My Favorite Room Update That Won’t Break The Bank

As a Boston area decorator one of my specialties (besides Color) is helping my clients make the most out of what they already own. When you are not buying all new, it can be a challenge to decorate a room and get a whole new look and feel. Over the years I have learned what freshens up a room the most that also costs the least amount of money:  moving furniture around, painting walls and furniture, adding art work, bringing in plants and flowers and my personal favorite…..adding new Throw Pillows.

In my own home my husband accuses me of being a pillow hoarder.  You see,  I like to swap out throw pillows on a semi regular basis (Tip: Space Bags hidden under beds and in closets can easily hide 30-40 pillows). I have Summer pillows, Winter pillows, solid color pillows and bold graphic pillows. Each set totally changes the look and feel of the room.

If you plan to use pillows as away to incorporate the latest trend colors and patterns  it is best to invest in a neutral or solid color sofa and chairs.

living room

Samantha Farjo Designs

When the homeowner of the room above is ready for a fresh new look  maybe she could swap out to these pillows below. It would totally change the vibe of the room and add a fun new pop of color. Great update, small investment.

 CasaBella Interiors

Via CasaBella Interiors

I love the fabric patterns and bright colors of the pillows on this blue sofa below from Hi Sugarplum.

Photo via Hi Sugarplum blog

and when it is time for an update how about swapping out the three green and blue pillows to these pink and blue ones below? In fact, the pink pillow on the right looks to have the same pattern as inside her bookcase.



Even if you don’t have a solid color or neutral sofa you can still find pillows that will coordinate. Look for solids, stripes or small prints. For those that love expensive designer fabrics; what would be hundreds (thousands) of dollars if used for window treatments cost only a fraction of that if turned into a pillow.

brunschwig fabrics

brunschwig fabrics

Pillows to me are like mini squares of joy and there are so many affordable choices today. Besides Homegoods, Target, and other similar stores, I have some favorite online sources as well.

Etsy:  Thousands to pick from including unique ones like personalized family pillows.



Pillows by Dezign:  a great source for designer fabric pillows at a reasonable price. (I want them all!)

Pillows by Dezign

Pillows by Dezign

 Fabricadabra: a great source for decorative pillow covers made only from natural, non-toxic fabrics. Check their website for  ethnic throw pillows including ikats, suzanis, kilims,wool, wax prints, organic cotton, vintage, batiks, indigo cloth and tie-dyes.



Wayfair: over 5000 pillows to choose from so even a pillow lover (hoarder) like me can find something new.


How about you? Do you love throw pillows as much as I do?

What’s your favorite way to freshen up a room without breaking the bank?


If you would like help choosing color or updating your room using what you already own, give me a call.

6 Responses to My Favorite Room Update That Won’t Break The Bank
  1. kristie@thedecorologist Reply

    little squares of joy!!! i so agree, linda 🙂 i’m about to get a whole new set of pillows made for my sofa – i think i’ve narrowed down my fabric choices, just need to make the plunge.

  2. Kelly Reply

    Again we are so alike! I have so many pillows- love them. I think it is because I love fabric so much- and those little pieces of fabric are divine!

  3. Brian Manley Reply

    Great article Linda!! Thanks a lot for the recognition, we really appreciate it. Do you think your readers would enjoy a giveaway to follow up on this article? Let me know your thoughts, Thanks again!!

  4. Sheila @SZInteriors Reply

    You are so right, Linda! Never underestimate the power of a punchy pillow! 🙂

  5. kelly arent CRI llc Reply

    Hi Linda!
    Love the post! You are so right about pollows being an inexpensive refresher. I’m loving the new fabrics that are out…I am a fabric hoarder. I have bolts and rolls that I sometimes have a hard time cutting into! That’s a sickness!! 🙂
    Very inspirational! Glad to be on your blog!

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