Friday’s Photo: Spring’s hot new color

If you read my earlier post about the colors of High Point Spring Market you would know that Blush is one of this Spring’s new “it” colors in both fashion and interiors. This bedroom designed by Tobi Fairley for C.R. Laine is a beautiful example and use of the color.

Tobi Fairley bedroom

The one thing about Blush is that if you don’t want it read too “girly” you need to balance this feminine color with a stronger more “masculine color”. Tobi accomplished this by using striking black art work (from her new collection for Sochier Marin Art) and black side tables.

What do you think? Are you a fan of blush?

Enjoy the weekend everyone!

4 Responses to Friday’s Photo: Spring’s hot new color
  1. lori fischer Reply

    I love blush! and everything tobi fairley does too!!

  2. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    I’m totally a fan!!! Go, Blush!

  3. Gloria Reply

    Very refreshing and decidedly feminine IMO, nothing wrong with that!

  4. kelly Reply

    Not sure how I feel about it yet! 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

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