Friday’s Photo: Adding interest to a white kitchen

A few months ago while at the Boston Design Center I passed the Christopher Peacock kitchen showroom. They had just finished redoing the cabinet display in the front window and this is what I noticed.

Christopher Peacock Kitchen showroom

Christopher Peacock Kitchen showroom

No matter what you think about white kitchens, they are classic and never go out of style. To keep a white kitchen from looking boring or sterile (a complaint I hear often) think about incorporating a few design elements like Peacock did.

1. Add a back splash with some personality. I’m not saying go crazy with busy or bossy tiles but a subtle pattern in neutral tones adds interest without overwhelming.

2. Add a statement sink. The dark gray soap stone farmers sink relates to the gray tiles and breaks up the long expanse of white on white cabinets and counter top. The wood detail on the bottom matches the wood lined open shelving.

3. Break up a wall of white cabinetry with open shelving or glass fronts. Peacock used walnut wood to add some warmth against the high gloss white cabinets.

4. Bring in some natural elements. I love plants or herbs in the kitchen and although the topiaries in this kitchen are obviously fake it gives you the general idea.

5. Add color with accessories. Since this is a cabinet showroom they most likely didn’t want anything too colorful to distract from what they sell. In your own kitchen think about adding color with pottery, colorful glassware or even colorful small appliances.

These tips will keep your white kitchen from looking anything but boring.

Have a great weekend everyone. I finish up with my last chemo treatment next week so I am very excited to put that part of treatment behind me.




6 Responses to Friday’s Photo: Adding interest to a white kitchen
  1. Angela Taylor Reply

    Some good tips here Linda:)
    Glad you are on the last leg of your treatment, and pray you will make a full recovery.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thank you so much Angela.

  2. Veronica Domurat Reply

    Happy for you!! 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Veronica!

  3. Ann M. Morris Reply

    CP has some great cabinetry. I designed and sold them in the 90’s in NY. Great Post, as usual.

    I am on the other side now and you are in my prayers every day.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thank you Ann. I’m Getting there!

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