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Here in the North East we have had quite the Winter. It seems like there has been storm after storm, and right about now everyone is fed up and counting the days until Spring.

While driving home Tuesday morning, just as it started snowing and we received another 10 inches of snow, I passed this barn. It made me smile and reminded me why I love living in New England. Even in the dead of  Winter, the beauty is just incredible.


Linda Holt Photo


Have a great weekend everyone!

What about you? Are you too fed up with all the snow and ice or have you been laughing at us from your 70 degree days while walking on the beach?

3 Responses to Friday’s Photo
  1. kelly Reply

    So beautiful! I love taking pictures like this also- a great story picture. Amazing how much snow we are getting this year! Beautiful but enough is enough! Have a great weekend Linda!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kelly and you too!

  2. Veronica T. Domurat Reply

    The flag is awesome!!

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