Friday’s Photo: 2016 kitchen trends all in one photo

I posted this photo last week in my cabinet color trend post from the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Show in Vegas. I am posting it again because I realize it has almost every trend that is hot right now.

La Cornue kitchen display KBIS2016

La Cornue kitchen display at KBIS2016

  1. Black cabinetry
  2. Marble counter tops (or marble counter look-a-like)
  3. White subway tile: Black cabinets with white subway tiles were trending for both kitchens and baths at KBIS.
  4. Open shelving in place of upper cabinets
  5. Mixed metal finishes: Brass sconces and nickel hardware (even the pots and pans have brass handles with stainless bottoms)
  6. Rectangular sinks
  7. Statement faucets
  8. Organics:Plants, and wicker baskets

So there you go! All the trends wrapped up in one kitchen display. Thank you La Cornue!

2 Responses to Friday’s Photo: 2016 kitchen trends all in one photo
  1. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Linda, Great story & still laughing as I jumped back when one of the toilets at KBIS (sorry I missed you there) started to move, and now you’ve explained it. You did a fabulous job of telling a memorable story about a toilet.

  2. Jacob Martin Reply

    What a blog. I am really impressed with this blog. The way of representing information is really unique. These information is really helpful to the all kitchen design lover. Thanks for sharing, waiting for the next.

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