Not your average travel photos

Have you ever thought about what inspires you to take a photo?  What stirs your soul and causes you to stop in your tracks and reach for your camera? For some it’s nature, for others it’s travel, art or fashion. It might be a beautiful sunset or the way your cat sleeps on his back in the sun. For me, travel is always inspiring as it presents the opportunity to see everything with a fresh set of eyes.

When I do travel however, it’s usually not the “postcard scenery” that gets me most excited. It’s little details and the everyday elements that strike a cord with me.  It’s the textures, patterns, and colors of a new environment. It’s often simply the unexpected. Here are a few “not your average travel photos” that stirred my soul while on BlogTourVegas.

This metal studded wall at the Aria Hotel was very visually appealing to me.

textured wall at Aria Hotel

As was the carpet at the same hotel.

rug at Aria

I liked the composition of this chandelier and the pattern against the vaulted ceiling.


Speaking of patterns, I see patterns everywhere. It’s almost a sickness. While my travel mates were admiring some designer bags in a nearby window display, I was captivated by the ceiling rings and pattern made by the three chandeliers hanging above.

three ceiling lights

Reflections in the Koi pond at the Ballagio Hotel was an ever changing kaleidoscope of patterns and colors. Each second was another opportunity for a once in a life time photo. Never again would the colors, lines and reflections be exactly the same as it was in the exact moment I took this photo.


Like pattern, isolated pops of color also excites me. I couldn’t resist stopping (even though I was running really late) to grab a photo of the five green chairs against the chartreuse glowing bar. The pattern made by the draping filament lights and the lone patron was the icing on the cake.


Similar situation below where the pop of red against the black and gold was just so eye catching.


Where better than Vegas to find unexpected compositions and juxtapositions like this window display below.

I loved the lines and graphic quality of this hotel lobby but I can imagine it would be very disorienting when returning from a late night of partying.

SAMSUNG CSCThis gold 3 D wall created from fabric wrapped female forms was impossible to resist even though the lighting was dark and I only had my cell phone.

Gold textured wall at Encore Nightclub

I know most people would not find these very appealing as travel shots. For me though, it is how I see the world and what gets me inspired in my life and my business.

I would love to hear from you. What inspires you to grab your camera?




7 Responses to Not your average travel photos
  1. Ron Ramsden Reply

    Linda, These pictures are beautiful. Where most including myself walk by these opportunities everyday, you seem to capture what others don’t but wish we did. I’ll keep my cell phone camera handy and snap a few and hope the lens isn’t cracked from another drop.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks for taking the time to comment Ron. It’s really just getting in the habit of taking a second to stop and shoot. Honestly, these were all taken “on the fly” while walking by. Also, with the incredible quality of cell phone cameras today it is so easy to just “grab a shot”.

  2. Meredith Reply

    gorgeous photos Linda!! I need to remember to record some of the interesting things I see along these lines- I often see interesting details like this, but I neglect to record them! I do have a thing for doors though… Will often take picture after picture of incredible doors….I should show you some of them sometime.
    I adore the nailhead photo!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I would love to see your doors Meredith. It would be fun to frame a whole collection of them.

  3. BettyD Reply

    You have a fabulous eye for color and graphics Linda! These images are so beautiful and intriguing!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Betty. Huge compliment coming from another photographer.

  4. Kim Macumber Reply

    Linda, I love the way you do travel photos! My favorite kind! Just beautiful!

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