Friday’s Photo: Headboard alternative

There are so many creative and out of the box ways to create a headboard. This custom painted wood screen is a great way to add color and visual interest to an otherwise neutral and very small bedroom.

Boston magazine Design Home 2014

Boston Magazine Design Home 2014/Linda Holt Photo

Happy Friday and have a great weekend everyone!

2 Responses to Friday’s Photo: Headboard alternative
  1. Stephanie Vanderbilt Reply

    This is our FAVORITE room in the house! The headboard is stunning and the throw adds great texture to the neutral scheme! We also of course love our energy efficient windows in every room in the home! 🙂

    • Linda Holt Reply

      This was my favorite room as well. I loved everything about it from the art work to the cool bedside bar table. I wanted to move right in! Great job on the whole house!!

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