Art inspiration: why didn’t I think of that?

Every now and again I see something in a magazine or on Pinterest and think, “that is so clever, why didn’t I think of that“?

Recently I saw some fabulous art work that was made up of something I have right in my garage, antique print trays. These are so common and can be found at almost any flea market or antique store for around ten bucks a piece.

Antique print trays

Antique print trays

I bought six of these trays (many years ago) and at the time I had some fabulous creative ideas about what I would do with them. Well whatever my brilliant ideas were at the time have long since been forgotten because five of them sit in a corner in the garage covered in dust and spider webs. I did make use of one of them to display some shells. Okay, not all that creative, but it served a purpose at the time and looked good in our “coastal inspired”  bathroom.

shell tray

Fast forward to a couple of weeks ago and look what I saw while touring the Hampton Holiday House Watch Case Factory. Dozens of print trays fastened together, sprayed matte black and then embellished with some wood cut outs.  What a great and affordable way to add texture and visual interest to that huge wall as well as reference the history of the factory. I love it!!! Genius…why didn’t I think of that?

printing traysWM

Huniford Design Studio

Just wondering if my husband will freak out if I bring home another dozen or so of these trays. On the other hand, we ARE trying to downsize so maybe I better pass. Anyone need five dusty print trays?

4 Responses to Art inspiration: why didn’t I think of that?
  1. lori fischer Reply

    that is so cool! I have never liked those trays displayed because people fill every little nook with something and it feels like more clutter than art. but this is amazing!

  2. Connie Reply

    I love the wall idea! Even if you didn’t do the wood cut-outs it would be so fabulous! Very architectural in the black and very sleek!

  3. Jill Dippman Reply

    Linda, that last picture reminds of a sculptor…I think her name was Louise Nevelson…not sure of the spelling and I think that there may be a piece of her work somewhere on display at MIT.

  4. Deborah Main Reply

    OMG Linda this is too funny that I take a peek at your blog today. Years ago, my stepmother had a skilled craftsman make a glass hinged door for her to put her shells in one of those trays. It turned out beautifully!! And then, either one Christmas or maybe when we graduated from college, for all of us girls (I have 3 stepsisters), she gave us each one. But mine is sitting in storage and I’ve never gotten around to getting the glass door made. But I have plenty of Maine shells, so I think that will be next summer’s project. Thanks for inspiration!! 🙂

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