Friday’s Photo: Styling tips for displaying a collection

When showing off a collection it is best to display the items as a group rather than spread piece meal throughout the house. The collection will have more of an impact displayed as a grouping and will not appear as random clutter throughout the house.

I prefer my client’s collections be contained such as in a book case or a glass cabinet. However if that is not possible here is a cleaver idea that I saw at the Boston Junior League Show House in the study designed by Holly Joe. If you have a console table like the one below use the free space under the table as additional display space.

Holly Joe Design: Linda Holt Photo

Holly Joe Design: Linda Holt Photo

The additional space and will look intentional if you follow these three simple styling tips.

1. Vary the height and size of the accessories. You can use books or stands as a platform to give smaller items more presence and added height.

2. Try and fill the space between the top of the table and the accessories below. (you don’t want it to look like a group of random items laying on the floor.

3. Be sure the accessories relate in some way. In the image above the accessories are mostly neutral in color, organic and have a global flair.

Have a wonderful long weekend everyone and be sure to check out my Instagram  to see more of my favorite rooms from the 2016 Junior League Show House.

Friday’s Photo: Tip for the best time of the day for photos

Whenever I go on vacation I always make it a priority to get up extra early to photograph during the “golden hour”. The golden hour is just after sunrise when the light is low in the sky and often has a golden glow. It’s a great time to shoot before all the tourists and locals crowd the streets and the lighting gets harsh from the sun. Last weekend I talked my husband into playing tourist in Boston and we drove in not quite at sunrise but around 7am. We were rewarded with a glorious morning and streets void of people and parked cars in this otherwise crowded Beacon Hill neighborhood.

Beacon Hill: linda Holt Iphone Photo

Beacon Hill: Linda Holt iphone Photo

If getting up early is not your thing then the other time of the day to catch the golden hour is just before sunset. The crowds may still be around but the lighting will be the same soft glowing golden light.

Have a great weekend everyone and be sure to try out the “golden hour”.



Friday Photo: In awe of Italy

I’m back from the most amazing and inspiring trip. Italy was everything (and more) that everyone told me it would be. I mean the food, the wine and the scenery was just out of this world. The group of travelers could not have been nicer and the organizers, Adam Japko, Toma Haines Clark and Jeremy Parzen created an outstanding tour. I have been home for less than a week but I have found it difficult to regroup and get back to work. I think it is more than just jet lag. I think Italy really got under my skin.

cathedral red

St. Mark’s Basilica: Linda Holt Photo

Today’s Friday Photo was taken in Venice Italy. Look at all the different colored marble, stones, textures, colors and patterns. I could have sat and marveled at this all day. Just imagine the artistry and labor that went into creating this masterpiece. It truly left me in awe.

I have so many photos and trip highlights that I will share over the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, I am doing my best to come down from my Italian “high” and get back to blogging and work.

Have a good weekend everyone, I’ll be dreaming of you know where!

Fridays Photo: Arrivederci!

I have had quite a remarkable past 12 months. It’s coming up on one year since I heard the words, “you have invasive breast Cancer…and it’s an aggressive form”. Since then, I have gone through seven months of treatments, lost my hair and then much to my surprise found out everyone thinks I look better without hair anyway!(or very little hair).

Once my treatments finished things started to look up. In January of this year I was invited (thanks to the most awesome Veronika Miller) to participate in BlogTourVegas with Modenus. It was a transformative trip for me and one I still keep close to my heart. Then in March I attended my first ever Design Blogger’s Conference which changed everything about how I approach blogging. Then to top it all off, I was chosen to be an official High Point Design Blogger.

In between all these wonderful happy events, my husband was told he was being relocated to North Carolina for work, then three weeks later, that he was not being relocated, he was being laid off. (He has since started a new job but the stress during that time was intense).

As I look back over the past 12 months I have experienced some of my lowest lows and my highest highs. Tonight however will be a high as I will be pulling up by water taxi to this Marriott Hotel in Venice Italy and that in itself is another crazy, unplanned and unexpected life happening.


You see while I was at the Design Bloggers Conference there was an auction for a trip to Italy to benefit the charity Dwell With Dignity. Before the bidding opened Adam Japko of Esteem Media (the organizer of the trip) showed a video of a homeless family moving into their new home. I was in tears by the end of the video and so moved that I was compelled to place an opening bid simply to “get the bidding started”. I quickly was outbid and honestly never gave it another thought….then something “cosmic” happened.

