Friday’s Photo: Eye spy a new trend

Recently I was reading that eyes are trending. Yes… eyes… as in human eyes. Then not long after, while touring the newly renovated The printing House  while on BlogTourNYC,  I saw this AMAZING art installation by artist Sean Mellyn. Made from old eye charts Sean has created the perfect focal point for Scott Sander’s model unit.

The Printing House Soho NYC

The Printing House Soho NYC

I LOVE it!  How about you?

Have a great weekend everyone and keep your “eyes” open for this hot new trend!

Our Nantucket rental: A decorator was here

Just a little over two weeks ago my husband surprised me and told me he had rented a house on Nantucket for my Birthday. I will admit that at first I was somewhat freaked clients!…the expense!…I can’t take more time off!  Well he knew I would say all of these things so he just went ahead and booked it so that I couldn’t say no. I really had no idea what to expect so I was very happy when we walked through a private gate to this cute rose covered cottage, just steps from town.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

It was the perfect house but I couldn’t help but chuckle because as we walked through the tastefully decorated cottage I could see the tell tale mark of a decorator in every room. I could even identify most of the vendors for the furnishings.  Take a look and see all the trends and vendors I spotted! livingroom2 The living room furniture is very on trend white linen, with English arm style sofa and side chairs. The Emerald green double gourd lamp (Lamps Plus or One Kings lane), bright botanical pillows and coordinating art work adds the “pop of color”. (notice how the colors of the art work perfectly coordinates with the pillows)livingroom3 The two side chairs are detailed with nail head trim. A large clam shell (Ballard Designs) sits on a grass cloth wrapped coffee table. (I know several vendors make grass cloth covered tables but the first one that comes to mind is Thibaut). livingroom4 Two on trend spool chairs flank a faux bamboo side table with a bright yellow vase that I have seen in multiple stores including Homegoods. livingroom vignette A table vignette with two apothecary jars and faux blue coral on a tray. sleeping porch pillows The sleeping porch bed has a bedspread that I recognized as coming from Serena and Lilly (I just ordered one for a client) and some on trend paisley and medallion patterned pillows. bedroom The master bedroom has bedding from Restoration Hardware and I just recently saw the lamps on One Kings Lane. I also instantly recognized the three photos above the bed because they are from the hugely popular and super hot photographer Gray Malin. Malin shoots lots of ariel views of beaches so the umbrellas and bathers become dots of color and pattern. Here is the link to the set above the bed. He also sells his work on One Kings Lane so maybe the lamps and photography were purchased together??

The kitchen was quintessential Nantucket cottage with open shelving, butcher block counters and a pot rack. There was a Dash and Albert stripped rug on the floor and a rope ball next to the door that I believe is also from Ballard Design.


and on the other side of the kitchen….


a pair of trendy red industrial stools and another Gray Malin print. This one is called Bermuda Pineapples.

So I guess it’s just normal considering my job but I am wondering if the rest of you that are decorators or designers do the same thing? Are you always spotting and identifying trends and vendor sources when you visit someone’s home? I would love to know!


Lighting trends: Sputnik chandeliers

One of the highlights for me while touring the showrooms at High Point this Spring was seeing all the new lighting introductions. The shapes, sizes and materials were varied but large, over scaled, statement lighting is still very much on trend. 

One shape I saw over and over again was the ” Sputnik shape”.  These spiky shaped chandeliers had their hey day back in the 60′s and now once again, what is old is new again. Sputnik chandeliers are definitely trending but often with a twist. Take a look at a few that I spotted that would compliment a variety of different decorating styles.


The one above from Arteriors is the classic atomic shape that was so popular mid century.


Chaddock show room High Point Spring 2014

The Chaddock Furniture showroom featured one adorned with crystal flowers for a more elegant look. (notice the trending mauve color on the walls).

sputnik lighting3

I love these beautiful blown glass ones. They look like exploding fireworks and they and come in several different colors. (I took this shot while rushing to some event and never did get the manufacture’s name).

sputnik shape3

This one above, also from Arteriors, has a more Steampunk or industrial look.  The stripped down look is all about the exposed Edison light bulbs.

So what do you think about the return of the sputnik chandelier? Just a passing fad or a trend that is here to stick around for awhile?


