Graduation Weekend in Burlington Vermont

This past weekend was a huge milestone for our family. Our youngest son Tyler graduated from Champlain College in Burlington Vt.

For those of you that haven’t been to Burlington it is a fun and very “happening” place. Burlington is located on Lake Champlain and the down town area centers around one really long street called Church Street. The street is closed to traffic but filled with college students, restaurants, bars, street performers and some really great stores.

Church Street Burlington VT

Church Street Burlington VT

There is always lots to see on Church street like this fire juggler who preforms while standing on chairs 15 feet in the air.

fire juggler

street performer

or this guy playing a didgeridoo while wearing some kind of strange wooden animal mask.

one man band

one man band

Burlington also has some great shopping and one of my favorite stores is Bennington Potters North. Although the original store is still located in Bennington VT the Burlington store has been there since I went to school (UVM) a gazillion years ago. In fact, I still have two coffee mugs that I bought while in college from the “seconds” bin for around $2.00 each.

bennington Potters north

Bennington Potters North

Located just off Church on College Street, the store carries original pottery as well as painted furniture, art, rugs and and repurposed items.

Bennington Potters North

Bennington Potters North

Another great store not to be missed in Burlington is  Conant Metal and Light. Their brochure says “from Dumpster to Dining Room” and this really is the case; everything they carry had a previous life.  Although they are known for their signature Mason Jar lights, they offer so much more.

mason jar lights

mason jar lights

Customers can bring in almost anything made from either glass or metal and Conant will create a one of kind item just for you. They also have an entire show room of fabulous ready to go items. The store has somewhat of a Steampunk vibe and it’s fun talking to the staff and learning of the “story” behind each unique piece.

For example, back in the 1800’s lake Champlain was used to ship ice down from Canada and this coffee table on wheels is from one of the original Burlington ice houses.

conant metal and light

conant metal and light

these black metal ice tongs are original and also came out of on old ice house.

conant metal and light

conant metal and light

You can see an old glass lab beaker in the back ground and they have some really wonderful old science glass (my favorite) made into lights and chandeliers.

If you do visit Burlington, one of the best places for Brunch is the French restaurant Leunig’s. Located right on Church you can sit at one of their outside tables and watch all the tourists, students and characters walk by. The food is delicious but be sure to make reservations or you will have a very long wait for a table.

Leunig's Bisto

Leunig's Bistro

The best part of the weekend though was simply being a proud Mom. The time flew by, not only college but his childhood.

Congratulations to my graduate who now joins his brother in pursuing the next chapter of his life.

Have you been to Burlington VT?  If so, do you have a favorite store or restaurant?


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4 Responses to Graduation Weekend in Burlington Vermont
  1. Kelly Reply

    I have always wanted to go to Burlington because of the outdoor beauty there. But now I really want to go shopping! I love those kind of stores to poke around in. Sheila is going to be jealous! :) That one man band looks like his suitcase is full of money. Was his music good? His costume his hilarious. Thanks for sharing!


    • Linda Holt Reply

      Kelly, you would love it. So much going on day and night. I only mentioned two of the stores that I like. If you go I will give you a whole list of others that are equally as fabulous. Not sure about where all the money came from in front of the guy in the mask. We didn’t see anyone put cash in but let me just say the music he was playing was “different”.

  2. Sheila Zeller Reply

    This is a place that I’d SO love to visit! Those stores are seriously calling me… Kelly is right, sooo jealous!!! 😉

    • Linda Holt Reply

      yes Sheila, you would love the shopping. Although I didn’t mention it, the best Restore I have ever been to in my life is in Burlington VT. I have actually considered driving the 3 1/2 hours just to go to the is huge and always filled with unbelievable treasures.

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