Color trend: Is cool gray on it’s way out?

While attending KBIS with BlogTourVegas I observed a color trend that really caught my attention. Neutral tones (especially in tiles and woods) are warming up and moving away from cool gray and shifting to more of a brown/gray or taupe. In fact, the presenter at our visit to Walker Zanger tiles told our group in no uncertain terms that “warm neutrals are trending for 2015”.

Walker Zanger tiles

Walker Zanger tiles

I won’t go as far as to say gray is out and brown is back as some trend forecasters are claiming but at KBIS, taupe and brown/gray was everywhere.


Not only in tiles and flooring but in cabinetry as well.


The designer (Blue Heron) of the New American Home which is about as “on trend” as it gets also chose kitchen cabinetry in this “not quite gray not quite brown color”.


Here is a close up of this taupey color. It’s almost like a gray wash over brown wood. Side Note*(Seeing the wood grain was also a trend).

So color friends, what do you think? Are you ready to let go of cool gray and embrace a warmer hue or do you think cool gray still has a few more years to reign supreme?

7 Responses to Color trend: Is cool gray on it’s way out?
  1. Max Reply

    I think we’ll still see gray around for a while, but I’m quite happy to see that taupes are still the trend. Not too gray, not too brown. I found over and over again that Gray is certainly not everyone’s cup of tea and this is a good ” inbetween”color, that would satisfy both sides when trying to update a space. I kinda like the “gray wash” look. Thanks for sharing, Linda!

  2. Laura Reply

    Great post, Linda! I live in the southern Indiana where trends filter in about 3 years after they’re first spotted elsewhere. I’m so glad to say that my clients rejected the cool grays fairly quickly and have embraced warmer grays and browns. It’s nice to know that we’re on the leading edge of the trend for once. ; )

  3. Dawn Hearn Reply

    Thanks for sharing your photos and thoughts, Linda. Great post!

  4. Connie Nikiforoff Designs Reply

    I think it depends on where one lives. In our area trends are very late to catch on so what’s trendy on the coasts might take a year or two more to actually be embraced.

    Still, I tell my clients to do what they love and not think of trends unless they’re trying to sell their home within the next year or so. Why have something trendy if you don’t love it? 😉

  5. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    Thank you for sharing what you saw at these conferences, Linda. What I think may be happening is that this palette is the replacement for orangey and yellow wood tones, for those who prefer a warm color palette than the cooler grays afford. I don’t think it necessarily means that we are trending back to browns. It will be interesting to watch and see, regardless!

  6. kelly Reply

    I agree Linda with the warmer grays being more popular. The coolness of the grays is not very comfortable for a lot of people. Great post!

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