Las Vegas here I come

After the huge amount of fun and inspiration I had visiting Market in High Point this past Spring I have decided to do it all over again in Las Vegas! This coming week I will be traveling with my good friend and fellow designer Kim Macumber to the Las Vegas Market. While there, we will also be spending two full days with Lori Dennis and Kelli Ellis at their now famous Design Camp.

The last time I was in Las Vegas was exactly ten years ago on a girl’s weekend getaway and I always wanted to go back.  Even though I hear it is over 115 degrees in Vegas I am packed and ready and could not be more excited.

I invite you to follow along virtually and see what I see and hear what I hear by following me on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I will be posting images daily of colors, trends and fun. Plus I am sure there will be plenty of great quotes from one of the many A-list designers who are lined up to speak at Design Camp.

Barry Dixon

Barry Dixon at Design Camp Atlanta

Like this quote from designer Barry Dixon at Design Camp Atlanta. “No matter what the client’s budget, spend only at the very top and the very bottom. Never spend in the middle or you will have mediocre design.”

I loved that quote and it honestly changed the way I worked with clients.

So off I go!



3 Responses to Las Vegas here I come
  1. kelly Reply

    I’m so jealous! You are certainly the traveler lucky girl! Can’t wait to you come back and share your great tips! Have a fun and safe trip!

  2. Alison Hodd Reply

    “No matter what the client’s budget, spend only at the very top and the very bottom. Never spend in the middle or you will have mediocre design.” So one should source a 10K sofa or one from IKEA? I feel that when it comes to upholstered furniture they middle ground can be great. Or am I misunderstanding the quote. Have fun in Vegas.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      He didn’t mean it in exactly that way. More like, no matter what the budget,ten thousand or hundred thousand dollars it makes the room more interesting if you do a mix of high end splurge items (like a custom sofa) but then save money by mixing in low end items…for example lamps from Target. Even if the client’s budget is only $10,000 the splurge might be a $2,000 a Pottery Barn sofa but then add in some $20. Flea market lamps. Does that make more sense? His point was really that it’s all about the mix.

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