Friday’s Photo: Off to High Point Market I go

Friday morning at 6am I leave for High Point NC to attend “Market”. I am so excited but also somewhat stressed because if I get everything done I need to do before I leave I will have pulled off a small miracle. I am finishing up floor plans for two new clients, following up with several different vendors to make sure deposits have been received and items are on schedule to ship. There is also the matter of packing and I need to get a manicure and pick up clothes from the dry cleaner. Yikes!

Once I arrive in High Point things don’t slow down one bit as I will be going from early morning till late at night for the next five days. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the Market experience is like but imagine 180 buildings, some as large as this one in the photo below and maybe you get an idea of how large Market is. Talk about visual overload! Good thing the bar carts all roll out at 4pm because by then I am in full zombie mode.

CD Building High Point NC

CD Building High Point NC

Besides visiting as many showrooms as time allows there are parties galore, seminars to attend and designer friends from far and wide to catch up with. I will be sharing lots of photos so that you can see all the hot new products, colors and trends as soon as I see them. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as that is where I will be doing most of the sharing. If you don’t already follow me you can do so HERE.

Also, if you would like to read my article from last April’s visit that I wrote for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine just click HERE.



Friday’s Photo: Blanco’s answer to the new warm grays

After my post earlier this week about trending brown/grays and taupes  I found it so timely that in my email today was this announcement from Blanco.

“BLANCO CERANA™ reinvents versatility with the addition of its warm, neutral Biscuit color to the one-of-a-kind Fireclay collection”.

Blanco Biscuit sink

Blanco’s new biscuit colored sink

Biscuit is a color the design world hasn’t seen much of since the 80’s . It makes perfect sense though to reintroduce it now since biscuit (creamy almond white) pairs better with brown/gray that bright white does. I see this as one step closer toward taupe and one step away from cool gray.

What do you think my friends…just coincidence?

Have a great weekend!


Color trend: Is cool gray on it’s way out?

While attending KBIS with BlogTourVegas I observed a color trend that really caught my attention. Neutral tones (especially in tiles and woods) are warming up and moving away from cool gray and shifting to more of a brown/gray or taupe. In fact, the presenter at our visit to Walker Zanger tiles told our group in no uncertain terms that “warm neutrals are trending for 2015″.

Walker Zanger tiles

Walker Zanger tiles

I won’t go as far as to say gray is out and brown is back as some trend forecasters are claiming but at KBIS, taupe and brown/gray was everywhere.


Not only in tiles and flooring but in cabinetry as well.


The designer (Blue Heron) of the New American Home which is about as “on trend” as it gets also chose kitchen cabinetry in this “not quite gray not quite brown color”.


Here is a close up of this taupey color. It’s almost like a gray wash over brown wood. Side Note*(Seeing the wood grain was also a trend).

So color friends, what do you think? Are you ready to let go of cool gray and embrace a warmer hue or do you think cool gray still has a few more years to reign supreme?

Revisiting laminate with Wilsonart

Ever since the early 90’s when granite began to replace laminate for use on counter tops, it seems as if there was no turning back. Recently I had the opportunity to revisit laminate, first during BlogTourNY and now again more recently, during BlogTourVegas.  Wilsonart is one of the generous sponsors of BlogTour and Modenus and during the the BlogTourNY trip I learned some really interesting facts about laminate and wrote about it here.

More recently while on BlogTourVegas I saw them again at KBIS. Wilsonart has partnered with healthy life style expert Danny Seo on some innovative new designs and I must say, I think he hit it out of the park.  Thanks to Seo, I came away with some great ideas and inspiration for laminate use even beyond counter tops.

Look at this fun colorful accent wall made out of laminate strips. I love the wood tones mixed with the fresh turquoise and orange colors. Besides being eco friendly, laminate is a fraction of the cost of tile or stone.


Wilsonart: Linda Holt Photo

I love this artful arrangement of geometric cubbies Seo created. So fun in a kitchen or office work space.

laminate storage Linda Holt Photo

artful storage idea with laminate: Linda Holt Photo

Wilsonart also makes a chalk board laminate. Seo used it both alone on the wall and also incorporated into the back of a craft center storage unit.

laminate chalk board

Chalk board laminate: Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

The other exciting news we learned at KBIS  is that Wilsonart has just introduced a line of solid quartz surfaces.  Now partnered with the laminate they have something for every budget and style. The quartz colors and patterns are beautiful with everything from classic black and white to a variety of colors and patterns.

