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Give me a choice of a vacation home anywhere in the world and I would choose Nantucket. I first visited this magical Island WAY back in high school. I lived there for 3 Summers during college and met my husband there while working at Captain Toby’s Chowder House. Today we are heading to the island for the weekend so that my husband can attend a mini college reunion. This of course got me thinking about some of the beautiful Nantucket rooms I’ve seen and this living room has always been a favorite:  designed by the Connecticut firm Brooks and Falotico.

brooks falotio

Brooks Falotico design

So simple, so fresh, so perfect…a little slice of heaven on a heavenly little Island. Happy weekend everyone!


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What Your Front Door Color Says About You

I hope you all enjoyed Memorial Day weekend.  My husband and I  spent the long weekend in our camper in the White Mountains. Since the Camper is “off the grid” we have no internet, no TV, and other than my iphone, no technology distractions. We do have solar panels to run lights so I always bring up an armload of books and magazines and find it is the one place I can get caught up on my reading.

our view

view from our camper: Linda Holt Photo

One article that caught my eye this past weekend was from Traditional Home. The paint company Farrow and Ball conducted a color survey on 2000 British residents  in order to determine the correlation between front door colors and the personality of the occupants inside. A spokesman for Farrow & Ball, which commissioned the research  to find the world’s best exterior door, said: “A front door is the first thing you see when you are approaching someone’s house and can tell you a lot about the home and its owner”.

According to Farrow and Ball’s survey here are the results:

A red door indicates a happy homeowner

green door is a sign that a sophisticated and intelligent home owner resides inside

A blue door indicates a trustworthy homeowner while a pink door is favored by the daring risk takers

Socially gregarious types prefer purple doors

orange or terracotta was the color chosen by people who were happiest in their relationship and

The most highly successful and career driven types paint their front doors black.

White, green and brown were the door colors chosen by the occupants who were overall the most content with their lives (not sure how that differs from the happy red door homeowner).

There is no mention at all of yellow but maybe a yellow door is just not popular among the Brits where the study was done.

My front door is currently painted purple although it would really be a stretch to call me “socially gregarious”.

Purple front door

Linda Holt Photo

Since I am ready for a change I have been planning on repainting this Summer. Now I just have to decide if I want to be “sophisticated and intelligent”, “highly successful”, or become more of a “risk taker”.

Actually, I am debating between a glossy black door and also painting the side lamps and house numbers matching black

black front door


or else bright turquoise.



What’s your vote… black or turquoise?

What color is your front door? Do you think  Farrow and Ball’s survey results matches your personality?

If you need help choosing a front door color or with any other  color or decorating issues, give me a call.


Before and After…and After… With Annie Sloan Chalk Paint

Remember this table? This was the very the first piece of furniture my painting partner Susan Siefer of  Mad Patter Art Design and I painted using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.

console table before

console table before

The top was covered with dirty contact paper that was hiding at least two previous paint jobs: notice the yellow that was painted over the blue that was painted over the original wood.

console table before

contact paper over paint

Since we had heard there was no striping, sanding or prepping needed with the Annie Sloan paint we wanted to try it on really rough piece. You can read my blog here about all the steps we did with the paint, stencil and wax to transform it into this.

console table after

console table after

Well after looking at it for a few months in the studio we weren’t feeling the love anymore. In fact there were several of our earliest pieces that we got the urge to give a make over. Luckily, one of the best things about the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint is that if you decide you want a change …just repaint it…again, no sanding, prepping or striping.

Then last week while visiting the Brimfield Antique show we saw this fabulous Union Jack dresser painted by Nancy Chace of Sea Rose Cottage.

Union Jack Dresser

Photo by Nancy Chace of Sea Rose Cottage

Seeing Nancy’s chest inspired us to give our console table a little British flair.

console table after, after

console table after and after

We used nail heads around the edge for a little added bling.

We also gave a makeover to this Antibes Green stenciled table.

green stenciled table before

green stenciled table before

It now has a new life painted Emperor’s  Silk Red.

Table after

Table after

Here is a close up of the top which we lacquered with images of graffiti that I photographed while vacationing in Barcelona.

barcelona table detail

We gave this red stool with silk fabric a makeover to go into a little girl’s room.

stool before

stool before

and is now painted with Antoinette pink and gold leaf trim and recovered with a bright paisley print.

stool after

stool after

Even this orange and blue table got a little tweek

with the addition of a pompom accent trim.

Since we have recently acquired some large and unique pieces to paint, as well as a few commissioned pieces, we need to clear out and make some room. We are putting all our pieces for sale on Etsy. Click HERE to see what is for sale as well as some of Susan’s paintings. You can also see our painted furniture by following my board on Pinterest . We will be adding new pieces as we paint.

So what do you think of our makeovers?  Have you used the Annie Sloan paint yet?

If you have a piece of furniture you would like transformed or if you need help choosing the perfect color, or decorating give me a call at 617-965-3342.


Friday’s Photo

I chose today’s photo because it has a fabulous dress in a great color, a dreamy location by the water and a cute little dog’s butt….what could be better?



Have a wonderful and stylish weekend everyone.

Does This Color Make My Room Look Big?

Last week while touring a client’s home she told me she painted her guest room Benjamin Moore Cape May Cobblestone because she was told it makes a room look bigger. When I got home I did a little research and the Benjamin Moore website does indeed say “This classic, elegant gray confers a sense of spaciousness that makes it ideal for small bedrooms and areas like hallways and mudrooms.”

