The One Room Challenge

I first heard of the One Room Challenge over a year ago when several of my designer friends were participating. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, The One Room Challenge was started by Linda of the popular blog Calling it Home. Twice a year she asks twenty top design bloggers to make over a room of their choice in six short weeks (well actually five because week six is the reveal).

Anyone with a blog is also welcome to link up to the One Room Challenge and take part in the fun. Next Wednesday Oct 7th is the start date for the twenty chosen designers and each Wednesday they will blog and chronicle their room progress until the big reveal November 11th. Starting Thursday the 8th, everyone else who is participating in the link up does the same. It seems fun as well as potentially stressful but at the end of six weeks the reward is a newly decorated room.

Now truth be told,  I have been planning to make over our family room for over four years now and it still hasn’t happened. Lot’s of reasons why but mainly because I am busy with client work so my own home takes a back seat.  Also, I have a common affliction that many designers have when it comes to decorating their own home, called “analysis paralysis”.  There are so many colors and styles I like that I find it challenging to make a decision.

Well fast forward and I get a life changing diagnosis of breast cancer. I end up spending the majority of the Summer laying on a 25+ year old uncomfortable sofa recovering from the side effects of chemotherapy, staring at a mostly empty room. Depressing to say the least.

Why was the room empty you wonder? Well over a year ago we gave almost all our family room furniture to my son when he moved into his Boston apartment. The furniture was dated, no longer our style and I thought if I gave everything away it would prompt me to get moving on redoing the room. Well it still hasn’t happened and the furniture that is in the family room are basement relics that are soon to be donated or ditched. Embarrassing for sure but hey, it’s life.

SO, I have decided to participate in the One Room Challenge link up. I’m going public with my makeover so there is no turning back. In order to get my family room completed in six weeks decisions need to be made and fast! Everyone will be watching (OMG and judging??) so it is intimidating but also the kick in the butt I need to finally decorate this depressing sad room.

So I hope you follow along all the featured designers starting Wednesday the 7th and all the link up participants, like myself, the follow day Thursday the 8th.

I know it’s Friday and and since Friday is usually reserved for Friday’s Photo, here it is, my One Room Challenge makeover inspiration.

ORC inspiration

One Room Challenge color inspiration: green, cream and taupe

I also have a large collection of blue and white china that I somehow have to incorporate into the room design.  be sure to check back next Thursday to see my plan.

Have a great weekend everyone and hopefully we will not be hit by Hurricane Joaquin.

7 Responses to The One Room Challenge
  1. Claudia Lucas Reply

    Linda, looks like a fabulous project. Love the inspiration with the birds and graceful, airy patterns of leaves. Will look forward to seeing your project unfold.

  2. lori fischer Reply

    linda, I am so right there with you! the inspiration boars is gorgeous and I can’t wait to see it translate into a room that you love all over again!

  3. Veronica Domurat Reply

    It looks like an inspiration board but is a tray isn’ it? Anyway it’s beautiful and happy!! love it

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Yes Veronica, it is not a board, I will reveal that next week. It is a glass try that I love and is the jumping off point for my design.

  4. Kelly Reply

    Good for you Linda! Looking forward to seeing your design!!

  5. Terri Davis Reply

    Good for you! I understand where you are coming from and think that’s great to have a little push. I have heard others speak of this one room challenge and did not know much about the origin. Thanks for clearing that up. And good luck with your project!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Terri, going public will keep me accountable and finally get this room decorated!

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