Trend report: Metallics in home interiors

This week I am continuing my trend report from High Point Market. Of the six trends I identified, trend number four is the strong appearance of metallics; especially gold. Last week for Friday’s Photo I chose an image from the E.J. Victor showroom that is the perfect representation of the metallic trend used for furniture. Metallic furniture makes such a bold statement such as this brass bed from Berhardt.

Brass bed from Berhardt furniture

Brass bed from Berhardt furniture

This gold metallic console chest is certainly a show stopper and also one of my favorites.


as well as this round gold metallic coffee table.

gold metallic coffee table

gold metallic coffee table

Not all the metallic furniture was so bold. Some pieces just had a hint of metallic. The legs on both the table and stool follow the trend without being so “in your face”.


Metallic accessories were pretty much in every showroom at High Point Market



Weylande Gregory accessories

Weylande Gregory accessories

Side note: Rhinoceros might just be the new “it” animal edging out horses, turtles and tigers that I noticed a year ago at Market.

Just in case you want to jump on the trend in a big way I spotted this option for you!

metallicsMetallic gold was also the number one choice for new introductions in lighting.

SAMSUNG CSCNow before you go all crazy thinking about how you just replaced all your 1990 brass chandeliers, the “new” brass is warmer and does not have that fake lacquered yellowed look of the 90’s.

Can you see the difference (besides the updated shape)?

dated yellow brass

The above is a perfect example of the yellowy dated brass of the 1990’s. Below is today’s non lacquered natural brass.

updated non lacquered  brass

updated non lacquered brass


I saw quite a few table lamps with both metallic bases as well as shades.

gold lighting3

And who better than to bring this metallic trend all together than one of my all time favorite designers, Alexa Hampton. This room has metallics in spades but nothing over whelms. Check it out; metallic wallpaper, bedding, sconces and gold metallic lining the inside of the desk. So luxurious don’t you think?

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair

I know among my clients, metallics…especially gold is a tough sell. I would love to hear your thoughts, are you a fan or will you pass on this new trend.

Friday’s Photo: Turquoise and yellow dining room

Who says dining rooms have to be boring? I’m still thinking about this gorgeous turquoise and yellow dining room from the Lillian August show room at High Point Market.

Lillian August

Lillian August

So fresh and inviting don’t you think?

Have a great weekend everyone.

You may have noticed that I have been a bit remiss with my regular Tuesday posts but please bare with me as I am juggling one too many balls and my blog has had to take a back seat for the moment. I plan to be back on schedule very soon.

Friday’s Photo: Spring’s hot new color

If you read my earlier post about the colors of High Point Spring Market you would know that Blush is one of this Spring’s new “it” colors in both fashion and interiors. This bedroom designed by Tobi Fairley for C.R. Laine is a beautiful example and use of the color.

Tobi Fairley bedroom

The one thing about Blush is that if you don’t want it read too “girly” you need to balance this feminine color with a stronger more “masculine color”. Tobi accomplished this by using striking black art work (from her new collection for Sochier Marin Art) and black side tables.

What do you think? Are you a fan of blush?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Friday’s Photo: Excitement in the details

One of my favorite things to see at High Point Market is how the experts style the show rooms. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to observe because the rooms are almost always packed with sales reps buzzing about and with designers sitting in the room to test out the furniture or to simply relax for a few minutes.

One lucky afternoon I just happen to get this “person free” image at Wesley Hall.  I had about 5 seconds before someone walked back into the frame and sat down on the chair.

Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall

Just look at how much thought went into styling and decorating this one small space. The green in the art work perfectly coordinates with the green leather sofa. The flowers on the tray which is angled “just so” is a perfect compliment to the floral fabric on the chair. My absolute favorite detail though is the small red crystal on the chandelier that forms a little color triangle with the floral fabric and the red pillow on the sofa.

Call me crazy but it’s these perfectly thought out design details that gets me so excited about design.

Have a great weekend everyone. I think here in New England we are going to have our first absolutely gorgeous weekend.

