C. R. Laine show room

Vintage kelly green lacquered chest

and Gretchen Aubuchon spotted this Emerald Green and animal print stool from  Currey & Company.

Currey and Company Stool

Currey and Company

Gold is also going to big in 2013.  Stacy Naquin spotted this ebony stained console table by Global Views with beautiful Gold detailing and coordinating Black and Gold lamps. Don’t you just love those gold lamp shades? Also, Gray, Yellow and Cream continues to be a popular color pallet.

 Trend: Gold detailing on ebony stained console table by Global Views

table by Global Views

Lisa Mende spotted this satin Gold finish eterge from Mrs. and Mrs. Howard’s  furniture line.

Mrs. and Mrs. Howard

Mrs. and Mrs. Howard

as well as this gold leaf mirror from Chelsea House. Wouldn’t this make a beautiful statement in a front entrance?

Chelsea House  Tracery Mirror designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen.

Chelsea House Tracery Mirror designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen.

Monoco Blue has been rumored to be Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 but the official color will not be announced until early December. Even so, deep dark blues are a huge trend in both fashion and at High Point for 2013. Lisa Mende spotted this gorgeous dark Blue lacquered chest from Bungalow5.

Bungalow 5 chest

Bungalow 5 Paramount chest

Lastly, according to Style Spotter Traci Zeller,  “Plum, purple, violet, lavender – whatever you want to call it – is hot, hot, hot … in every shade and hue”. She spotted this gorgeous plum color leather chair from HGTV’s new furniture line which she predicts will be a huge hit.



You can check out all my favorite Style Spotter finds on my Pinterest board HERE.

What color trend is your favorite? Emerald Green, Gold, Deep Blue or Purple?

If you would like help decorating your own home with some of the hot new trends give me a call.

Before and After…and After… With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Remember this table? This was the very the first piece of furniture my painting partner Susan Siefer of  Mad Patter Art Design and I painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

console table before

console table before

The top was covered with dirty contact paper that was hiding at least two previous paint jobs: notice the yellow that was painted over the blue that was painted over the original wood.

console table before

contact paper over paint

Since we had heard there was no striping, sanding or prepping needed with the Annie Sloan paint we wanted to try it on really rough piece. You can read my blog here about all the steps we did with the paint, stencil and wax to transform it into this.

console table after

console table after

Well after looking at it for a few months in the studio we weren’t feeling the love anymore. In fact there were several of our earliest pieces that we got the urge to give a make over. Luckily, one of the best things about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that if you decide you want a change …just repaint it…again, no sanding, prepping or striping.

Then last week while visiting the Brimfield Antique show we saw this fabulous Union Jack dresser painted by Nancy Chace of Sea Rose Cottage.

Union Jack Dresser

Photo by Nancy Chace of Sea Rose Cottage

Seeing Nancy’s chest inspired us to give our console table a little British flair.

console table after, after

console table after and after

We used nail heads around the edge for a little added bling.

We also gave a makeover to this Antibes Green stenciled table.

green stenciled table before

green stenciled table before

It now has a new life painted Emperor’s  Silk Red.

Table after

Table after

Here is a close up of the top which we lacquered with images of graffiti that I photographed while vacationing in Barcelona.

barcelona table detail

We gave this red stool with silk fabric a makeover to go into a little girl’s room.

stool before

stool before

and is now painted with Antoinette pink and gold leaf trim and recovered with a bright paisley print.

stool after

stool after

Even this orange and blue table got a little tweek

with the addition of a pompom accent trim.

Since we have recently acquired some large and unique pieces to paint, as well as a few commissioned pieces, we need to clear out and make some room. We are putting all our pieces for sale on Etsy. Click HERE to see what is for sale as well as some of Susan’s paintings. You can also see our painted furniture by following my board on Pinterest . We will be adding new pieces as we paint.

So what do you think of our makeovers?  Have you used the Annie Sloan paint yet?

If you have a piece of furniture you would like transformed or if you need help choosing the perfect color, or decorating give me a call at 617-965-3342.


Are You Hungry For Some Color?

When I was in Los Angeles studying with color Guru Leatrice Eiseman there was another student who came all the way from San Paulo, Brazil. She was a Le Cordon Bleu trained pastry chef who was studying color trends so that she could apply them to her pastries.  Now I’ve always thought anything to do with color was a pretty cool job but I think she must have the best job in the whole world… I mean color and pastries??   I think I’d be in heaven.

rainbow cake


It was at that very moment I realized the huge role color plays in our lives; not only for the obvious like fashion and interior design but for anyone who has to decide “what color should this be”?  I was so inspired by this student that I created a board on Pinterest called Fabulous Food Colors. You can check out my board and follow HERE.

So in the spirit of fabulous food colors I thought I would have a little fun with what a colorful pastry (or drink) might look like if it was turned into a room.

This beautiful pink ombre cake

pink ombre cake


might look something like this turned into a living room.

pink living room

Elle Decor

and these colorful macaroons

colorful macaroons


would be such a cute bedroom.

Katie Ridder

Katie Ridder

These multicolored cookies

colorful cookies

would be fabulous as color block kitchen cabinets

rainbow cabinets

this tropical turquoise drink with a tiny hit of red

blue drink

would be so much fun turned into a kitchen

and look how this yellow and white cupcake

cup cake


would become such a cheerful living room.

yellow white living room

Now you might think it’s crazy that a pastry chef would travel half way around the world to study color but she needs to understand color principles in much the same way as a designer. After all, you can’t just throw a bunch of colors together and assume you will get something beautiful to eat… In fact you might end up with something not very appetizing.

ugly cupcake

and not many would want to live in the room that this cupcake turns into.

So how about you?  Do you choose pastries based on your color preferences?

If you would like help choosing color for your home give me a call. If you would like help with creating a beautiful pastry…I know a woman in San Paulo.






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