Trend Alert: Black and White Interiors

If you read my blog then you know that I am a huge color lover. I spend a lot of time thinking about and looking at color. Therefore, it comes as a surprise (even to myself) that I am mysteriously drawn to the new trend in both fashion and  interiors which is a black and white palette.

Maybe this trend is just a needed palette cleanser after all the highly saturated color we have been bombarded with over the past few years or maybe it is just a 180 for designers to try something new.

Black and white kitchens of course are timeless and have been popular for ages.

House Beautiful

House Beautiful

I love the black floor and range hood in the image above and the black subway tiles in the image below are a welcome change from the typical white subway tile that is usually used.

via Pinterest

via Pinterest

The black and white living room below looks so fresh and calming and the eye is drawn to the beautiful hanging lights, tribal patterned pillows and the few carefully placed accessories.

black and white


Black and White can be a good choice if there is a spectacular view right outside. Essentially the view becomes the color in the room like in this dining room.

black and white dining room

A small bathroom would be a great place to use a black and white palette; especially with a fun graphic wallpaper to add some visual interest.

black and white bathroom

One of the best things about a black and white color scheme is that you can mix in any color of your choice and then easily change it up whenever you like.

black and white and yellow

I am in the initial stages of gathering inspiration to redo my home office. I am seriously considering using just black and white.  That way, all my colorful fabric and paint samples will really pop. This home office is one I especially like.

black and white office

So what do you think of the new Black and White color trend? Do you think I should use it for my home office?

If you would like decorating or color help please give me a call.

5 Responses to Trend Alert: Black and White Interiors
  1. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    I do like the idea of changing pops of color whenever you’d like a change. And I like the wallpaper in the dining room you featured. Might be a great color scheme for your new office!

  2. Nirma Reply

    I LOVE IT!!!! It was my favorite color combo when I was younger and I am so drawn to it again. I like how it goes with everything; silver, gold, brass, pewter, on and on. It is my new again favorite!

  3. Luci@BungalowAtHome Reply

    I do like it Linda! The bathroom photo is gorgeous!
    Like you said it is a classic palette and you’re unlikely to get bored by it.. So yes, I think you should use it in your office!

  4. Kelly Reply

    Love your pictures Linda! That black back splash is stunning. I really like that office picture- I think you should go for it!

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