Color trends High Point Market Spring 2015

Last week was my second time attending High Point Market. If you are a designer and have never been, I can’t recommend it enough. It is such an exciting and inspiration trip. I saw so many beautiful show rooms and new products. I have gone through all my photos and I have identified six major trends.

1. Color 2. Organics 3. Exposed wood grain 4. Metallics 5. Geometrics 6. Texture

I will be highlighting all six of these trends with lot’s of photos over the next few weeks. I will start with color since that is what I know everyone loves to hear about.

Color: Blue still seems to be hugely popular this Spring. I noticed less turquoise than last Spring but plenty of deep saturated Mediterranean blues. Navy was also highly represented.

Hickory Chair Show Room

Hickory Chair Show Room

Several show rooms used deep saturated blue on an accent wall. (note: accent walls were very prevalent at Market)


Tobi Fairlet collection for C.R.Laine

Check out the blue and white fabric on these new chairs from Tobi Fairley for C.R.Laine. This animal print fabric must have been the top selling fabric this Spring. It was featured in at least half a dozen showrooms used on everything from sofas to chairs to beds.


Kristin Drohan new collection

Besides the popularity of blue, the big buzz around market and on Instagram was all about “Blush”. Designer Suzanne Kasler debuted her new collection for Hickory Chair in Blush and it was a huge hit.

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

I just love this round drum shade pendant. It’s so fresh and unexpected, even more so since it is above a very traditional brown dining table.

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

Suzanne Kasler for Hickory Chair

Blush which is really just another name for light pink was also trending in art work.


This large scale photo of pink flowers from Dunes and Duchess was even chosen by one of “High Points Style Spotters”.

Dunes and Duchess

Dunes and Duchess

After seeing the above image I was inspired to take a couple of my own flower photos from a pink arrangement at the Thibaut showroom. What do you think? Should I super size one and frame it for my own house?

flowers for blog2

flower for blogWM

I saw a lot more Red this Spring than last especially for furniture and accessories.

red at HP



Red for blog

Larry Laslo for Chaddock

I still remember the striking red room Alexa Hampton did for Spring 2014 for Hickory Chair and this year she chose to use red once again.

Alexa hampton for Hickory Chair

Alexa Hampton for Hickory Chair

Now that I have showed you Blue, Blush and Red, as all trending, I am going to end with this: If I had to choose one color that was undeniably the number one color this Spring at High Point it would be Gold.

Mr. Brown High Point

Mr. Brown High Point

That my friends is an entire blog post coming up soon under the trend Metallics. Wait until you see all the Gold!!

Sooo….which color are you most excited about?



Friday’s Photo: Trending colors at High Point

I am just back from Market at High Point, NC after spending 5 non-stop days touring dozens and dozens of show rooms. I have SO many things to share and I hope you followed me on Instagram because I posted lot’s of photos. I will be writing a full follow up next week but I wanted to share this image today.

Yellow and coral at E.J. Victor

Yellow and Red at E.J. Victor

Move over blue (which DOMINATED at market) because there are some new colors making an appearance. Both yellow and red, which we really haven’t seen much of lately for interiors, were spotted at several of the show rooms. This room at E.J. Victor fully embraced them both. I think it is such a happy and cheerful room.

How about you? Are you ready for a color change or still sticking with blue?

Have a good weekend and check back next week for my trend report.

Friday’s Photo: Blanco’s answer to the new warm grays

After my post earlier this week about trending brown/grays and taupes  I found it so timely that in my email today was this announcement from Blanco.

“BLANCO CERANA™ reinvents versatility with the addition of its warm, neutral Biscuit color to the one-of-a-kind Fireclay collection”.

Blanco Biscuit sink

Blanco’s new biscuit colored sink

Biscuit is a color the design world hasn’t seen much of since the 80’s . It makes perfect sense though to reintroduce it now since biscuit (creamy almond white) pairs better with brown/gray that bright white does. I see this as one step closer toward taupe and one step away from cool gray.

What do you think my friends…just coincidence?

Have a great weekend!


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