Friday’s Photo: Tip for the best time of the day for photos

Whenever I go on vacation I always make it a priority to get up extra early to photograph during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is just after sunrise when the light is low in the sky and often has a golden glow. It’s a great time to shoot before all the tourists and locals crowd the streets and the lighting gets harsh from the sun. Last weekend I talked my husband into playing tourist in Boston and we drove in not quite at sunrise but around 7am. We were rewarded with a glorious morning and streets void of people and parked cars in this otherwise crowded Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Beacon Hill: linda Holt Iphone Photo

Beacon Hill: Linda Holt iphone Photo

If getting up early is not your thing then the other time of the day to catch the golden hour is just before sunset. The crowds may still be around but the lighting will be the same soft glowing golden light.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to try out the “golden hour”.



Friday Photo: In awe of Italy

I’m back from the most amazing and inspiring trip. Italy was everything (and more) that everyone told me it would be. I mean the food, the wine and the scenery was just out of this world. The group of travelers could not have been nicer and the organizers, Adam Japko, Toma Haines Clark and Jeremy Parzen created an outstanding tour. I have been home for less than a week but I have found it difficult to regroup and get back to work. I think it is more than just jet lag. I think Italy really got under my skin.

cathedral red

St. Mark’s Basilica: Linda Holt Photo

Today’s Friday Photo was taken in Venice Italy. Look at all the different colored marble, stones, textures, colors and patterns. I could have sat and marveled at this all day. Just imagine the artistry and labor that went into creating this masterpiece. It truly left me in awe.

I have so many photos and trip highlights that I will share over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am doing my best to come down from my Italian “high” and get back to blogging and work.

Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll be dreaming of you know where!

Friday’s Photo: 8 High Point Market trends in one photo

Hi everyone! I just returned home from the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour. It was inspiring, fun, educational and exhausting all at the same time. I have SOOOO much to share and over a thousand photos to plow through and edit. My more detailed trend report will be up early next week but for today’s Friday Photo I have a photo to share that I took at the Mr. Brown show room.

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Not all of these eight trends are new but overall, this photo is a good representation of what was showing at High Point Market.

  1. Color: Persimmon, coral, watermelon, pink, blush and all the various hues of RED are trending.
  2. Brass and gold finishes were EVERYWHERE. Brass definitely outweighed all other finishes at the Spring market.
  3. Mid century is still going strong. The floor lamp, the hanging brass pendants and the chairs.
  4. Armoires are back: We don’t need them to hide bulky TV’s anymore but with all the talk of downsizing and living small it seems we just can’t get enough storage.
  5. Decorative fronts on case goods. I will talk much more about this in my report next week but get ready for sculpted, faceted, hammered, printed and wallpapered fronts on case goods.
  6. Mixed materials. Mirrored glass and laser cut wood tall cabinet. The table has a stained wood base, a faux shagreen (Sting ray skin) top and a brass edge on both the table top and base.
  7. Geometrics: The arms on the chairs
  8. Antiques mixed in with new: An antique wood bowl on a stand on the table

Have a great weekend everyone….I’ll be editing and editing and editing!

Friday’s Photo: Are these trends still trending?

Today I fly down to High Point NC to attend the world’s largest furniture market. I am excited to walk as many show rooms as my feet will allow me, to reconnect with distant designer friends, and to meet all of our sponsors as one of ten official High Point Bloggers. As I tour each showroom I will be on the look out for the best design each has to offer, and of course I will be reporting everything back to you!

The photo below are four design trends that were very popular last Spring and I am curious to see if they are still going strong.

High Point 2015 trends

High Point 2015 trends

Is brass still king?

Is Mediterranean blue still the number one color in the show rooms?

Do florals continue to have a strong presence?

What about animal skins and nail heads, are they still a big trend on furniture?

I will be discovering the answer to all of the above and posting photos on Instagram throughout each day. So be sure to follow me Here and use the hashtag #Designbloggerstour to see all the latest and greatest of High Point Market from all ten bloggers.

Friday’s Photo: Colorful eye candy

Even though the calendar says Spring, this week has not been very Spring like. Here in Boston we had 4″ of snow on Monday, and every day since it has been cold, windy, rainy and gray. All week I have been craving some bright happy color so I chose this photo as colorful eye candy for today’s Friday’s Photo.

