Friday’s Photo(s)

Don’t you just love Fall?

 This is what it looks like early morning where I live.

Linda Holt Photo

Linda Holt Photo

Then the fog clears, the sun breaks through and it looks like this!


Linda Holt Photo

Have a wonderful Fall weekend everyone and enjoy the last bit of color (if you still some that is).

7 Responses to Friday’s Photo(s)
  1. Kelly Reply

    So beautiful Linda. Is that a farm on a lake in the first picture?

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks Kelly, it is farm right around the corner from our house with a small duck pond on the property.

  2. Veronica T. Domurat Reply

    I am sure my husband and in-laws miss fall in MA. It’s a beautiful colorful show.

  3. Claire Jefford Reply

    Wow Linda, this is beautiful! I love fall, looks gorgeous where you are! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    Wow – really beautiful!!!

  5. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Knowing it is fall, I couldn’t wait to see your Fridays photo! How beautiful!

  6. Tina Gleisner Reply

    Can’t wait to get home & enjoy the colors as there weren’t many in Italy … still too warm

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