BlogTourVegas and my personal connection to Poggenpohl

I am counting down the days with excitement because on Sunday I leave for my second fun filled BlogTour with Veronika Miller (and team) from Modenus. I honestly didn’t think anything could top my New York BlogTour experience but the line up for Vegas looks pretty amazing. The focus of BlogTourVegas will be KBIS (National Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) so I will be getting a first hand look at all the exciting new kitchen and bath products.

One of our BlogTour sponsors is Poggenpohl, the oldest kitchen brand in the world. When I heard they were to be a sponsor, my first thought was that my life has come full circle.

Poggenpohl Kitchen Studio Dallas - Interior Shot 1

Poggenpohl kitchen

Let me explain. I actually worked for Poggenpohl (sort of) way back in the early 80’s when I was in photography school.  Since my parents had just paid for four years tuition at the University of Vermont, photography school tuition was all on me.  In order to stay in school, I worked a number of part time and temporary jobs and one of those jobs was a week long gig working at the New England Home Show in Boston.

I was assigned to work for a German kitchen cabinetry company making their US debut called Poggenpohl. I had a half day training session to learn the products and once the show opened, I worked the booth as an official Poggenpohl representative.

Founded in 1892, Poggenpohl is the world’s leading luxury kitchen brand. In my opinion, the Rolls Royce of cabinetry. Poggenpohl was revolutionary in the design world in the 80’s and is still on the leading edge today. In the kitchen of my childhood, the drawers had to be shut with the aid of my hip because they were wood on wood. Many kitchens were still like that in the 80’s so imagine the delight on the attendee’s faces when they discovered the drawers opened and closed as if they were gliding on air. Most had never seen cabinetry engineered like that and I still remember the show goers amazement as they repeatedly kept opening and closing the drawers.

Poggenpohl Brandbook - Germany Berlin - Customer K


That one week working in the Poggenpohl booth was my first exposure to high end luxury design. It opened my eyes to a whole world of design options and ultimately sparked my interest and my love of interior design. Looking back, I can say it was life changing.

During the quiet hours of the show I would fantasize about which line, what color and what features I would put in my Poggenpohl kitchen that I would one day surely have. I was so enamored with their cabinetry that at the close of the show the manager offered to train me to work for the company “for real”.  I actually did give it some thought but realized how complicated it would be to unravel my current situation of being newly enrolled in photography school.

When I was working the show, I was dating my now husband and he became a Poggenpohl convert as well. Ever since, whenever I comment on an unusually beautiful kitchen his standard line has become “is it a Poggenpohl?”

It’s now been almost thirty five years and no, I still don’t have a poggenpohl kitchen, but I have never lost the dream. Hearing that Poggenpohl would be a blogtour sponsor made me wonder how different my life would be had I quit school and gone to work for them. Chances are I would be working the booth rather than visiting the booth and I would also most likely have my Poggenpohl kitchen!

Isn’t it just amazing the way life sometimes comes full circle?

Besides Poggenpohl, here are the other sponsors that I am excited to either reconnect with or learn more about. I can’t wait to report back and share all the highlights!



6 Responses to BlogTourVegas and my personal connection to Poggenpohl
  1. Max Reply

    How exciting, Linda! Can’t wait to hear about all the exciting new stuff out there! Hope there is still someone at the Pggenpohl booth that recognizes you. Wouldn’t that be great!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Max. After all this time my manager from the show is probably pushing 90.

  2. Arleen Jaracz Reply

    Have a great time in Vegas. I am sure you will fit in some fun. The beautiful kitchen I gave up when downsizing was a WoodMode kitchen!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Arleen. The kitchen you have now is quite beautiful as well!

  3. kelly Reply

    Have a wonderful trip Linda! Be sure to share all the great people and products you meet!

  4. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Linda, Just found out you’ll be in Vegas so hope we can connect during the week. Just arrived at new home in Phoenix, so driving up on Monday … have a good flight & last year, we were able to walk around in the evenings so hoping we have nice weather again.

    PS Thanks for sharing sponsors & looking forward to catching up on things

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