Happy Thanksgiving and my unconventional color palette

This year we are having an evening Thanksgiving dinner so I thought I would use a more dramatic color palette than in years past.  Although it might be considered unconventional, I chose black, white and pear green.

Thanksgiving Table

Pear green is my fixed color in my drapes and chairs so I used a black table tablecloth with white china. I found these great glass balls from West Elm that I hung from my black and white glass pendant lights (you can only see one light in the photo but there are three lights and they are all a bit different).

Thanksgiving table

 I decided on a really simple pot of Kale with green berries and a few potted succulents since the centerpiece always get moved off the table once the food dishes go on. We never seem to have enough room!

Thanksgiving center piece

 The Rosemary that I stuck into the napkin holders is fresh from our garden.

Thanksgiving place setting

What do you think? Too unconventional or just fine?

Thanksgiving Table

Happy Thanksgiving and I wish you all a day filled with family, love, peace and food!

10 Responses to Happy Thanksgiving and my unconventional color palette
  1. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    What a beautiful table Linda, and I adore those pear green draperies! Stunning!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks my friend and although I know you Canadians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow I want you to know how grateful I am for your friendship.

  2. Claire Jefford Reply

    Linda, I think your table setting is better than just fine! I think your colour palette is refreshing and I especially love those pendants above your dining table!! Thank you for sharing what you have done and Happy Thanksgiving!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Claire for taking the time to comment. Happy Thanksgiving to you as well!

  3. Karen Reply

    Linda this is so you and I love it. Have a Wonderful Thanksgiving with the “Boys”.

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much Karen. This year it is “the Boys” plus new girlfriend. Enjoy with your family as well.

  4. Meredith Reply

    Happy Thanksgiving! All quiet here and sister does the official feast…with VERY conventional color palette- this is lovely! Enjoy!!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Happy Thanksgiving Meredith! Enjoy the day with your family.

  5. Kelly R. @ Interiors For Families Reply

    Your Thanksgiving table is just lovely, Linda. Have a great day with your family!

  6. kelly Reply

    It looks beautiful Linda! Just like you. xo

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