Las Vegas here I come

After the huge amount of fun and inspiration I had visiting Market in High Point this past Spring I have decided to do it all over again in Las Vegas! This coming week I will be traveling with my good friend and fellow designer Kim Macumber to the Las Vegas Market. While there, we will also be spending two full days with Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis at their now famous Design Camp.

The last time I was in Las Vegas was exactly ten years ago on a girl’s weekend getaway and I always wanted to go back.  Even though I hear it is over 115 degrees in Vegas I am packed and ready and could not be more excited.

I invite you to follow along virtually and see what I see and hear what I hear by following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I will be posting images daily of colors, trends and fun. Plus I am sure there will be plenty of great quotes from one of the many A-list designers who are lined up to speak at Design Camp.

Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon at Design Camp Atlanta

Like this quote from designer Barry Dixon at Design Camp Atlanta. “No matter what the client’s budget, spend only at the very top and the very bottom. Never spend in the middle or you will have mediocre design.”

I loved that quote and it honestly changed the way I worked with clients.

So off I go!



Friday’s Photo

There is an expression attributed to Ralph Waldo Emerson that goes, “build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door”. Well this past May while touring the ICFF on BlogTourNYC,  I saw what I thought was a better mouse trap….except it was a bird feeder.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

So simple and beautiful…a work of art, but oh so clever. Striped down to the bare essentials, these feeders are so perfectly balanced that if a pesky squirrel even tries to hop on he/she will slide right off. Genius don’t you think?

Spotted at the Norway pavilion at The International Contemporary Furniture fair.

Why didn’t I think of that?

Do you ever see something that is so unique or so inspiring that you think, “darn, why didn’t I think of that”?  Well that is exactly what happened while touring Scott Sander’s  show house in the Printing House in Soho.

Let me give you a bit of a back story first. For about ten years I have been holding onto a huge wasp nest that was pulled from the eves of our house. Now don’t get me wrong, I do not like wasps. In fact, I was once stung so badly while on vacation in Panama that I thought I might die…very scary. There is just something about the visual appeal of the nest that has possessed me to hold onto it despite my husband’s frequent inquiries of “now why are we holding on to this?” I have had it on the table under a glass cloche, I have had it sitting on a book shelf, but for the past 6-7 years it has been in the garage relegated to a dusty shelf with gardening tools.

So imagine my delight and awe when I spotted this gold dipped wasp nest way up in the corner of the ceiling in Sander’s model home. How utterly brilliant! Art and nature comes together in golden wasp architecture.

Wasp Nest

Gold wasp nest on ceiling

Now my only question is “how much will it cost to dip a 12″ x 9″ wasp nest in gold?

Linda Holt Photo

My wasp nest

So what do you think? Am I crazy to hold onto this? Does it creep you out? I would try and spray it gold but I did a little research and paint won’t work. It will only dissolve the the nest.

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Friday’s Photo: Eye spy a new trend

Recently I was reading that eyes are trending. Yes… eyes… as in human eyes. Then not long after, while touring the newly renovated The printing House  while on BlogTourNYC,  I saw this AMAZING art installation by artist Sean Mellyn. Made from old eye charts Sean has created the perfect focal point for Scott Sander’s model unit.

The Printing House Soho NYC

The Printing House Soho NYC

I LOVE it!  How about you?

Have a great weekend everyone and keep your “eyes” open for this hot new trend!

Our Nantucket rental: A decorator was here

Just a little over two weeks ago my husband surprised me and told me he had rented a house on Nantucket for my Birthday. I will admit that at first I was somewhat freaked clients!…the expense!…I can’t take more time off!  Well he knew I would say all of these things so he just went ahead and booked it so that I couldn’t say no. I really had no idea what to expect so I was very happy when we walked through a private gate to this cute rose covered cottage, just steps from town.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

It was the perfect house but I couldn’t help but chuckle because as we walked through the tastefully decorated cottage I could see the tell tale mark of a decorator in every room. I could even identify most of the vendors for the furnishings.  Take a look and see all the trends and vendors I spotted! livingroom2 The living room furniture is very on trend white linen, with English arm style sofa and side chairs. The Emerald green double gourd lamp (Lamps Plus or One Kings lane), bright botanical pillows and coordinating art work adds the “pop of color”. (notice how the colors of the art work perfectly coordinates with the pillows)livingroom3 The two side chairs are detailed with nail head trim. A large clam shell (Ballard Designs) sits on a grass cloth wrapped coffee table. (I know several vendors make grass cloth covered tables but the first one that comes to mind is Thibaut). livingroom4 Two on trend spool chairs flank a faux bamboo side table with a bright yellow vase that I have seen in multiple stores including Homegoods. livingroom vignette A table vignette with two apothecary jars and faux blue coral on a tray. sleeping porch pillows The sleeping porch bed has a bedspread that I recognized as coming from Serena and Lilly (I just ordered one for a client) and some on trend paisley and medallion patterned pillows. bedroom The master bedroom has bedding from Restoration Hardware and I just recently saw the lamps on One Kings Lane. I also instantly recognized the three photos above the bed because they are from the hugely popular and super hot photographer Gray Malin. Malin shoots lots of ariel views of beaches so the umbrellas and bathers become dots of color and pattern. Here is the link to the set above the bed. He also sells his work on One Kings Lane so maybe the lamps and photography were purchased together??

