Friday’s Photo:Christopher Guy

If you  ever get a chance to visit a Christopher Guy show room be sure to bring your camera. The products are beyond beautiful and the way they set up their show rooms is like visiting an art gallery.

Christopher Guy/Linda Holt Photo

Christopher Guy/Linda Holt Photo

When I spotted this silver mirror and two coral wall scones against the purpley-black wall I just about died! I would LOVE this in a powder room or dining room for a bit of glamour or even in the entryway.  A work of art don’t you think?

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday’s Photo

There is an expression attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Well this past May while touring the ICFF on BlogTourNYC,  I saw what I thought was a better mouse trap….except it was a bird feeder.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

So simple and beautiful…a work of art, but oh so clever. Striped down to the bare essentials, these feeders are so perfectly balanced that if a pesky squirrel even tries to hop on he/she will slide right off. Genius don’t you think?

Spotted at the Norway pavilion at The International Contemporary Furniture fair.

Friday’s Photo: Christopher Guy

One of the things that makes high quality furniture so special and worth the investment are the details. While on BlogTourNYC we visited the Christopher Guy show room. To say the details on the furniture at Christopher Guy are impressive is somewhat of an understatement. I will be sharing a full post on them in the near future but for today’s Friday Photo take a look at this cabinet handle.

Christopher Guy detail

Christopher Guy detail

The entire front of this cabinet, including the handle, was carved from a single piece of wood. Now that’s an impressive detail don’t you think?

Have a great weekend everyone.


nousDECOR: Mood boards and a $14,000 giveaway!

I love to make mood boards, both for for my clients and myself, as it helps to visualize what the room will ultimately look like. While on BlogTourNYC, we had the pleasure of meeting the talent (Mark Cutler) and faces (Dorothee Fisher) behind a brand new company called nousDecor. More than just another mood board website, nousDECOR was born out of a notion that great design should be accessible to all budgets and all interiors.

The site is filled with links to plenty of products as you would expect, but also features design advice, a blog and some very unique resources to help you build your dream room. Looking for advice on what style of chairs will look best with your mid century sofa? Simply click on “Seeking Advice”. You can upload a photo of your room, ask a question and get advice from the other users as well as an expert.

Another unique feature of the site is called Real/Deal/Steal. Let’s say you see a designer inspiration room on the site like this one from Jonathon Adler that you would like to recreate in your own home.

Jonathan Adler on nousDECOR

Jonathan Adler on nousDECOR

The REAL price tag for this room? $11,190.00. A bit pricey for you? Simply click on DEAL and the site automatically readjusts to give you furniture and accessory options at a lower price point (while still maintaining the look  the inspiration room). On an even tighter budget? Just click Steal and this room can be recreated for as low as $1,500.00.

Now to the $14,000 “style it to win it” give away. To welcome you to the nousDECOR community, nousDECOR is giving one lucky winner this $14,000 sofa from Bespoke Furniture.


 One-of-a-kind sofa from Bespoke Furniture Inc.

  • Mid-century inspired custom-made sofa
  • Custom linen burlap fabric
  • Cast oil-rubbed bronze legs
  • Walnut burlwood detailing
  • Valued at $14,000
  • Dimensions: 84″W x 25″D x 32.5″H

To enter the contest you simply log on to nousDECOR. Attach an image of an inspiration room and create your mood board using this Bespoke sofa in your room. Publish your board on the site, ask your network of friends and family to “like” your board and the board with the most “likes” wins the sofa. Even easier, simply  Click on this link  to go directly to the contest. Better hurry though, this contest ends soon!

Here is the contest board my BlogtourNYC  friend Ann Porter of KitchANN Style made. I love her Africa inspired mood board and would love to see her win the sofa. If you get a chance please show her some love and vote for her board.

KitchAnn moodboard for nousDECOR

KitchAnn moodboard for nousDECOR

nousDecor looks like it will be a great success and makes styling and decorating a room that much more fun.

What do you think? Are you going to try it out?

Friday’s Photo

While at an event this week at the Boston Design Center I noticed two trends that show no signs of fading; large scale lighting and organic elements used as accessories. I especially loved the entrance display at Webster and Company.

Linda Holt Interiors

Linda Holt Photo

That antique lantern is just incredible and although the hefty price tag might not work with all budgets, the succulents in the organic inspired pottery is easy to recreate. As if the Universe was making it easy for me, I stopped at Home Depot on my way home and what did they have? A whole table display of succulents. My weekend project is about to get underway.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Looking to freshen up your home for Spring? If you would like help with decorating or color give me a call.

