Decorating: A Small Change with a BIG impact

If you are anything like me, you have a “wish list” or a “to do” list of things that you need (or want) to do in your home. The big things like a new kitchen or new furniture will have a huge impact but are also a huge expense. Sometimes though even a small change can have a big impact. Changing out throw pillows, bringing in fresh flowers or something as simple as washing the windows can add happiness to your home and life.

This past weekend I made a small change that has made me so happy that I want to share it with you. I have (had) dated and ugly wall switch plates throughout the entire house.  When we moved in my husband switched most of them out but we had one room he never got to. I know this sounds silly but everyday I walked into that room and made a mental note of those ugly plate covers. Changing them out has been on our “to do” list for years..crazy right??

So image how interested I was when I received an email from  Legrand asking me if I would like to sample a few of their Adorne wall switches and plate covers. Umm…YES please!

It was so hard to decide which ones I wanted to sample because the options as far as colors and style are so numerous. What I really needed though was the most basic of things…plain white wall plate switches and covers. I chose white because although the walls are currently green they are being painted a soft white within the next couple of months. Had I wanted green though, Adorne has it, as well as 34 other colors and metals. Like I said, it was really difficult to choose.


My husband actually did the work but it took him only minutes. He joked that it took him longer to shut of the main breaker and get the packages open than it did to change out the switches. (He used his hiking head lamp for light since we had no power). The results?  I think the photo below says it all!

what a difference!

dated and ugly to new and beautiful!

My original ugly outlet on the left and my brand new Adorne outlet on the right.  I love the clean sleek contemporary design of the Adorne and also the fact that the two plug outlets are off register. It is such a simple change but makes it so much easier with two different cords.

An even bigger change was my dated (and yes ugly) light switch for my office. I chose to try out the Adorne Wave switch to replace it. Talk about convenience, I simply wave my hand in front of the black dot and voila! the light turns on and off.

old switch vs. new Wave

old switch vs. new Wave

I feel like my home’s electrical system has entered the modern age. I really am so happy with my new switches and wall plates. Who knew that something as simple as banishing those ugly yellowed plastic wall plates would make such a difference but it has. Thank you Legrand and on to the rest of the house.





5 Responses to Decorating: A Small Change with a BIG impact
  1. Hannah Reply


  2. Meg Rokos Reply

    Brilliant–offsetting the two outlets–such a simple concept. Not to undermine your husbands’ great work, but it is quite a simple project, and you’ve motivated me to do same! (note: NOT my husband)

    Knowing that National Grid plans to “ding” us for a 37% increase,the convenience factor of the “Wave” switch is huge in a busy home.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      You are correct Meg about how easy the install was. My husband said at least 3 times,”you know…this is so easy you could have done this”.

  3. Kim Macumber Reply

    Love these Linda! I think I will need to start upgrading … I have the same old ones as you! xokim

  4. imdb Reply

    Great idea! I just had to Solatubes installed in both of my bathrooms yesterday. I keep trying to turn the light off (and no light is on). Another great energy saving idea.

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