Friday’s Photo: Tiny dining space with pizzazz!

A tiny space carved out for dining and made special with a statement art piece.

 ID Creations/Linda Holt Photo

Holiday House Hamptons/Linda Holt Photo

Who said downsizing has to be boring?  If it’s just the one or two of you isn’t this really all you need? A little table, a few chairs and a fabulous piece of art?

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!

Friday’s Photo: A study in turquoise

Happy Friday! Today I want to share this beach inspired turquoise study from the Holiday House Hampton Show House.

Bjornen Design /Linda Holt Photo

Bjornen Design /Linda Holt Photo

This small study just off the main living room was designed by Bjornen Design.  The designer said since the Hamptons are all about the beach and horses, the sea horse lamp was his inspiration and starting point for the whole room. I love the turquoise and sandy beige color palette and the drift wood like coffee table.  The wall paper and carpet reference the ripples of the ocean waves and the beach inspired accessories like the sea glass balls and the nautilus fossil remind you this is the Hamptons.

My favorite part of the room though are the black and white photos which ground the room and keep it from looking too themed.

This room was one of my favorites. What do you think?

Trend Alert: For the love of metals!

One of the biggest trends right now in interiors is the popularity of the warm metals. Gold, brass and cooper are all trending and even though I saw many examples of it at High Point, I saw even more of it at the Las Vegas Market.


Accessories at Global Views

I thought these gold textured boxes from Global Views were quite nice and the little apples with a partial face make fun accent pieces.

Waylande Gregory Studios

Waylande Gregory Studios

I loved these shiny gold and black footed bowls by Wayland Gregory Studios that I spotted at Codarus and this golden armoire would certainly be a statement piece in just the right setting.

Gold armoire from Global Views

Global Views

Lately it seems as if gold is king but silver still had a strong representation at the Vegas Market.

Worlds Away

Worlds Away

The strongest showing was in lighting. Maybe the fact that we all just got rid of our brass and gold fixtures that most are not quite yet ready to go back to gold or brass.

Zoe Modern

Global Views

The newest “it” color that I see trending is copper… especially in lighting.

copper pendants

copper pendants

Closely related to copper, the other metal that is on my radar is rose gold. Rose gold is an alloy made from gold and copper and although it has been making an appearance in lighting, I saw it showing up on accessories at market.

rose gold accessories

So keep a look out because I predict rose gold will soon be coming to a store near you!

Which one is your favorite?


Donghia: Designer or Photographer’s paradise?

When I am traveling, I occasionally (okay, frequently) get so excited about what I see that I get swept up in the moment and just want to zone out and take pictures. This happened over and over again while on BlogTour NY but especially so at the Donghia show room. I was so struck by the beauty of their furniture, lighting and textiles that I seriously could have spent an entire day just taking photos. Everywhere I turned there was something that made my jaw drop.

Founded by Angelo Donghia, the Donghia brand is all about timeless luxury, craftsmanship and fine details.  Since I associate Donghia furniture with a neutral palette (and I am a huge color lover) I was curious as to how the showroom would use color. I was not disappointed. The colors were perfect, although often subtle and used mostly in a supporting roll.


This room was striking with the complementary colors orange and blue.  When investing in major pieces of furniture I think it makes sense to buy items that are classic and neutral. That way, when the trends change it’s a lot easier to change your wall colors and accessories than replace all your furniture.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I love the teal colored wall paper and the green and yellow painting against the deep dark green velvet sofa. We were told the artist created the painting just for this specific room vignette. Look how the lines in the painting repeat the lines on the pillows. Even the sculptural glass piece on the coffee table mimics the swirling forms on the wallpaper. No detail is random at Donghia!

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

This room is so calming and restful with it’s mix of neutral fabrics, gold metals and interesting shapes and lines. I love that the two mint green vases act as a subtle exclamation point of color.

One thing I noticed is that the absence of bright color allowed me to focus on all the unique details Donghia is know for…and speaking of details, look at the gold stripe peaking out from the folds of the curtains…gorgeous!

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

As a color lover, I can not believe how drawn I was to this black and white graphic room. Every detail from the cow hide wall covering to the tribal inspired pillows grabbed me. Also, a fun factoid, Angelo Donghia custom designed this white sofa for Ralph and Ricky Lauren’s Hampton vacation home. It became so sought after that it became part of the Donghia line and it is still one of their best sellers today.

If this room was magically transported to my home I would put a single bright yellow or hot pink pillow in the corner of that sofa and call it perfection!

