I’m a Believer: Crypton fabric

New research and development in nanotechnology has completely revolutionized the fabric industry. No more scratchy, limited color choices, chemically treated fabric or boring microfiber that looks great in the show room but just doesn’t hold up to daily wear.

This past May while at Blogfest we were all given a sample of one of the newest high performance fabrics called CRYPTON.  According to the Crypton website, “Fueled by cutting-edge technology, Crypton is the only patented and tested process capable of delivering permanent protection against stains, moisture, bacteria and odors.”

Yesterday I decided to give it a “test stain” and see if the hype was true.  Here is my test sample before. A beautiful shade of green with a soft velvety texture.

Crypton sample Before

Here is what the company has to say about the fabric.

 I tested 4 staining items I had handy in my frig. Yellow mustard, steak sauce, strawberries and blueberries and olive oil.

The first thing I noticed is that my items  just sat there. Nothing seemed to seep in and when I tipped the sample everything (except the mustard) started to roll off, just as if I had put them on glass. I then rubbed everything in.

I had planned to let everything sit for about 10-15 minutes but I  got involved in something else and by the time I went back to my sample it was over 30 minutes. I simply rinsed the fabric under the faucet, spread a little dish soap on it and scrubbed. I must admit I was a little skeptical but absolutely everything came right off. The strawberry stain took the longest to get out but after a few minutes even that stain came clean.

 After my sample dried it looked exactly like it did originally. In fact, I couldn’t even tell where the food had been.

Crypton sample After

After my test, all I can say is I’m a believer! Crypton fabric is the real deal and if you have kids or pets or want to use it outside I think Crypton is the perfect choice.

Have you heard of Crypton?

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11 Responses to I’m a Believer: Crypton fabric
  1. Hannah Dee Reply

    I had not heard of this and I’m going to their site NOW!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I’m completely sold on it Hannah. Will definitely be recommending it.

      • Hannah Dee Reply

        I’m going to Calico Corners tomorrow to see if there is something I can choose for a client’s media room sofa. I think they’ll love this, they wanted something pet hair and dirt proof, and also strong to hold up against kitty and doggie nails.

  2. Jil Sonia Interiors Reply

    Wow, never heard of this Linda, thanks so much for the valuable info. I just received an email from a client looking for a pet and kid friendly home. Looks like Crypton is a definite option!

  3. BettyD Reply

    Hi Linda,
    Nanotechnology is amazing! I just purchased a new SUV and had the entire vehicle, inside and out, coated with a nano finish. I spilled water on my rug in the hatchback and it ran off. After I go through a carwash, I just wipe the rims dry and there is no brake dust residue on the rims. It’s awesome. The dealer told me I won’t have to wax my car for over 3 YEARS! I’d love to have that in my home. Who wouldn’t?

  4. Annie vincent Reply

    Wow wow wow! Thanks for sharing this. I will be looking into it for mysellf and my clients!

  5. Kelly Reply

    Never heard of this but it sounds amazing! Cracked up at your food test. I am glad you shared- I am going to check out the website now!

  6. Vered Rosen Reply

    This is incredible. I wonder which showrooms in the Boston design center carry Crypton. I did some research, and it’s not very clear.
    I loved the way you showed how cleanable it is. Very convincing!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Hi Vered. I just heard from the company. The fabric is sold at Calico Corners and all styles are under $30.00 a yard.

  7. Kelly Rogers Reply

    Kravet carries Crypton textiles. They may be a little harder to find if classified as contract fabrics. Thank goodness for performance fabrics!!

    • Linda Holt Reply

      Thanks so much for that added info Kelly. I have an account with Kravet so that is much easier.

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