Appliance Color Trends from KBIS

I know I have jumped ahead of myself with my last two blog posts because I promised you more color trends from the Kitchen and Bath Show(KBIS) so today I will update you on appliance color trends.

In spite of what you might have heard, stainless steel continues to have a very strong presence. Overall, it was still the number one finish I saw.

Thermador stainless appliances

Thermador stainless appliances

I did see a trend toward a darker stainless finish, the benefit being that it doesn’t show finger prints as easily. Below is Viking’s new stainless finish called Carbon.

viking stainless

Viking “carbon” stainless finish

The biggest surprise was the number of colorful appliances at the show. Viking had several beautiful colors on display including this purple model.


The Italian company Bertazzoni, is known for their attention getting colors and they did not disappoint.



I really loved this red one, also from Bertozoni.

red stove

Actually, I don’t think that the trend is necessarily about color per say. What the trend is really about is personalization. You want an orange or purple or red stove? No problem, someone makes one.

Another trend I noticed was the number of appliances in Retro colors. Check out designer Suzanne Kasler’s Parisian inspired color collection for La Cornue.


suzanne kasler

I showed you her pink range already in my last post and here is the mint green one.

La Cornue soft green range

And speaking of retro, I actually saw a number of retro appliances.

retro color appliances

Revisiting the 50’s and 60’s  isn’t my thing AT ALL but there were huge crowds gathered around this booth and even more at the Northstar booth.

retro appliances

I have no idea what era that stove is from but I assume it is late 1800’s early 1900’s. (I think that door in the front is where the coal went)

retro stoveLooking at all the colors and styles of all the different appliances at KBIS, I was struck by all the choices. There really is something for everyone and it has never been easier to express your love of color, style, function and personality in the kitchen.

What’s your appliance color personality?

3 Responses to Appliance Color Trends from KBIS
  1. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Just loving the Carbon and also the pastels and retro turquoise as well – What fun!

  2. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Linda, We posted about the new color (GE calls it slate) a while back ( and what I discovered at KBIS is they’re all giving their version a different name which I think will cause quite a bit of confusion. Did see all the VIking colors & they’re fun but not sure they’re practical as each time we’ve moved, my husband has asked for a different kitchen color … from red, to blue & now in AZ, still up in the air (neutral, earth tones waiting for more color)

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