The kitchen was quintessential Nantucket cottage with open shelving, butcher block counters and a pot rack. There was a Dash and Albert stripped rug on the floor and a rope ball next to the door that I believe is also from Ballard Design.


and on the other side of the kitchen….


a pair of trendy red industrial stools and another Gray Malin print. This one is called Bermuda Pineapples.

So I guess it’s just normal considering my job but I am wondering if the rest of you that are decorators or designers do the same thing? Are you always spotting and identifying trends and vendor sources when you visit someone’s home? I would love to know!


BLANCO: Gorgeous products AND giving back

Imagine finding a beautiful sink and then finding out that by purchasing it you would be helping to support AIDS and HIV organizations. Wouldn’t that be amazing? Well BLANCO, one of the sponsors of BlogTourNYC, has a sink that does just that. Let me introduce you to ATTIKA.

Attika sink

First of all, the ATTIKA sink is gorgeous. The stainless steel sleek contemporary design is part function and part sculpture.

Attika sink2


The ATTIKA has won multiple design awards and one feature that makes it special is the elevated rim design that separates wet from dry areas. The best part though is that BLANCO will support DIFFA  (Design Industries Foundation Fighting Aids) with a donation whenever their ATTIKAsink is specified. Beautiful sink…helping to fight Aids and HIV…Sounds like a win-win to me.

BLANCO’s commitment to giving back doesn’t end though with the ATTIKA sink. BLANCO is also a proud supporter of Water for People – a charitable organization that ensures sustainable clean drinking water for all people. So if the ATTIKA isn’t your style or need, simply by purchasing any of their beautiful products you will be helping to support clean drinking water for those most in need. Take a look at some of my other favorite products and designs from BLANCO.



I love this beautiful contemporary fire clay sink called Modex. It comes in both white and black but i love the black against the white cabinetry…so sleek and stylish.



Another favorite is the  Blancoculina faucet with it’s high profile and contemporary design.

Blanco Alta in White

Blanco Alta in White

This Alta faucet is beautiful and comes in white, black, cinder and truffle.


Blanco Alta in Truffle

Even BLANCO’s kitchen accessories,  like the cutting boards, and strainers are both beautiful and stylish.

BLANCO Accessories

BLANCO Accessories

Selling gorgeous products, fighting HIV and AIDS and supporting clean water is what BLANCO is all about. They won me over how about you?


Wilsonart: 3 things I never knew about laminate

One of the sponsors of BlogTourNYC  was Wilsonart. Now I will admit that I didn’t know a whole lot about Wilsonart prior to the tour other than the fact that they make laminate counter tops.  Founded in 1956 by Ralph Wilson, Wilsonart has always been known for their high quality laminates that are “inspired by the earth but not part of it” .

Since laminate counter tops have somewhat waned in popularity, I was curious as to how laminate was being used today. What I discovered is that there is a lot I didn’t know about laminate.

#1.  Wilsonart makes a decorative metal line. Who knew? Look at this fabulous dining room with Wilsonart metal wall stripes by designer Robert Verdi for DIFFA’s Dining By Design.

Wilsonart Set #2A 3129

#2. Wilsonart laminate is a sustainable material so when you use one their products you are doing no harm to our planet. I know everyone thinks stone is eco friendly but what is involved in getting that stone out of the ground and into your home is anything but. Check out this kitchen that Danny Seo designed using all Wilsonart laminate. Everything from the floor to the back splash is laminate. A fraction of the cost and completly environmentally friendly as compared to using the real stone product.

Danny Seo for Wilsonart

Danny Seo for Wilsonart at KBIS

#3. You can custom create your own laminate. Simply bring your own images, artwork, photographs, or illustrations, and Wilsonart will create laminate that’s uniquely yours. My favorite project Wilsonart shared with me is this children’s play area at the Granger Community Church. The play area was designed by architects Sharon and Peter Exley, from the Chicago firm architectureisfun. The floor, the cabinetry and even the large farmer and chicken are all made from laminate. This children’s center gets a lot of use and the architects chose laminate because it is a  product that will really hold up. 

Granger Community Church

Granger Community Church

See how they customized the front of the cabinets to look like tree bark? The counter tops look like leaves.



Wouldn’t it be so much fun to hang out here if you were a kid? or even an adult?


After learning a bit more from Wilsonart I now think about laminate in a whole new way.

How about you? Did you know these three things about laminate?

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