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One thing I have always wanted to do is visit NYC around the holidays. I want to see all the lights and window displays and get into the holiday spirit. I talked my husband into going down for a weekend and I’m thinking of booking a couple nights at the Hotel I stayed at while on BlogTourNYC, the CitizenM NYC. This might be the perfect choice because of the great location (right in Times Square) and mid range price. There are a few trade offs though…like room size and amenities (no room service here folks).

Here is my photographic overview…you can let me know what you think.

CitizenM NYC

CitizenM NYC

I knew instantly I was going to like this hotel when we pulled up and I saw a red horse’s head and a bunch of interesting collectibles styled in the outside bookcase.

CitizenM Hotel NYC

The lobby is hip, fun, and full of art work. There are so many cool things to look at (besides the guests) and the staff who help with check in are some of the nicest I have ever encountered.

CitizenM NYC Lobby

CitizenM NYC Lobby


Green plant like material sandwiched between glass is the Hotel’s interpretation of a living wall.


Everywhere you look there are fun collections and pieces of art to discover.


What’s not to love about a hula girl on top of vintage books in a glass case?

Even the outside courtyard is full of design.

CitizenM NYC outside Patio

CitizenM NYC outside Patio

Okay, now that I have won you over with the lobby, let me show you one of the rooms.

CitizenM NYCOkay, so the rooms are small..very small. In fact, I would call them pod-like. They DO however have all the essentials one really needs; a bed, a toilet/shower combo and a TV.  Here is the room I stayed in last April. (I actually have my back pressed against the door while taking this picture).

That mini tablet on the round table is the master controller of the room and with it you can do everything from change the room temperature to choose the art work you want displayed or the the music you want to listen to.

Note, that’s not a photograph behind the’s the view out the window!

Lastly, I doubt in December we will have the opportunity to have drinks on the roof but that was certainly a high point of our May BlogTourNYC trip.

CitizenM roof top bar

CitizenM roof top bar

Since my husband doesn’t read my blog he will have no idea what he’s in for.  So what do you think? Can I get away with the tiny bedroom for a couple of nights?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.


6 Responses to CitizenM Hotel NYC
  1. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    A green horse head??? A hula girl on a tied stack of coverless books??? What’s not to like!!! Have a blast!

  2. Mira Furth Reply

    Absolutely! You don’t go to NYC to spend time in a hotel room! Enjoy,

  3. Max Reply

    I would love to see this hotel! It sounds like fun and I would be so intrigued by all it’s funky originality! Thanks for sharing this with us, Linda!

  4. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Oh what fun! That sounds like a hoot! Jim’s an easy going guy, so I’m sure being snuggled up to you will make him even happier!

  5. Gail Reply

    Well…you could bring a Victorian Santa pillow, wear a crushed velvet cape, place a miniature tree next to the tablet and welcome Jim to your fainting room. LOL That ought to bring back the magic of an old-fashioned Christmas. The hotel is so hip! Enjoy yourselves! 🙂

  6. Livia Reply

    Beautiful hotel Linda, would definitely like it. It reminds me of our hotel room in Tokyo some years ago… We learned to enjoy a tiny room and we smile when we remember the experience.

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