Kimberley Seldon’s Business of Design

As a decorator who entered the field after a full career as a photographer, I never had the opportunity to intern or work with another designer. I often wondered how other designers conducted business. How did they structure their day? What was their contract like? What procedures and steps did they follow once a job was secured?

Over the past few years I have run my business the best way I knew how but in all honesty, I have been somewhat loosey goosey as far as procedure goes. Well that is a thing of the past because last week I flew to Atlanta to learn from the super successful, top designer Kimberley Seldon.

Kimberley has made it her mission to change the way the majority of designers conduct business (too many hours logged for not enough money earned). The core of  her program is a 15 step client process to guarantee a project will be completed on budget and on time. Shocking right??

I highly recommend you check out her next class but in the mean time, you can pick up her new book which is the next best thing.


On a side note, travel is my biggest source of inspiration and I always look for colors, patterns, subjects or light that catches my eye. Unfortunately, all I saw of Atlanta was the airport and hotel but here are a few things that I thought were photo worthy.

Linda Holt Photo

Atlanta Airport-waiting for Tam-Linda Holt Photo

Love this color palette and lighting I saw late afternoon at Atlanta airport.

Embassy Suites Hotel Lobby-Linda Holt Photo

Embassy Suites Hotel-Linda Holt Photo

Looking down from the 9th floor was this wonderful image of color and pattern.

Embassy Suites Elevator-Linda Holt Photo

Embassy Suites Elevator-Linda Holt Photo

Early morning when the sun came streaming through the window there was about 10 seconds when the elevator door opened and you could see all the way through. I thought it was cool but maybe it is just me.

On a design note, my favorite thing about the Embassy Suites (besides the free cocktail hour) was the black and white graphic wallpaper and these red leather slipper chairs. I don’t know how I feel about the carpet as it made me a little queasy (of course that was after cocktail hour)  but I am sure it would hide just about any stain you could spill on it.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

If you have a project you would like finished on time and on budget, give me a call…I have a great 15 step process!

When NOT to follow the trends

There are many ways to have fun when decorating while incorporating the hottest new trends but it’s also important to understand when NOT to follow the trends. When building or renovating ignore the trends no matter how tempting when it comes time to choose fixed elements. 

Unless you are planning on doing a major renovation within 8-10 years it’s best to stay clear of trends when choosing fixed elements such as tiles, flooring, and cabinetry. Otherwise, once the trend is over you are stuck with a dated feature that is costly to change out. Remember when accent tiles were so trendy back in the 80′s and early 90′s?  I fell prey to that trend and used vegetable and fruit accent tiles in my “new” kitchen back splash.

accent tile circa 1990

Today there is no shortage of trendy tiles and ways to apply it.  Colored glass tile is very trendy and I adore it but I just can’t help thinking today’s colored glass tile is tomorrow’s dated accent tile.

blue glass tile in kitchen back splash

Mrs. Howard

Thin strips of stacked glass tile applied on the vertical is also very trendy.

As much as I like this look, I think this bath will soon look dated with the tile application and vessel sink.

Bold tile such as this chevron pattern is so much fun and it makes for a great magazine shot but this kitchen will look dated once chevron is no longer “hot”. (Not to mention there are no upper cabinets for storage).

chevron tiles

Brightly colored high gloss cabinets are also trending but I wonder if these homeowners will still love this kitchen say 5 years from now.

Via Pinterest

The bold floor below is lots of fun but when the geometric trend ends this bath will be left behind.

bold geometric floor

via Pinterest

Maybe this fabulous hallway by one of my all time favorite designers will stand the test of time but if not, it is going to be one expensive redo.

Miles Redd

My advice? When choosing fixed elements  for your home, to get the longest “shelf life” so to speak, it’s best to go safe even if you feel it is boring. At least things won’t look dated in 5-10 years.

classic kitchen

Victoria Hagan design

Neutrals, classic lines and timeless materials with traditional application will stand the test of time. This kitchen by Victoria Hagan could have been designed yesterday or 10 years ago; it is beautifully timeless.

Best to incorporate today’s trends in easily replaced furnishings, fabrics, accessories and of course my favorite…paint!

I would love to hear from you. Do you follow the trends? Have you ever regretted a trend you used on a fixed element in your home?

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