More High Point trends: Nail heads and more nail heads

Nail heads used to embellish furniture is nothing new. In fact, they are a classic detail in furniture design. However….If I had a nickel for every nail head I saw at High Point this Spring I would be one wealthy decorator! In fact, I would say the vast majority of chairs at this Spring market had nail heads.

nail head open arm chair

I loved the way these nail heads outline the sexy curves of this raspberry velvet chair.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

and punctuate this black and cream leather wing chair.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

I wanted to take this silver leather chair with these sparkling chrome nail heads home with me.


Linda Holt Photo

I also loved this embellished teal green desk chair I spotted at C.R. Laine


Linda Holt Photo

As well as this turquoise chair.

blue chair nail head detail

My travel mate and I both fell in love with this faux alligator leather and Lucite bench.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Using nail heads as part of the fabric design was a trend I spotted several times like on this ottoman by designer Barry Dixon.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Nail heads on head boards have been trending for a while now and I continued to see plenty of them at market.

nailhead bed

Linda Holt photo

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Moving beyond upholstery, designer Mary McDonald used nail heads on her wood bedside tables for Chaddock Furniture (I apologize for the blurry cell phone photo).

night stand with nail heads

Even accessories have not escaped the nail head obsession. One of my favorite finds was this little gold topped white leather box completely surrounded with black nail heads.

nail head box

Linda Holt Photo

So, the big question is…are you a nail head fan or do you think they are being over used?

Trending color at High Point Market

One thing I heard over and over at High Point last week was how everyone was so excited about all the color in the showrooms. Evidently for the past few years the showrooms have been awash with shades of gray and white.

As someone who is passionate about color I was on high alert for colors I saw as trending. I saw plenty of blues and greens and also purples (no surprise since Pantone picked Radiant Orchard as their color for 2014). What I didn’t except though was a color that hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love lately and that is RED! Not the deep dark “oxblood red” of the past few years but big bold tomato red!

Take a look at some of these gorgeous showroom where Red was definitively the center of attention.

Alexa hampton

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair: Linda Holt Photo

 Possibly my favorite show room in all of High Point was this teal and red room for Hickory Chair by Alexa Hampton.

red and turquoise for C R laine

C.R. Laine showroom: Photo Linda Holt photo

C.R. Laine    showed vibrant tomato red with aqua. A hot/cool color combination I have always loved.

Wesley Hall Showroom: Photo Linda Holt

Wesley Hall paired red with charcoal and creamy white for this fresh looking showroom with fabrics from Tilton Fenwick.

C R Laine showroom: Linda Holt Photo

The above vignette was also at C.R. Laine; Don’t you love that red leather stool and red coral art work paired with the red trellis patterned chair?

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald for Chaddock: Photo Linda Holt

Mary McDonald used gray and white for her new line for Chaddock Home but look what she used as her accent color! If you look to the left there is the most beautiful red leather and brass side table. That floor by the way was one of my favorite elements of the show.

I have SO MUCH more to share but for now I wanted to spread the news that Red is trending!

What do you think of red? Do you use it in your home?

If you would like help updating your home for Spring or want to incorporate red into your home, give me call!

Friday’s Photo: hair on hide rugs

Hi everyone!  I’m just back from High Point Market and must say, it was an amazing experience. I saw SO much and I have SO many photos to share with you of new products and trends I spotted.

Hair on hides is definitely a trend for Spring 2014. I saw hides used on the floor alone, hides layered over larger natural fiber rugs and hides used as upholstery on furniture and pillows.

One of my favorite finds for hides was the Saddleman showroom. I just loved the way they displayed these colorful stamped  Zebra patterns on cowhides.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Now, I know people have very mixed feelings about hides. Personally, I was always adverse to them as I have spent most of my adult life as a vegetarian and I am a HUGE animal lover.  However, having said that, I am somehow attracted to these. Maybe it is because like chicken nuggets, they no longer resemble the animal they once were.

What do you think about cowhides? Would you put one in your home?

Have a great weekend everyone. I will be sorting through hundreds of images and slowly coming down from my High Point “high”.

Friday’s Photo

While at an event this week at the Boston Design Center I noticed two trends that show no signs of fading; large scale lighting and organic elements used as accessories. I especially loved the entrance display at Webster and Company.

Linda Holt Interiors

Linda Holt Photo

That antique lantern is just incredible and although the hefty price tag might not work with all budgets, the succulents in the organic inspired pottery is easy to recreate. As if the Universe was making it easy for me, I stopped at Home Depot on my way home and what did they have? A whole table display of succulents. My weekend project is about to get underway.

Have a happy weekend everyone!

Looking to freshen up your home for Spring? If you would like help with decorating or color give me a call.

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