Friday’s Photo: Off to High Point Market I go

Friday morning at 6am I leave for High Point NC to attend “Market”. I am so excited but also somewhat stressed because if I get everything done I need to do before I leave I will have pulled off a small miracle. I am finishing up floor plans for two new clients, following up with several different vendors to make sure deposits have been received and items are on schedule to ship. There is also the matter of packing and I need to get a manicure and pick up clothes from the dry cleaner. Yikes!

Once I arrive in High Point things don’t slow down one bit as I will be going from early morning till late at night for the next five days. It’s difficult to describe exactly what the Market experience is like but imagine 180 buildings, some as large as this one in the photo below and maybe you get an idea of how large Market is. Talk about visual overload! Good thing the bar carts all roll out at 4pm because by then I am in full zombie mode.

CD Building High Point NC

CD Building High Point NC

Besides visiting as many showrooms as time allows there are parties galore, seminars to attend and designer friends from far and wide to catch up with. I will be sharing lots of photos so that you can see all the hot new products, colors and trends as soon as I see them. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as that is where I will be doing most of the sharing. If you don’t already follow me you can do so HERE.

Also, if you would like to read my article from last April’s visit that I wrote for Merrimack Valley Home Magazine just click HERE.



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  1. kelly Reply

    So much fun Linda! I am not going to Spring but already have my room booked in October! Can’t wait to see your pictures.

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