Woodmode Cabinetry: Beyond white

A little over a year ago I attended a designer event and met the editor of New England Home Magazine. She was making the rounds asking all the designers if they had a kitchen project that was NOT white because she was so bored of publishing white kitchens. She felt they were all looking alike (white cabinets, marble counters and subway tiles) and was desperate to get something different to her audience.

Fast forward to last week. While having a conversation with one of the cabinetry showrooms at the Boston Design Center I asked what percentage of their business comprised white cabinets. The showroom manager told me white cabinets make up a full 70-75% of their business.

While attending the 2016 Kitchen and Bath Show with Modenus as part of BlogTourVegas, I shared HERE how I saw very few white cabinets in the booth displays. Is this a sign that white cabinets might be waning?  One of our sponsors, WoodMode, had a booth filled with beautiful cabinet options other than white. Take a look and see if you still think white is the only option for you.

The WoodMode booth was very crowded making taking photos a little challenging.

WoodMode Booth Kbis 2016

WoodMode Booth Kbis 2016 Photo by Tori Aston

so this photo below is from their press kit.

Brookhaven by WoodMode

Brookhaven by WoodMode

The above cabinets are quarter sawn white oak and the color is shale with a pewter glaze. I love the brick red accent cabinetry and matching hood.

Wood Mode Linda Holt Photo

Wood Mode Linda Holt Photo

This cabinet above is sandblasted rift-cut white oak with distressing and stainless steel drawers. Gorgeous…right?

As was this ribbon Mahogany cigar bar cabinet display.

Wood Mode Ribbon Mahogany Linda Holt Photo

Wood Mode Ribbon Mahogany Linda Holt Photo

Wood Mode also has painted cabinetry and being a custom cabinetry line you can have any color you can dream of.

Wood Mode Tribeca

Wood Mode Tribeca in Agate Blue

If you still think you want white though, Wood Mode has you covered for that as well.

Brookhaven by Wood Mode

Brookhaven by Wood Mode

So what are your thoughts on white cabinets. Do you think white will remain as popular as it has been or are you ready for a change?


2 Responses to Woodmode Cabinetry: Beyond white
  1. Jeff Cornblatt Reply

    These are some nice looking samples, and they give the eye and the mind much basis for inspiration. Clearly, the pictured setups are for those who have little need to concern themselves with pricing. Still, it might be useful for some readers to see mention of general cost levels with respect to the products endorsed. I would hope for, and recommend, the same for all the various treatments, materials, and products you tout.

  2. Sheila Reply

    I think white has a timeless look. If it fits with your house, and you like it, then use it!
    When I lived in New England, I had wood cabinets. It worked well for the colonial style house. In fact, I think some of WoodMode’s cabinetry (red vent hood cover) would look great in New England!
    After I moved to Toronto, I purchased a 120 year old house. It was Edwardian in style. However, the kitchen windows were styled like a french bistro. With that fixed element, I ran with it. In went marble counter top, subway tile and white cabinets with medium brown hardwood floors. Copper accents in the vent hood cover and sink. All appliances were hidden except for the oven/stove. It worked!!
    Now that I am in Western Canada, I see that the west coast vibe is more geared towards wood. I have been careful to avoid fads. I decided to embrace my dark, espresso wood shaker-style cabinets. I did this by ripping out the trendy glass mosaic backsplash and installing an Italian version of subway tile — with wavy edges, in a cream color. Now there is contrast with the cabinets and it all flows.
    So, my short answer is: consider the style of the house and the area of the country you live in.

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