The morning Adam was to announce the winner, my roommate Amanda Gates told me it was a lunar eclipse and that something life changing could happen to me. I couldn’t imagine anything life changing happening while seated in a function room all day listening to speakers. Well low and behold the lunar eclipse must have played a role because something life changing did happen (all arranged by the wizard himself, aka Adam Japko). All three bidders for the trip to Italy ended up “winning” the auction. I was completely stunned and speechless. I had never been to Italy and now a first class Design and Wine trip to Italy that wasn’t even a thought in my head 48 hours earlier was now going to be happening in my near future.

So, off I go today for a trip of a life time with the knowledge that life can change in an instant. My newly gained wisdom from the past year is to enjoy the highs, ride out the lows and just be grateful for every single day.

So Arrivederci!!! (for a week). I will do my best not to flood my social media with touristy photos but no promises!


Friday’s Photo: 8 High Point Market trends in one photo

Hi everyone! I just returned home from the High Point Market Design Bloggers Tour. It was inspiring, fun, educational and exhausting all at the same time. I have SOOOO much to share and over a thousand photos to plow through and edit. My more detailed trend report will be up early next week but for today’s Friday Photo I have a photo to share that I took at the Mr. Brown show room.

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Mr. Brown Home High Point Market

Not all of these eight trends are new but overall, this photo is a good representation of what was showing at High Point Market.

  1. Color: Persimmon, coral, watermelon, pink, blush and all the various hues of RED are trending.
  2. Brass and gold finishes were EVERYWHERE. Brass definitely outweighed all other finishes at the Spring market.
  3. Mid century is still going strong. The floor lamp, the hanging brass pendants and the chairs.
  4. Armoires are back: We don’t need them to hide bulky TV’s anymore but with all the talk of downsizing and living small it seems we just can’t get enough storage.
  5. Decorative fronts on case goods. I will talk much more about this in my report next week but get ready for sculpted, faceted, hammered, printed and wallpapered fronts on case goods.
  6. Mixed materials. Mirrored glass and laser cut wood tall cabinet. The table has a stained wood base, a faux shagreen (Sting ray skin) top and a brass edge on both the table top and base.
  7. Geometrics: The arms on the chairs
  8. Antiques mixed in with new: An antique wood bowl on a stand on the table

Have a great weekend everyone….I’ll be editing and editing and editing!

Friday’s Photo: Are these trends still trending?

Today I fly down to High Point NC to attend the world’s largest furniture market. I am excited to walk as many show rooms as my feet will allow me, to reconnect with distant designer friends, and to meet all of our sponsors as one of ten official High Point Bloggers. As I tour each showroom I will be on the look out for the best design each has to offer, and of course I will be reporting everything back to you!

The photo below are four design trends that were very popular last Spring and I am curious to see if they are still going strong.

High Point 2015 trends

High Point 2015 trends

Is brass still king?

Is Mediterranean blue still the number one color in the show rooms?

Do florals continue to have a strong presence?

What about animal skins and nail heads, are they still a big trend on furniture?

I will be discovering the answer to all of the above and posting photos on Instagram throughout each day. So be sure to follow me Here and use the hashtag #Designbloggerstour to see all the latest and greatest of High Point Market from all ten bloggers.

Friday’s Photo: Colorful eye candy

Even though the calendar says Spring, this week has not been very Spring like. Here in Boston we had 4″ of snow on Monday, and every day since it has been cold, windy, rainy and gray. All week I have been craving some bright happy color so I chose this photo as colorful eye candy for today’s Friday’s Photo.

Screenshot Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

One of the reasons why this image is so attention grabbing is because the colors orange and blue are opposites on the color wheel. What that means is that each color causes the other to “read” even more vibrant. I spotted this orange life preserver way down from the end of the dock and obviously that is the intention. If someone has fallen into the harbor and needs rescuing it is imperative that someone can locate a life preserver ASAP. A casual passerby seeing this orange ring hanging in a blue box might not give it a second thought but I guarantee the color of that painted wood was thoughtfully chosen.

Have a great weekend everyone and fingers crossed Spring finds it’s way to Boston soon.

Quick update: One week from today I will be on a plane to High Point Market as one of ten High Point bloggers. Be sure to follow along by using the hash tag #DesignBloggersTour. All ten of us will be posting live on social media as we spot the latest trends, furniture, decor and accessories. So that you don’t miss any of my discoveries be sure to connect with me on Instagram by clicking HERE.


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