Wow…wouldn’t it be great if there was a specific color that when painted on the walls would make the room magically look bigger? Personally, I’m not convinced that Cape May Cobblestone is the answer but if you want your room to look bigger here are three ways to create a more spacious look simply with paint.

1. Use light(er) colors over dark(er) colors. Creams, pastels, and light cool colors (blues and greens)  generally make a room look and feel bigger over dark warm colors. Light, cool colors have the effect of reflecting the light around whereas warm and darker colors tend to absorb the light making the room feel cozy but smaller.

light colored living room


The dark walls in the living room below create a cozy but seemingly smaller space than if it had been painted in a light or pastel color.

dark walls


2. Choose low contrast over high contrast. Consider painting your walls the same color as your furnishings; this will give the effect of the large furniture items virtually disappearing into the walls and will create an open feeling in the room.

Tobi Fairley

Tobi Fairley

Even dark colors when used in very low contrast can make a room appear larger. Notice how the trim is painted the same color as the walls keeping the contrast down making this seemingly very small room appear bigger than it actually is.



In comparison, high contrast colors act to break up a space, and can make the room look cluttered and smaller than it is.

Mary McDonald

Mary McDonald

Even though the room below is high contrast look how the wall color matches the biggest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa. Try if you will to imagine how much more chopped up and smaller the room would look if the sofa was yellow like the chair or orange like the ceiling.

high contrast den


3. Paint a horizontal stripe around the room.  Just like with clothing, horizontal stripes tend to trick the eye into thinking something is wider. A horizontal stripe, painted on one wall or all four, will carry your eye around the room, making it appear wider.

horizontal stripe


I’m guessing this room below looks as big as possible since it incorporates all three tips: light colors, low contrast with horizontal stripes.



As a  final note: be careful not to confuse making a room look and feel bigger with making a dark room look and feel brighter.  Maria Killam wrote a great blog post about this and you can read it here.

So how about you? Do you have a small room that you used a paint color or technique to appear  bigger?

If you need help with finding the perfect color, decorating, or home staging give me a call at 617-965-3342.


Friday’s Photo

I happened to spot these FLUX chairs online and thought what a great idea. They are light weight chairs that fold up and can be stored away or carried as needed. They come in great colors and can be seen here. 

flux chair

flux chair

“Flux is what happens when good design meets flexibility. Taking its cue from the lines of origami, Flux Chair goes from flat to chair in only ten seconds. Weighing in at only 10.6 pounds, Flux Chairs are light enough to carry around and strong enough to support up to 352 pounds. When folded, the Flux built-in handle makes it easy to transport the chair from the patio to the park and everywhere in between.”

I would love to have a few of about you?









Graduation Weekend in Burlington Vermont

This past weekend was a huge milestone for our family. Our youngest son Tyler graduated from Champlain College in Burlington Vt.

For those of you that haven’t been to Burlington it is a fun and very “happening” place. Burlington is located on Lake Champlain and the down town area centers around one really long street called Church Street. The street is closed to traffic but filled with college students, restaurants, bars, street performers and some really great stores.

Church Street Burlington VT

Church Street Burlington VT

There is always lots to see on Church street like this fire juggler who preforms while standing on chairs 15 feet in the air.

fire juggler

street performer

or this guy playing a didgeridoo while wearing some kind of strange wooden animal mask.

one man band

one man band

Burlington also has some great shopping and one of my favorite stores is Bennington Potters North. Although the original store is still located in Bennington VT the Burlington store has been there since I went to school (UVM) a gazillion years ago. In fact, I still have two coffee mugs that I bought while in college from the “seconds” bin for around $2.00 each.

bennington Potters north

Bennington Potters North

Located just off Church on College Street, the store carries original pottery as well as painted furniture, art, rugs and and repurposed items.

Bennington Potters North

Bennington Potters North

Another great store not to be missed in Burlington is  Conant Metal and Light. Their brochure says “from Dumpster to Dining Room” and this really is the case; everything they carry had a previous life.  Although they are known for their signature Mason Jar lights, they offer so much more.

mason jar lights

mason jar lights

Customers can bring in almost anything made from either glass or metal and Conant will create a one of kind item just for you. They also have an entire show room of fabulous ready to go items. The store has somewhat of a Steampunk vibe and it’s fun talking to the staff and learning of the “story” behind each unique piece.

For example, back in the 1800’s lake Champlain was used to ship ice down from Canada and this coffee table on wheels is from one of the original Burlington ice houses.

conant metal and light

conant metal and light

these black metal ice tongs are original and also came out of on old ice house.

conant metal and light

conant metal and light

You can see an old glass lab beaker in the back ground and they have some really wonderful old science glass (my favorite) made into lights and chandeliers.

If you do visit Burlington, one of the best places for Brunch is the French restaurant Leunig’s. Located right on Church you can sit at one of their outside tables and watch all the tourists, students and characters walk by. The food is delicious but be sure to make reservations or you will have a very long wait for a table.

Leunig's Bisto

Leunig's Bistro

The best part of the weekend though was simply being a proud Mom. The time flew by, not only college but his childhood.

Congratulations to my graduate who now joins his brother in pursuing the next chapter of his life.

Have you been to Burlington VT?  If so, do you have a favorite store or restaurant?


As always, if you need help with decorating, choosing color or home staging, give me a call.











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