Wilsonart quartz

Wilsonart quartz

One that I was particularly drawn to is called Mehndi.  It is a warm taupy gray color with copper veining running throughout. (at KBIS I observed neutrals warming up and trending away from the cool grays)

Mehndi from Wilsonart

Mehndi from Wilsonart

Wouldn’t this quartz look gorgeous as a kitchen counter or bar top with a copper sink or maybe a rose gold faucet?

I was very inspired at KBIS seeing so many ideas for affordable and eco friendly customization.

Wilsonart has made what’s old new again and what’s new beautiful and on trend. 








Friday’s Photo: Walker Zanger

You know your product is a hit when 20 designers from BlogTourVegas walk into your booth, ooh and aww and run around taking photos of everything in sight. That is what happened when we visited one of our BlogTourVegas sponsors Walker Zanger at KBIS.

I have been a huge fan of Walker Zanger tiles since I first saw them and their new introductions did not disappoint. Below is a composite I made of a few of my favorites.

Walker Zanger at KBIS

Walker Zanger at KBIS

My next blog post will be a bit more in dept about Walker Zanger along with more photos of their newest tiles. Today is a little sneak peak of what’s to come.

Color friends take note…is this the end of the cool gray trend? More on that topic in my next post.

Have a great weekend everyone!

Pantone color of the year and Barry Dixon

It just so happened that the same day Barry Dixon came to Boston to give a talk on color was the same day that Pantone announced Marsala was its pick for color of the year.

Boy, did the reddish brown color choice cause controversy! Social media just about blew up after the announcement and comments were about five to one against the color. Interior designers were especially harsh voicing comments like “the 80’s called and wants their color back” and “Pantone is way off the mark on this one”. I personally was simply surprised by the choice as this was not a color that was on my radar. Oxblood Red yes, but Marsala is much more muted than oxblood and is more purple.

Now that I’ve had a few days to adjust to Marsala, I don’t love it or hate it. It’s really all about context and what colors are being paired with it. It would look quite nice as an accent color with dark greens, blues, or gold.  Is this a color that I will be suggesting my clients paint their walls? highly doubtful, but then again, I never suggested last years color Radiant Orchid either.

The thing to remember is that the Pantone color of the year is all about marketing and I would say they hit a home run in that respect. It got everyone talking and even made the national news that evening.

Now, back to Barry Dixon. The talk was so timely because his idea on color is just the opposite of Pantone. Whereas Pantone is all about what’s hot right now, Dixon is all about timeless, classic beauty. He opened his talk with a beautiful image of a room the we all assumed was completed recently. He surprised us all by saying the room was done fifteen years ago.  So what is his secret for choosing a timeless interior color palette? He looks out the window.

Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon

Pretty simple right? If you bring the natural surrounding colors into your home it will never be out of style. According to Dixon, “steal color from the outside elements-the sea, the sky, evening blues, lavenders, purples and grays”.

With his new paint line for C2 paint, Dixon did exactly that. He studied the surrounding colors on his farm in Virginia. He looked not only at the obvious like the grassy fields and surrounding trees and flowers but at hay bails, fence posts and the winter sky just before a snow fall. He “stole” the color of the eggs his hens lay and the early morning fog rolling across his lawn. He looked at the many colors of the sunset and sunrise and even the fur on his dog.

Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon

So here are my two take-aways from both the color of the year and Barry Dixon.

#1. Color preference is really personal and if you are not a fan of Marsala we have a saying, “if you don’t like the weather in New England just wait a few minutes” Mark Twain….. if you don’t like Marsala just wait twelve months.

#2. Nature never gets it wrong…if you bring the surrounding outside colors into your home it will always feel fresh.

SOOOOO what side of the fence are you on? trending or timeless?


Friday’s Photo: Benjamin Moore’s color of the year

The BIG announcement of the “color of the year” by the Pantone Color Institute will be announced probably mid November.This is the color pick everyone waits to hear about with baited breath and will be splashed all over the media.

Over the past few years, some of the larger paint companies have also jumped on the band wagon and have their own pick for color of the year.

Benjamin Moore has announced that Guilford Green HC-116  is their pick for color of the year.

guilford green

This fresh silvery green is the centerpiece for Benjamin Moore’s entire 2015 color trend collection. You can check out the whole 2015 color trend collection here.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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