Trends from High PointMarket: Organics

Time for trend number two of the six trends I spotted at Spring High Point Market. If you missed my first trend post on color you can read it here. The next trend is ORGANICS. It seems the manufactures and designers have a soft spot for science class and the natural world because even more so than last year, the huge majority of show rooms had organic references, if not the real thing in their line.

The Ocean. Okay, this one obviously speaks to me having majored in Marine Zoology in college. Never before have I seen the ocean world get so much love in interior design. Shells are still popular, not only displayed as a collection but used to adorn mirrors and furniture as well.

detail of console decoratived with shells

detail of Curry and Co. console with shells

This sea anemone sculpture by artist Tara Lynn was incredible, and just happened to be chosen by Market Style Spotter Lori Glider as one of her favorite items.


Wouldn’t these jellyfish pendants be fun hanging over an island at a beach house?

Jellyfish pendants Curry and Company

Jellyfish pendants Curry and Company

I also loved this hand painted carp console from Modern History.

Carp console from Modern History

Carp console from Modern History

Raw Wood still had a very strong showing at Market and as much as I love this large slab I could see myself hitting my shin on it one too many times (or worse).


Petrified wood was huge this year. I spotted small side tables in so many of the show rooms (note*petrified wood is pricey!)


Branches and stick shapes were imitated even if the material used was concrete like in this set from Curry and Company.

Curry and Company

Curry and Company

Rocks and Gems. I know gems are trending in fashion as well and I have been seeing them on shoes and sandals for this Spring. I don’t know where the shoe designers are going with this but I can’t help but think of that Paul Simon song with the line, “she wears diamonds on the soles of her shoes”.

Kelly Wearstler used beautiful gems and in great quantity for her new collection that debuted at E.J. Victor.

Kelly Wearstler gem studded coffee table

Kelly Wearstler gem studded coffee table

These brass and rock crystal scones were one of my favorites from her collection.

scones by Kelly Wearstler

wall sconces by Kelly Wearstler

Rocks used in lighting is very exciting to me. I love the unlikeliness of using such an unexpected material like Onyx for a hanging pendant.


This agate light spotted at Codarus was a more affordable option.

SAMSUNG CSCFeathers are also trending and I spotted them used in art work, lighting and as a general shape. One of my favorite finds was this wall of gold feathers.

SAMSUNG CSCFlorals. I can’t end without mentioning the biggest trend in organics and that is the return of large scale florals. Flowers were everywhere at market but most notable were the big beautiful floral fabrics that adorned so many of the furniture pieces.

Wesley Hall

Wesley Hall

I love this embroidery detail on the back of this new dining chair from Ambella Home


Large scale floral artwork was also popular at market and a great option if you are looking for less of a commitment but still want to follow the trend.


So my friends, dig out your shells and rock collections, go bring in some branches from the back yard and get in step with this hot trend from Market.

Which one is your favorite?

6 Responses to Trends from High PointMarket: Organics
  1. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    What a great update, thank you so much. I love those gold feathers, so classic but fun too.

  2. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    Great review on the newest trends, Linda! Thanks – I love those sconces, too 🙂

  3. Ron Ramsden Reply

    Wow, thank you for sharing these awesome pictures. I do not know where people get their ideas but Wow.
    The lighting is breath taking

  4. Karen Marshall Reply

    I love organic shapes and decor so this is great for me. I am quite happy to see the return of florals. …but with some moderation. Love the embridered chairback and the sconces. A good update, thanks !

  5. Laurel Anderson Reply

    It’s lovely to see how elegant “Organic” can be.

  6. Linda Sewell Reply

    We eat organic, wear organic, beautify ourselves with organic, why not carry it into our interiors? Makes perfect sense to me…..
    Great post Linda!

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