Screenshot Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of the reasons why this image is so attention grabbing is because the colors orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel. What that means is that each color causes the other to “read” even more vibrant. I spotted this orange life preserver way down from the end of the dock and obviously that is the intention. If someone has fallen into the harbor and needs rescuing it is imperative that someone can locate a life preserver ASAP. A casual passerby seeing this orange ring hanging in a blue box might not give it a second thought but I guarantee the color of that painted wood was thoughtfully chosen.

Have a great weekend everyone and fingers crossed Spring finds it’s way to Boston soon.

Quick update: One week from today I will be on a plane to High Point Market as one of ten High Point bloggers. Be sure to follow along by using the hash tag #DesignBloggersTour. All ten of us will be posting live on social media as we spot the latest trends, furniture, decor and accessories. So that you don’t miss any of my discoveries be sure to connect with me on Instagram by clicking HERE.


Friday’s Photo: Design trends from a 1900 showhouse

One of the great treasures of the city of Boston is the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. You may have heard of the museum because it was the site of the most infamous US art heist of all time. The 1990 crime is still unsolved when thieves cut 81 world important works of art right out from the frames while leaving the frames still hanging on the wall. There have been all sorts of theories about the heist from it being mob related (Whitey Bulger) to it being an inside job.

As embarrassing as it is to admit, the last time I was at the museum was on a school field trip back in middle school. There really is no excuse but yesterday I finally made a return visit. Ironically, it was another field trip but this time it was lead by an artist from a local art school.

Isabella Stewart Gardner is a fascinating character in Boston’s history. She was a wealthy, attention seeking socialite and her unconventional behavior made her the Kim Kardashian of her times. After loosing both her children, one to pneumonia and the other in a miscarriage, she was told she could have no more children. Gardner decided her legacy would be to build an art filled museum for the city that would also function as her splendid home. She spent years traveling the world collecting and installing her collection according to her personal aesthetic. The eclectic gallery installations, paintings, sculpture, textiles, and furniture from different periods and cultures create a truly amazing visual delight.

Since her home and it’s spectacular collections was open to the public, it was like Boston’s first show house. One room really struck me because although it was done in 1900 it has design features that are just as on trend today.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

  1. Wallpaper: Large scale Damask wallpaper is very popular today. The “wallpaper” in Gardner’s room from 1900 is actually individual hand tooled leather panels embellished with 24 carat gold. Since the room was lit at night by candle light (no electric lights yet) the gold would sparkle on the walls from the flames of the candles.
  2. Unique wall embellishment: I love the way Gardner used the gold “rope” chair rail running across the wall to separate the upper and lower leather wall treatments. The round centers look like large nail heads and we all know how popular those are today.
  3. Gallery wall: Gardner broke all the rules when it came to hanging her treasures and she hung her art as she thought it looked best. That’s more or less today’s trend as well. There are rules but they are often broken.
  4. Multiple fabrics: Using two different fabrics on one settee must have been quite unusual back in the day but today it is right on trend. Also notice how the over scale checked fabric mimics the square leather panels as well as relates to the small framed paintings.
  5. Mixed metals:Using different colored metals in the same room is a huge trend today. Look how Gardner paired a silver vessel on the side table along with all that gold. The wood on the settee is also painted silver.

So even though this room was designed so many years ago, it’s still relevant today. It all goes back to the simple premise that good design never goes out of style.





Friday’s Photo: Bathroom beauty and a big announcement!

This past week I attended the Design Blogger’s Conference in Atlanta. The speakers were fabulous and I came home both inspired and a bit overwhelmed. Although I do a lot of things right with my blog, there are also a few…okay…many things I need to work on.

It was such a fun week reconnecting with blogging friends and meeting new ones. We had great sponsors and on Tuesday we were treated to a fabulous lunch at a store in Atlanta called Pirch. It is the largest kitchen and bath showroom I have ever been in. Everywhere I looked there was one beautiful vignette after another. This gorgeous soaking tub and teal ombre tile wall was one of my favorites.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I could have spent an entire day at Pirch photographing all the beautiful kitchen and bath appliances, fixtures and accessories (plus, they make an amazing cappuccino at the in house coffee bar).

I also have some very exciting news!  During the conference it was announced that I have been chosen to be one of ten “official” High Point Market Bloggers. There are some very high profile bloggers on this tour so I am honored and humbled to be included. You can see who the other nine bloggers are here. We will be giving you an inside look at of some of the best showrooms at market. Just use the hash tag #designbloggerstour to follow all our IG posts, tweets and Facebook postings. I personally will be focusing on all the latest trends, colors and new introductions. So stay tuned April 16th-20th.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to check back next week for my top take-a-ways from the conference.

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