(almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Decorating

Have you ever wondered how big a chandelier to buy for your dining room?  What about the best online sources for inexpensive fabric?  Do you ever want to know the names of different types of chairs?

Before I had any decorating training I wanted to know the answers to all those questions. I was always searching online and wished their was a single source where I could have all my questions answered…well there is!

Over the past year I have been curating a Pinterest board that I call Design FYI I have collected and pinned all sorts of helpful decorating tips, visuals and answers to many common decorating questions.

To figure out how big a chandelier you will need for your dining room just read this pin

Names of different styles of chairs? This guide was handy for me.

Looking for a good online source for inexpensive fabric? Check out this pin.

Looking for throw pillows under $50.00? Here is a pin that lists some online sources to check out.

Not yet a member of Pinterest?  It is simple to join and it is one of my favorite sources for design inspiration and learning. Check it out and don’t forget to “follow me” and my Design FYI board so you too will have all the answers to those common decorating questions.

If you would like some decorating help this Summer creating a soulful home that reflects you and your family, give me a call.


4 Responses to (almost) Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Decorating
  1. Merit Tukiainen Reply

    Super helpful and love the design look to your pins!

  2. Kelly Reply

    Perfect Linda! Now I do not have to try and hunt down information, I can just go to the source. Love your pins- great idea to have a Design FYI!

  3. Susan Kanoff Reply

    The timing on this fabulous post is perfect! I was JUST thinking that I should ask you how to choose a chandelier….we need a new one to go with our new dining room set. I love all this great information. Thanks so much for sharing it!!!

  4. Rhonda Reply

    A ton of great information on your Pinterest board! I’m definitely following! Thank you!

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