ORC week 4: All about the art

Well here it is week four of the One Room Challenge  hosted by Linda of Calling it Home. What had been a ticking clock has now become a booming drum constantly beating in my head. I have less than two weeks to complete my large family room before the photographer arrives on the 9th.

I did make some progress this week as those of you who follow me on Instagram saw. I am super excited about my newly lacquered campaign chest. I purchased it for a song at the Habitat Restore and then had my cabinet maker lacquer it in Sherwin Williams Indigo. It came out spectacular!

Lacquered Campaign chest

Lacquered Campaign chest

I was blown away by how good the refurbished hardware came out. If you saw the hardware “before” in last weeks post you know it was in pretty sad shape.

My cut and bound sea grass rug was also installed this week. I needed something that would wear like iron and handle the wear and tear from our dog.

seagreass rug

As you can see I had it cut out around the fireplace so that it wouldn’t look like a landing strip pad running down the middle of the room. Having a rug that fills the whole room has made such a difference in making the room feel more cohesive as well as cozy. BTW, it’s only curling up on the edge there because I took this photo right after the installer left. It will lay flat within a few days.

Still waiting on my furniture which will arrive hopefully the end of this week into the middle of next week.

So now my thoughts are on to the art for the room. I already own a fabulous oil painting that will be going directly above the campaign chest.

art piece

So the dilemma that had been keeping me up at night was what to do for art on the huge expansive wall above the sofa. It is almost 7′ of wall space! My budget is more than blown so it had to be something very affordable.  I do not like big box store art or what I call “staging art” because I only want to bring things into my home that have meaning or speak to me in some way. I needed to get creative.

My solution? I decided to create a gallery wall that could be ever changing as I find just the right pieces going forward. Since I don’t have the luxury of time, I decided to simply enlarge some of my photography and display some glass trays and blue and white plates that I love.

Here is my initial planning.

Preliminary gallery wall planning

Preliminary gallery wall planning

I purchased about a dozen white frames from Michael’s during a 40% off frame sale and played around with different frame sizes and arrangements on the floor until I found something I liked. I didn’t have much time to decide which images to enlarged as I looked at the lead time for delivery and realized I had about had about ten minutes to make a decision in order for them to arrive on time. I choose some photos from our favorite vacation spot and a few more abstract ones. Just like with the frames I ordered way more images than I need because I want to play around with placement once they arrive.

So all in all, if everything arrives on schedule, I am in fairly good shape. I still have a lot to do but now that I have decided on the art I feel a lot better.

I would love to hear from you. What do you think of my affordable wall art solution?

It has been eye opening following all the other ORC participants as some are doing great, and others have huge challenges to deal with. I feel very fortunate in that I have two friends, Meredith Bohn, and Kelly Rogers also participating in the challenge. When we need a word of encouragement or get stressed we have one another to lean on. This has made such a big difference in my stress level.

Be sure to check out everyone participating here.



11 Responses to ORC week 4: All about the art
  1. Meredith Reply

    As much as we are all nervous about the current state of our rooms and the booming drum of that deadline….it IS all rather energizing, isn’t it? I do feel much better after I have posted- I get really nervous before I do that! I CANNOT wait to see some of these elements in place in the finished room- is going to be gorgeous!! Thanks for the shout out, I love that you and Kelly are there to cheer me along as well!

  2. Kelly R. @ Interiors For Families Reply

    The rug is gorgeous, and that gallery wall is shaping up nicely, too. I love how you incorporated your plates into the design. Although it would have been fun to shop for art together this weekend, I think you’ve arrived at the best solution already. Finish line is in sight and I can’t wait to see it all come together!

  3. Lianna@theresnoplacelikehomemke Reply

    The gallery wall will be a great option! Also the dresser is amazing! I’m jealous!!! Can’t wait to see the reveal!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Lianna! I did get lucky on the dresser purchase as it is the statement piece in the room. Also, thank you for commenting on the gallery wall. I really struggled with that decision.

  4. Stacey Reply

    I love this idea! Everything on the wall will have meaning to you and will have the beautiful colors you are using. I framed a big piece of Cavallini wrapping paper and I’m super happy with it. Doesn’t have meaning but it works fine in a spare bedroom. 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Stacey, I actually considered wrapping paper as well. Finally went with photographs but beautiful wrapping paper is also a great idea.

  5. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Absolutely love that chest and love your idea for art. I’m with you about only having art that truly means something to you. You are such a wonderful photographer that I can’t wait to see your photos!!

  6. Heather @ The Deans List Blog Reply

    Oh that cabinet is gorgeous! Loving the color. I can’t wait to see your final reveal!

  7. Always Rad Reply

    The rug looks great, and the gallery wall is gonna look beautiful! Can’t wait for the reveal 🙂

  8. Pamela Copeman Reply

    Love your color palette, the blue lacquer chest is the Best~ can’t wait for the final reveal xo

  9. michele zajkowski Reply

    LInda –

    Love the chest – you had shown us your plans during the COLOR IQ class – this came out GREAT! It will make such a statement and looks great with all your art. Good Luck in the home stretch and with life. Love following your work…

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