The top three trends in Window treatments

If I had to pick my absolute favorite element when designing a room, I would have to say it would be a tie between choosing a color palette and designing custom window treatments.  Since I am currently working on designing window treatments for multiple spaces in a very large home, I have paid special attention to what the top designers have done at this seasons show houses.

This is what I have seen as the latest trends in window treatments.

1.Hang em’ High This is not really a “trend” but for those that still don’t know this….drapes are hung high these days and off the window. I want to emphasis this because I went to a home just last week and the client had her window treatments mounted directly to her window molding (which was at least 18 inches below her ceiling). This is a no no, hang them high!

Bosotn magazine Design Home

Boston magazine Design Home

In the living room at the Hampton Show House, the drapes were hung from the ceiling molding since the windows went all the way up. Take note too of the gold rod and hardware… the trending color in metals.

Patrik Lonn Design Hampton Showhouse

Patrik Lonn Design Hampton Showhouse

2. Sheers. Yes, even though sheers have a bad rap for years, I saw them over and over at the show houses.  Today’s sheers are not your grandmother’s nylon ones but are made from a variety of materials such as silk, wool, cotton, and linen. Not only can they be beautiful but sheers are very functional. Sheers allow in the light while at the same time protect furniture, floors, carpet and other decorative drapery panels from the harming effects of the sun.


West Chin design Holiday House hamptons

The sheers Jen Going used in her Holiday House Hampton bedroom were embellished with decorative raffia circles.

Jen Going Interiors Holiday House Hamptons

Jen Going Interiors Holiday House Hamptons

3. Embellishments and trim. Tapes, trims and fringe are really trending right now. Not only are they a fun way to add more detail but you can also use them to jazz up inexpensive panels or shades without breaking the bank.

Michelle Smith Holiday House Hamptons

Michelle Smith Holiday House Hamptons

Katie Leede Design

Katie Leede Design

I love this green trim Gil Walsh used on the leading edge of her bright floral patterned panels in her Hampton show room.

Gil Walsh Interiors Hampton Show House

Gil Walsh Interiors Hampton Show House

A few other observations I made are that natural fiber shades are still going strong, drapery rod finials were not elaborate (many rods were simply capped) and a surprising number of the show rooms used my favorite rod which is the soft bend rod (also called the French bend rod). No finials needed and it gives a nice clean look.

Brady Design Holiday House Hamptons

Brady Design Holiday House Hamptons

I would love to hear if you have a favorite window treatment. Also, do you have an opinion on “to pool or not to pool?” I would say it was about 50-50 at this season’s show houses.

4 Responses to The top three trends in Window treatments
  1. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    I love french rods, and I love hanging them high! Still not a fan of sheers – but I get the functionality of them. I just haven’t seen any yet that don’t look a bit (dare I say) “grandma.”

  2. Connie Reply

    I’ve been a lover of sheers for over 40 years! With a little blind or even a roller shade inconspicuously mounted for extra privacy when needed, they’re my “all” 🙂

  3. Anne DeCocco, DeCocco Drapes Reply

    Love the post Linda. We’re seeing more requests for longer lengths to give that luxurious puddling effect. As you know, some fabrics puddle better than others! But the majority of our customers want the very clean line created when drapery panels barely touch the floor. We like both!

  4. Kathleen Reply

    No puddling, please; it seems it’s the first thing a big dog steps on!

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