Fall decorating in five minutes

Seems like everyone I talk to these days and ask how they’re doing, I get a response something like this. “I’m SO busy”…”there just aren’t enough hours in the day”…”I’m crazy busy”. Between work, family, chores and commitments I think we can all use a few quick and easy ideas for Fall decorating.

To help out and inspire all of you that are “SO busy” I have gathered a few of my favorite five minute decorating ideas from Pinterest.


A few branches of Bittersweet from the grocery store displayed in glass bottles.

mini pumpkins

a pile of white pumpkins under a glass cloche.

fall decor and candles

An artichoke, apples, brussel sprouts, cabbage, gourds, candles and flowers all grouped in a shallow bowl.

leaves in glass vase

If you live in an area that has foliage there is nothing easier than putting some colorful branches of leaves in a glass vase.

popcorn and candles

Okay, I know this is getting old, but popcorn and candles in a clear cylindrical vase is another one of those five minute decorating tricks. Great if guests are arriving and you need something quick for the front hall table.

pumpkins on mantel

As a last resort, line up pumpkins on your mantel and call it a day. Simple, understated and beautiful. Sometimes less really is more.

How about you? Do you find the time to go all out with your Fall decorating?

Five Minute Thanksgiving Decorating

These past few weeks have been a complete blur for me. I am working with a wonderful new client who is moving into a new home and by choice has decided to start from scratch. He is bringing absolutely nothing with him other than his clothes…seriously… nada…not even a fork and spoon. Oh, and to make things a little interesting he closed two weeks ago today on his new house and left two days later for Asia and asked if everything could be finished when he got back…. which is tonight…. HAHAHAHA… really?

Well fast forward two weeks and no, the house is not done but things are coming together really nicely. I still have a way to go and I can’t wait to share photos once everything is in place.

The point is I have had no free time (hence my first blog post in 3 weeks) to decorate my home for Fall.  I do realize Thanksgiving is this coming Thursday so I need some super easy, super fast Fall decorating ideas that take five minutes or less. I want to share my finds…just in case some of you are pressed for time as well.

Now in the North East it is too late to decorate with colorful leaves but if you do have any left in your yard this is always a super easy and quick solution as you can never go wrong by bringing nature into your home.

No leaves? I love this look of bare branches in a tall vase. Make it tall and make it a statement.

If you live in the city and branches are scarce, glass vases or jars filled with Fall colored seeds, corn or other Organics and topped with a candle (silk leaf optional) will bring a Fall feel into your home.

A simple pre-made Fall flower bouquet from the super market accented with acorns and dried lentils will look great on my kitchen island.

Bittersweet is another Fall favorite and either it grows wild where you live or not. We have it all over our neighborhood so five minutes of clipping and I have a quick and easy way to add color to my Thanksgiving table or mantle.

An all white Thanksgiving table looks so beautiful with white dishes and table cloth, white pumpkins (real or not) and chunky white pillar candles…super easy, super fast.

white thanksgiving table


and if  this coming week turns into another 3 days of 12-15 hour work days and I wake up on Thursday morning with nothing done and no time to do it…my fall back is a bag of candy corn still unopened from Halloween.

candy corn


Wishing you all a wonderful Thanksgiving week!

How about you..do you love taking the time to decorate for the holidays? Do you have any quick 5 minute ideas to share?

If you would like help decorating your home or choosing color (after Thanksgiving) give me a call!




Super Easy,Super Quick,Fall Decorations

It was just a few short weeks ago that I was bemoaning the fact that Homegoods was all Halloween. Then yesterday while picking up coffee at our local farm I saw that the first bunch of pumpkins are out and Fall decor is now pretty much everywhere.

photo Linda Holt


Over the past few years I have been a little sparse (lazy) with my own Fall decorating. My kids are grown, we live on a somewhat remote country road and in the 6 years we have lived here we have only had 2 Trick or Treaters. I usually just put a few pumpkins out and if a Fall decor box is within easy reach in the basement I’ll bring it out.

This year however I have signed on to decorate a Fall/Thanksgiving themed kitchen in a local Home Tour.  For the first time in years my excitement for Fall decorating is back. The tour organizers have asked the designers to show as many ideas for Fall decorating as possible. Humm…the thing about me though, is  Martha Stewart I am not.

Martha Stewart Pumpkins


I have never been the queen of DIY (do it yourself) unless it involves paint.  If it is not super easy AND super quick, I’m not interested. So, in the spirit of ANYONE can do this I want to share a few quick and easy Fall decorating ideas that I am considering for my show house kitchen.


Yellow, orange and white spray paint and Voila! Candy Corn Gourds.

Candy Corn Pumpkins


A group of different sized pumpkins on a stick  would make a cute centerpiece.

Pumpkins on a stick


Branches from the back yard, painted or non painted acorns (your choice) glue gun, string and a vase.


acorns on branch


Apples cored and filled with votive candles


apple candles


or squash..same as apples, hollowed out with candle.


squash candles


No paint or tools need at all for this table display.

mini pumpkins in glass vase


Super easy, apples, candle and large glass bowl.



Ribbon glued around mini pumpkins..cute in an old pie tin or wooden bowl.


ribbon glued on baby pumpkins


again, super easy, candy corn on back yard sticks in candy corn filled vase.


candy corn on branch


and lastly, Fall colored yard wrapped and glued around various sizes and shaped glass bottles.


yarn wrapped glass vases


So, what do you think about these  super quick and easy Fall decorating ideas?

Now I just have to narrow it down for my kitchen.


If you would like help with your Fall decorating, give me a call….I have a few great ideas!

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