More High Point trends: Nail heads and more nail heads

Nail heads used to embellish furniture is nothing new. In fact, they are a classic detail in furniture design. However….If I had a nickel for every nail head I saw at High Point this Spring I would be one wealthy decorator! In fact, I would say the vast majority of chairs at this Spring market had nail heads.

nail head open arm chair

I loved the way these nail heads outline the sexy curves of this raspberry velvet chair.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

and punctuate this black and cream leather wing chair.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I wanted to take this silver leather chair with these sparkling chrome nail heads home with me.


Linda Holt Photo

I also loved this embellished teal green desk chair I spotted at C.R. Laine


Linda Holt Photo

As well as this turquoise chair.

blue chair nail head detail

My travel mate and I both fell in love with this faux alligator leather and Lucite bench.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Using nail heads as part of the fabric design was a trend I spotted several times like on this ottoman by designer Barry Dixon.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Nail heads on head boards have been trending for a while now and I continued to see plenty of them at market.

nailhead bed

Linda Holt photo

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Moving beyond upholstery, designer Mary McDonald used nail heads on her wood bedside tables for Chaddock Furniture (I apologize for the blurry cell phone photo).

night stand with nail heads

Even accessories have not escaped the nail head obsession. One of my favorite finds was this little gold topped white leather box completely surrounded with black nail heads.

nail head box

Linda Holt Photo

So, the big question is…are you a nail head fan or do you think they are being over used?

Trending color at High Point Market

One thing I heard over and over at High Point last week was how everyone was so excited about all the color in the showrooms. Evidently for the past few years the showrooms have been awash with shades of gray and white.

As someone who is passionate about color I was on high alert for colors I saw as trending. I saw plenty of blues and greens and also purples (no surprise since Pantone picked Radiant Orchard as their color for 2014). What I didn’t except though was a color that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love lately and that is RED! Not the deep dark “oxblood red” of the past few years but big bold tomato red!

Take a look at some of these gorgeous showroom where Red was definitively the center of attention.

Alexa hampton

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair: Linda Holt Photo

 Possibly my favorite show room in all of High Point was this teal and red room for Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton.

red and turquoise for C R laine

C.R. Laine showroom: Photo Linda Holt photo

C.R. Laine    showed vibrant tomato red with aqua. A hot/cool color combination I have always loved.

Wesley Hall Showroom: Photo Linda Holt

Wesley Hall paired red with charcoal and creamy white for this fresh looking showroom with fabrics from Tilton Fenwick.

C R Laine showroom: Linda Holt Photo

The above vignette was also at C.R. Laine; Don’t you love that red leather stool and red coral art work paired with the red trellis patterned chair?

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald for Chaddock: Photo Linda Holt

Mary McDonald used gray and white for her new line for Chaddock Home but look what she used as her accent color! If you look to the left there is the most beautiful red leather and brass side table. That floor by the way was one of my favorite elements of the show.

I have SO MUCH more to share but for now I wanted to spread the news that Red is trending!

What do you think of red? Do you use it in your home?

If you would like help updating your home for Spring or want to incorporate red into your home, give me call!

Friday’s Photo: hair on hide rugs

Hi everyone!  I’m just back from High Point Market and must say, it was an amazing experience. I saw SO much and I have SO many photos to share with you of new products and trends I spotted.

Hair on hides is definitely a trend for Spring 2014. I saw hides used on the floor alone, hides layered over larger natural fiber rugs and hides used as upholstery on furniture and pillows.

One of my favorite finds for hides was the Saddleman showroom. I just loved the way they displayed these colorful stamped  Zebra patterns on cowhides.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Now, I know people have very mixed feelings about hides. Personally, I was always adverse to them as I have spent most of my adult life as a vegetarian and I am a HUGE animal lover.  However, having said that, I am somehow attracted to these. Maybe it is because like chicken nuggets, they no longer resemble the animal they once were.

What do you think about cowhides? Would you put one in your home?

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be sorting through hundreds of images and slowly coming down from my High Point “high”.

Friday’s Photo

While at an event this week at the Boston Design Center I noticed two trends that show no signs of fading; large scale lighting and organic elements used as accessories. I especially loved the entrance display at Webster and Company.

Linda Holt Interiors

Linda Holt Photo

That antique lantern is just incredible and although the hefty price tag might not work with all budgets, the succulents in the organic inspired pottery is easy to recreate. As if the Universe was making it easy for me, I stopped at Home Depot on my way home and what did they have? A whole table display of succulents. My weekend project is about to get underway.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Looking to freshen up your home for Spring? If you would like help with decorating or color give me a call.

The hot new “love it” or “love it not” color for interiors

Tuesday I spent the day at the Boston Design Center. I hadn’t been in for a few weeks and as someone who is so tuned into color I couldn’t help but notice the hot new color that was EVERYWHERE! It seems Purple is everyone’s darling right now. I only saw a few show rooms that didn’t feature purple, either as a wall color, a furniture color or in accessories. Here are a few photos I snapped with my cell phone to give you an idea of what will soon be in a store near you.

purple wall

purple accent wall at Scalamandre

Stepping off the elevator I was blown away by this rich purple accent wall at Scalamandre. The silk purple floral and solid purple pillows tied in nicely with the wall color.

Purple leather chair at Kravet

I spotted this gorgeous purple leather chair at the Kravet show room and this purple velvet one at Duralee (swoon).


