Simple trick for determining the undertone of white

I think for many people the most difficult color to choose is white. So often you think you are picking a “clean white”  and you get it up on the wall and it looks green or pink or blue. Well here is my super easy trick for determining the undertone of white.

Take a look at these three different whites.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

When you bring home sample chips from the paint store and you look at them on your wall, can you tell what the undertone is?  Can you tell which one is “whiter? Probably not. However, ask the store if you can take a look at the fan deck and simply look down the strip and you will easily see the undertone.

Linda Holt Photo

Now I’m not saying that these whites will go on the wall and look blue or green or orangey/gold (but they could) but notice that the first two are cool whites and the one on the right is a warm white. The bottom line is that most whites have undertones so it’s better to find out before you get it up on your walls and it turns blue or green or yellow.

If you are still uncertain and struggling to find the “perfect white” give me a call!

How about you? How do you choose the perfect white?


5 Responses to Simple trick for determining the undertone of white
  1. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Brilliant article, I’m sure this will help many people find the perfect white. I do believe whites and grays are the most difficult to pick as they are all undertones!

  2. Livia Reply

    Very useful trick.

  3. Jane Reply

    I was always learn so much from you! How do I choose the perfect white? I call Linda

  4. kelly Reply

    Great tip! Makes so much sense for those that have a hard time with those tricky undertones. Easy and smart!

  5. Myriam Jacopille Reply

    Thanks for this great article Linda! I recently got burned (well, sort of – it wasn’t that bad really) by viewing a Ben Moore white on the OC deck and not cross referencing it on the CP deck. Now that I know this I won’t ever make THAT mistake again. 🙂

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