Trend alert: new “damaged” rugs

I first noticed what appeared to be brand new “damaged” rugs at the ICFF last Spring  in New York. Several high end rug dealers were displaying hand woven, pricey rugs that had the look of damage, fading, wear, and even stains woven right into the rug. At first I was really taken aback but now that I have seen more of these rugs they are slowly growing on me.

Actually, they remind me of those acid washed and pre-torn jeans that we all clamored to own back in the day. I still recall (my now deceased)  Dad once commenting, “who in their right mind would buy damaged clothes”? He was a conservative Yankee through and through so he would definitely not appreciate or understand this new rug trend.

The majority of the new “damaged” carpets I have seen have very exaggerated wear and fading like this carpet below that I saw on display at the ICFF.


The Rug Co booth display at the 2013 ICFF show

Here is a close up of another one that was also on display at The ICFF.

rug blog image

This one below has the appearance of a maybe a bad chemical stain.


Personally, I have never been a huge fan of traditional oriental rugs because of how bossy the patterns and colors are. I will admit though I am drawn to these funky “damaged” rugs and I can imagine using one in an edgy contemporary space as the focal point of the room. I think they would also look great in a Rough-Luxe designed room.

Earlier this week, while walking past a Stark Carpet window display at the Boston Design Center I was stopped dead in my tracks.

Stark Carpet window display

Stark Carpet window display

This colorful flat weave Stark Carpet looks like it came right off the floor of a painter’s studio. A mixture of old newspapers and drop cloths covered with paint spatters and spills. This one stole my heart and if I had the budget and the space this baby would have come home with me.

I know this trend isn’t for everyone but I would love to hear your thoughts. What do you think of the “damaged” rug trend? Would you put one in your own home? Would you like to use one for a client? Do you love them or not? Please comment below and let me know…yay or nay?

4 Responses to Trend alert: new “damaged” rugs
  1. Kay Reply

    LOVE the paint one!!!!!

  2. Kelly Rogers Reply

    This trend seems like the next evolution of overdyed/patchwork rug – like these earlier trends, it sure is a clever way to give a new life to rugs that companies could not otherwise sell. I actually am a big fan of orientals, and though I’m far from a purist, I’m not sure these fit into my aesthetic. I also fear that the trend could be quite short-lived, and I see a rug as a place to make an investment in something that you could live with for years to come, even moving it around to different rooms over time. Perhaps, like you, I just need some time to let the idea sink in and they will grow on me, as well! 🙂

  3. Kelly Reply

    I do not care for the first few examples, but I somehow really love the Stark rug. Maybe because of more modern colors, pattern, fun??? Thanks for sharing. They can keep the one with the chemical stain. Just ugly.

  4. Kristie Barnett, TheDecorologist Reply

    I definitely like the idea of them – it would depend on the particular rug. I recently helped a client find a rug for their living room – it looked very old and faded, although it was new and fairly inexpensive. Although not as “damaged” looking as these, I LOVED it!

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