Besides the room vignettes, I was in complete awe of Donghia’s lighting and the decorative treatments on the ceiling. In fact, I spent so much time walking around looking up that it is a miracle I didn’t trip over the furniture!

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Every chandelier was a work of art. If you look closely the hanging crystal has tiny flecks of gold inside.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo


Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo



Donghia’s wall sconces were some of the most interesting I have seen.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

This gold ginkgo blossom sconce is by Charles Paris and is sold exclusive through Donghia in the US.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

This sconce is made of blackened brass with strips of  shagreen in a color called Peony. I would love to use this sconce in a project.

Not to be out done, even the table lamps are works of art. Don’t they look like little ladies lined up at the ball?


Linda Holt Photo

I hope you enjoyed my little photographic tour of Donghia and I would love to hear which room or light is your favorite.

Color Inspiration from 100 years ago

Last week international color guru Leatrice Eisman gave a color talk at the Boston MFA. Eiseman just might have one of the best jobs on the planet if you like art, fashion and travel. She travels the world in order to pick up “clues” about color and observes which ones are trending….hint…blues are still hugely popular everywhere and mauve is trending big time in Europe. On any given day she might be at a fashion show in Paris, or at a furniture show in Milan, an art show in New York or even a skate park in Barcelona.

After Eisman’s talk I checked out the new American quilt exhibit. I was just blown away by the artistry and color combinations of these 100+ year old quilts. To put it into context, many of these quilts were made by woman in a very rural setting. There were no color experts guiding them as to what colors were trending. There were no color blogs, fashion magazines or TV and in most cases the quilts were sewn in the evening by candle light. Somehow these woman put together color combinations that are as “on trend” today as if they were made yesterday. Here are a few of my favorites.

This one almost seemed to vibrate as you looked at it.


The detail on this one was amazing.


 The quilts were large..can you imagine how long it took to make each one?
orange and black


I even spotted one in Pantone’s color of the year: Radiant Orchard


Aren’t they amazing? If you get a chance to visit the MFA I highly recommend checking them out.

Which one is your favorite?

Looking to update your home this Spring? Give me call, I can help.


Trending color at High Point Market

One thing I heard over and over at High Point last week was how everyone was so excited about all the color in the showrooms. Evidently for the past few years the showrooms have been awash with shades of gray and white.

As someone who is passionate about color I was on high alert for colors I saw as trending. I saw plenty of blues and greens and also purples (no surprise since Pantone picked Radiant Orchard as their color for 2014). What I didn’t except though was a color that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love lately and that is RED! Not the deep dark “oxblood red” of the past few years but big bold tomato red!

Take a look at some of these gorgeous showroom where Red was definitively the center of attention.

Alexa hampton

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair: Linda Holt Photo

 Possibly my favorite show room in all of High Point was this teal and red room for Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton.

red and turquoise for C R laine

C.R. Laine showroom: Photo Linda Holt photo

C.R. Laine    showed vibrant tomato red with aqua. A hot/cool color combination I have always loved.

Wesley Hall Showroom: Photo Linda Holt

Wesley Hall paired red with charcoal and creamy white for this fresh looking showroom with fabrics from Tilton Fenwick.

C R Laine showroom: Linda Holt Photo

The above vignette was also at C.R. Laine; Don’t you love that red leather stool and red coral art work paired with the red trellis patterned chair?

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald for Chaddock: Photo Linda Holt

Mary McDonald used gray and white for her new line for Chaddock Home but look what she used as her accent color! If you look to the left there is the most beautiful red leather and brass side table. That floor by the way was one of my favorite elements of the show.

I have SO MUCH more to share but for now I wanted to spread the news that Red is trending!

What do you think of red? Do you use it in your home?

If you would like help updating your home for Spring or want to incorporate red into your home, give me call!

Simple trick for determining the undertone of white

I think for many people the most difficult color to choose is white. So often you think you are picking a “clean white”  and you get it up on the wall and it looks green or pink or blue. Well here is my super easy trick for determining the undertone of white.

Take a look at these three different whites.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

When you bring home sample chips from the paint store and you look at them on your wall, can you tell what the undertone is?  Can you tell which one is “whiter? Probably not. However, ask the store if you can take a look at the fan deck and simply look down the strip and you will easily see the undertone.

Linda Holt Photo

Now I’m not saying that these whites will go on the wall and look blue or green or orangey/gold (but they could) but notice that the first two are cool whites and the one on the right is a warm white. The bottom line is that most whites have undertones so it’s better to find out before you get it up on your walls and it turns blue or green or yellow.

If you are still uncertain and struggling to find the “perfect white” give me a call!

How about you? How do you choose the perfect white?


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