Several of the showrooms featured purple sofas for those willing to make a major color commitment including this one below at Grand Rapids.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids

Kravet also had a purple sofa but leaning more toward magenta. I loved the art work above and the chartreuse green wall.

Kravet purple sofa

Kravet purple sofa

For those who like purple but are not so sure they want to make such a big commitment there were plenty of pillows. Using pillows is a great way to be on trend without making a major investment.



This purple velvet and ikat were two of my favorites… also at Kravet.



Another purple a bit more on the magenta side was spotted at Duralee.

This piece almost came home with me as it was a floor sample and would look so nice at the foot of my bed.



Having studied color and color psychology  I know purple is one of those controversial colors that people either love…or not. Studies show that purple is most popular among pre-adolescent girls and creative types but it doesn’t get much love in home interiors except maybe bedrooms…until now.

UPDATE: Just as I was getting ready to publish this post Pantone announced their 2014 Color Of The Year….Radiant Orchid.

Radiant Orchid

Radiant Orchid

I would love to hear what you think about purple…love it or love it not?

If you would like help incorporating purple or choosing any other color, give me a call.

Color Trend: Think Pink

Color trends are closely related to social trends and since Breast Cancer awareness is on everyone’s minds these days it comes as no surprise that the color Pink has become THE color of the moment. Now I am not referring to a soft quiet pink that we associate with little girls, but a vibrant strong “manly” pink.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence but this bold bright pink seemed to go viral as soon as the NFL players were spotted wearing pink gloves and shoes in support of the breast cancer cause. (I will say, it made watching a game with my husband so much more enjoyable…just because of the added color and how it looked against the green field).

Hot pink for the home is popping up everywhere and while furniture shopping for a client I spotted this bright pink sofa at a local  Circle Furniture.

pink sofa

Circle Furniture: Linda Holt Photo

Nearby was a hot pink leather recliner with a matching ottoman.

hot pink leather chair

Circle Furniture

Now I know pink isn’t for everyone but if you are thinking of bringing this hot new color into your home, here are a few tips for using it successfully.

The brighter the pink the more visual weight and energy it carries so be sure to surround it with plenty of neutrals so that the eye has a place to rest and the pink does not overwhelm the room.


White walls with black and gold accents keep both of these rooms looking sophisticated and not too sweet.


Same principle here in that the room has plenty of neutrals so that the pink furniture can stand out as the star of the room.


You can also do the reverse and paint the walls bright pink while keeping the surrounding elements neutral.


pink walls5

Or, you can have both pink walls and pink furniture but still use plenty of neutrals and keep the palette limited.

pink walls2

Although I don’t think of myself as a pink kind of girl, I’m loving the pink trend.

How about you? Would you use this bright pink in your home?

If you would like help using Pink or any other color give me a call.

The hottest trends from the style spotters

Last week was the home industry event referred to in the designer world simply as High Point. It is a HUGE home interiors market that takes place in High Point, North Carolina. All the top manufactures and dealers of anything related to the home gather to showcase their newest products to members of the trade.  Although I did not attend, I lived vicariously through several of my designer friends and acquaintances who did.

For the past few seasons, High Point has designated 9 “Style Spotters” to search out the hottest trends from all the different showrooms and “Pin” them onto a Pinterest board. I have loved following their pins and getting a sneak peak of what we will soon be seeing in our local home furnishing stores. You can check out all 9 style spotter boards here but here are some of my favorites.

Bold bright color, especially when applied as a high gloss or lacquer, is still trending. Look at this gorgeous lacquered teal chest spotted by Tobi Fairley

Century Pinned by Tobi Fairley

Century Furniture

Lisa Mende spotted the color orange still going strong and pinned this fabulous orange lacquered lamp from Dunes and Duchess.

Dunes and Duchess

Dunes and Duchess

Stacy Naquin chose this mint lacquered console from Hickory Chair with trending gold accents and gold table lamps.

Hickory Chair Lacquered chest with gold

Hickory Chair

Graphics continue to have a strong presence and  Traci Zeller spotted this collection of graphic removable and reusable wallpaper from Casart Coverings. Removable wallpaper is so great if you want the punch of wallpaper but don’t want to make a permanent commitment. When you tire of the look, simply peal it off.

Casart Coverings High Point Fall 2013

Casart Coverings

Our natural world has been trending for awhile now and agate seems to be especially popular. I love these Shagreen boxes with agate slices on top from Regina Andrew that was spotted by Shay Geyer.

Shagreen and agate boxes

Regina Andrew

This agate sconce from RoshamBeaux seems like it was a market favorite and was spotted by Lisa Mende.

Agate chandelier High Point 2013


Nail heads are still trending as is the color pinkGretchen Aubuchon  spotted this hot pink and silver chair outlined with silver nail heads.

Hot pink and silver chair

Wesley Hall

Shay Geyer also spotted the color pink as trending and pinned this white lacquered chair covered with hot pink velvet from Caracole.

white lacquered chair with hot pink velvet.


Lastly, I want to share this bold blue and orange show room by CR Laine. I love everything about this room and look at all the trends it incorporates: bold color, lacquered furniture, the color orange and a graphic rug.

CR Laine at High Point

CR Laine at High Point Fall 2013

I invite you to check out my Pinterest board of all my favorites from the 2013 Fall High Point Style Spotters here and discover a few other other trends this room also incorporates.

What is your favorite trend from High Point?



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