A Few High Point COLOR Trends From Friends

A huge event occurred last week known in the design world simply as High Point. Twice a year, Designers from all over the country descend on High Point, NC  to view the hottest new trends in furniture and design. Although I did not attend I felt like I was there last week because I was following a few of my friends who were designated ” Style Spotters” for Pinterest.

When a Pinterest Style Spotter saw an item they thought was worth noting they would “pin” the item to their style board.  I  in turn would repin those items I wanted to share with my Pinterest followers.

Here are a few of the trends relating to my favorite subject, Color, seen at High Point from a few of my Style Spotter friends.

Bright saturated Color has been huge in 2012 and Emerald Green is trending as one of the hottest colors going into 2013.

Lisa Mende spotted this gorgeous Louis 16th chair covered with Robert Allen malachite emerald green fabric in the Wesley show room.


Wesley Hall Showroom

Stacy Naquin spotted this Peter Kennedy emerald green laquered chest in the C. R. Laine show room

Vintage kelly green lacquered chest

and Gretchen Aubuchon spotted this Emerald Green and animal print stool from  Currey & Company.

Currey and Company Stool

Currey and Company

Gold is also going to big in 2013.  Stacy Naquin spotted this ebony stained console table by Global Views with beautiful Gold detailing and coordinating Black and Gold lamps. Don’t you just love those gold lamp shades? Also, Gray, Yellow and Cream continues to be a popular color pallet.

 Trend: Gold detailing on ebony stained console table by Global Views

table by Global Views

Lisa Mende spotted this satin Gold finish eterge from Mrs. and Mrs. Howard’s  furniture line.

Mrs. and Mrs. Howard

Mrs. and Mrs. Howard

as well as this gold leaf mirror from Chelsea House. Wouldn’t this make a beautiful statement in a front entrance?

Chelsea House  Tracery Mirror designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen.

Chelsea House Tracery Mirror designed by Lisa Kahn-Allen.

Monoco Blue has been rumored to be Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2013 but the official color will not be announced until early December. Even so, deep dark blues are a huge trend in both fashion and at High Point for 2013. Lisa Mende spotted this gorgeous dark Blue lacquered chest from Bungalow5.

Bungalow 5 chest

Bungalow 5 Paramount chest

Lastly, according to Style Spotter Traci Zeller,  “Plum, purple, violet, lavender – whatever you want to call it – is hot, hot, hot … in every shade and hue”. She spotted this gorgeous plum color leather chair from HGTV’s new furniture line which she predicts will be a huge hit.



You can check out all my favorite Style Spotter finds on my Pinterest board HERE.

What color trend is your favorite? Emerald Green, Gold, Deep Blue or Purple?

If you would like help decorating your own home with some of the hot new trends give me a call.

The Hot New Art Trend You Can Create Yourself

One of the hottest trends in interiors today is super large art photography. Even though I no longer make my living taking photos, this is a trend that really excites me.

I’m not talking about the 16″ x 20″ wedding photo hanging in your bedroom. I’m referring to HUGE photos that make a powerful statement and become the focal point of the room. Since not all photos  look great super big I thought I would share a few tips for creating your own wall worthy photos.

Look at interesting shapes and forms. I snapped the photo below with my cell phone while getting off a plane in Charlotte, NC.  The sun was just going down and created a beautiful back drop for the shape of the plane and the abstract view of the city of Charlotte way in the background.

Click on any photo to enlarge

I designed a room my photo might look good in…maybe a down town loft space or a bachelor pad.

Photos that tell a Color story make great art photos. Color is one of the most import decisions when decorating a room and the photos below create a wonderful color study of green and purple.

Here is the fun room I chose to put these in.

Take photos from different angels. Rather than always taking your pictures straight on, think about different angels you can use.

Flip your images to Black and White. Yes I know, black and white photography is so “old school” but in my opinion even mediocre images look better in black and white.

joes pond VT

While I was visiting the Boston Design Center last week I couldn’t help but notice this window vignette.

and then today this image was on Mrs. Howard’s blog…very coincidental don’t you think?

Mrs. Howard

Mrs. Howard

yup.. definitely one hot trend.

What do you think of large art photography?  Have you considered using it in your home?

More Money Saving Tips From My NECN Room Makeover

I had planned to follow up my NECN Room Makeover Post  part one a lot sooner but after the loss of our dog and then 7 days of travel I am just now getting back on track. I did want to share a few more tips on how we made over the room for under $500.

1. Think outside the box when it comes to window treatments. As we all know window treatments can eat up a BIG part of any budget. Even if you decide to make your own drapes, fabric plus lining plus labor can be pricey. In our room makeover we used inexpensive painter’s drop cloths. The cost was $9.99 a panel and the beauty was that they came hemmed on all 4 sides. We simply sewed a straight line pocket and they were done. The drop cloth is actually thick and looks a lot like much more expensive linen.

painters drop cloth curtains

painters drop cloth curtains

Here is a close up of the top.

drop cloth curtains

detail drop cloth curtains

2. Shop your house.By simply looking around we found lots of wonderful items stored away that we pulled out to accessorize both the bookcases and the tables. Go through those boxes in the attic or basement, you might be surprised at what you find. Our homeowner found those red stars, picture frames, and even a pumpkin candle that she had bought ages ago and never used.

3. Don’t be afraid to use things in different ways. Our homeowner had a large chest that was used to stored Christmas decorations. We needed a side table and did not have the funds in our $500 budget to buy one. The top of the chest was not in the best shape and there was no time to refinish it so we simply covered the chest with a quilt the home owner had and used it as our side table.

4. Bring your personality into the room. No matter what budget you are working with find ways to personalize your rooms. Decorate with items that speak to you; this costs nothing. Our makeover room was filled with items that had special meaning to the homeowner. Her children’s art work became an art wall, her wedding quilt became a focal point above the sofa and family photos were used to style the book cases. No matter what your budget make the room your own and surround yourself with things you love. It’s your home and your life so embrace what speaks to you.

A huge thank you to this wonderful family who allowed their lives to be disrupted (and stressed) and pitched in with hours and hours of  labor to transform their once dark and uninspiring living room into a bright and happy room for everyone to enjoy….all for under $500!

If you have a room you would like to transform..on any budget..give me a call!

If you would like to watch the NECN Room Makeover episode just click on this link.

As always, I would love to hear from you…What are your favorite money saving tips?


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