The Global Trend Yeah Or Nay?

I first noticed the Global Trend a few years back when it started showing up in the pages of  Design magazines.

global trend

Elle Decor

It has become hugely popular and Moroccan design, Ikat patterns and tribal prints is now on everything from dinner plates to picture frames.

Global trend

I keep wondering when the Global trend is going to run out of steam; especially since we keep getting messages like “buy American” and “support your local artisans”. So last week while shopping for lamps for a client, imagine my surprise when I walked first into Homegoods and saw India



and then directly into West Elm and saw South Africa.

West Elm

West Elm

So what gives? Are we suppose to support our local artisans or decorate our homes as if we just returned from some exotic land?  I always tell my clients to live with what they love and that which has meaning. Items brought back from travels are some of my favorite things to incorporate into their design. However, if one has never set foot in Africa or India are these items adding value to our lives or clutter to our lives? Does it even matter?

I would love to hear your opinion on the Global Trend, Yeah? or Nay?

6 Responses to The Global Trend Yeah Or Nay?
  1. Sheila Zeller Reply

    I have mixed feelings. I love bringing special pieces back from places I’ve been, but we have experienced a ‘burn’ on that one! My husband was on business in Korea and brought back 2 pashminas as well as 2 silk table runners. They’re just beautiful… imagine our surprise when we discovered they can be purchased locally! I’d much rather see our local artisans work being purchased than imported pieces from far away lands, but what can you do?

    • Linda Holt Reply

      I had a similar experience Sheila. I bought a hand woven basket made by the local Indians when we went to Panama. Several months later I saw them in Homegoods for about half what I paid. I can’t even look at it the same way because it is no longer “special”.

      • Adele Reply

        I’ve had that same experience!

        I like ikat and suzani-type patterns and mixing in a touch of the exotic here and there, rather like using animal prints (green zebra stripes, anyone?), enlivens things. Paisley, after all, was once an exotic Indian pattern. Beautiful is beautiful.

        I don’t live in a Moroccan bazaar any more than I live in a Belgian farmhouse, a French chateau, or a British colonial outpost. I have reminders of my travels in things I have brought back with me but I don’t want to recreate any one of those places in my home.

        • Linda Holt Reply

          I’m in agreement with you Adele, I love the Ikat and Suzanni fabrics and animal prints but living in a foreign “themed” house is not for me.

  2. Kelly Reply

    Some of my favorite accessories I own are items I have bought on vacation. I do not know who would be buying these objects in stores- themed rooms are out!

  3. Laura Reply

    I love global themed textiles such as kantha, ikat, and suzani. They are inexpensive,hand made and absolutely exquisite.

    I travel a lot and bring many of these things home, but I do not feel they are any less special for being bought on ebay. If you love a thing, love it for itself!

    I know there is a lot of ‘buy british’ (or american, if you are..) but hmm, thats not an easy task these days, as very little is actually made here,most of whats available is made in China or Turkey or India anyway.

    So unless I come into serious money (at which point I will willingly support british design buy making a few considered purchases) Its global gorgeousness all the way for me.

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