Creating a Quick and Easy Colorful Flower Arrangement

It’s been a somewhat cool and gray  week here in New England so I thought I would brighten up the table with some Spring flowers. I found these pretty orange Gerber Daisies at Whole Foods  and decided to display them in my collection of vintage lab glassware.  Somehow it just wasn’t complete until I added a little extra “laboratory color”.

Gerber daisies in vintage lab glass

Linda Holt Interiors

A collection of clear glass vases, a  little food coloring in the water and Voila!  So easy, so quick, so colorful.

Have a wonderful and colorful  weekend everyone!

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3 Tips To Prevent Paint Chip Addiction

As a Boston area color consultant, I see a lot of clients who are afflicted with paint chip addiction. Sadly, paint chip addiction is wide spread and it’s not a pretty sight. In fact, before I trained with Maria Killam and became a True Color Expert, I too was hooked on paint chips.

Recently I received a call to preform an intervention for a client who was tired of suffering. The poor woman;  like all addictions it started out innocent enough. She went to the paint store to collect a few paint chips for her family room.  She was drawn to all the pretty colors so she collected dozens of chips. Back home, she couldn’t stop thinking about all the other colors that she didn’t collect so she returned to the store and brought home even more. It was only a matter of a few Saturdays before she was hooked on chips and completely out of control. She collected dozens and dozens of chips in every color, value and intensity from multiple paint vendors. Before long, her family room floor became covered in paint chips.

colorful paint chips

paint chips

She taped dozens of tiny chips to the wall which quickly lead to the second phase of the addiction;  painting color samples on the wall.

paint samples

paint samples

Once multiple colors are on the wall the final and most serious symptoms of the addiction become present; confusion, indecision, and frustration. So this terrible addiction doesn’t happen to you here are three tips to follow when collecting paint chips.

#1. Go to the paint store armed with as many elements from your room as possible. Bring fabric samples, the sofa cushion, your bed spread, art work…the more you can bring, the easier it will be to eliminate colors that won’t work.

#2. Ask for help. The employees are usually very knowledgeable and are there to help. They may not find the perfect color for you but at least they will help you narrow down the thousands of choices to three or four.

#3. Just say no to paint chips. By hiring a professional color consultant (like myself), you completely eliminate the temptation of  paint chip addiction. As a color consultant I arrive armed with large color samples. I will determine your home’s undertones, I will look at color flow, I will ask lots of questions and guide you through the thousands of choices to just the right color for your home.

So if you or someone you know is suffering from paint chip addiction…be a friend and give them my number.

How about you? Are you addicted to paint chips?







My Front Entrance: A Little Inspiration and “After” Photo

I live in an upside down house. You see, our house is built on a hill; the front entrance is the ground or basement level, the main living area is one floor above and the bedrooms are on the third floor. Since our driveway stops closer to the back of our house we rarely, if ever, come in through the front door. So needless to say, our front entrance was somewhat neglected style wise.

I do not have a “before” picture since the space was often treated like a basement and was usually cluttered with misc. junk and recycling bins on their way out to the adjoining garage. I would often scramble last minute to tidy up if I knew guests were arriving that would be using the front door.

The biggest problem with the space is that it is very dark since the only natural light is through the narrow windows on either side of the front door. I really needed to brighten it up with some color and when I saw this image I decided this was the look I wanted to create.

Front entrance design inspiration

Front entrance design inspiration

Funny but I just noticed that the title of the article is Style Inspiration. (I believe the image is from Elle Decor but I have had the image for awhile so not exactly sure of the original source)

What I liked most was the color pallet. The gray patterned wall with the yellow chest and that cool vintage  lamp. My wall is small and oddly shaped so  I didn’t want wallpaper. Instead, I asked my decorative painter friend Susan Siefer of Mad Patter Art Design to create a stenciled patterned wall. I chose one of the new Benjamin Moore Color Stories colors called Through The Looking Glass for the wall color. Through The Looking Glass is light gray with a purple undertone and it was good match to the purple gray background of my existing area rug.

Company C Mandarin Pewter Rug

Company C Mandarin Pewter Rug

Susan stenciled a Moroccan pattern in silver leaf over the gray.

Susan painting with stencil

Susan painting with stencil

Once the walls were done I used Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in the color Arles (yellow) to paint a black chest I had purchased at a barn sale. Although Annie Sloan paint is amazing at coverage, in hind site, I should have primed the chest first because I ended up having to give it three coats to completely hide the black.

You can see what it looked like after just one coat as I applied the second coat.

Annie Sloan Arles paint second coat

Annie Sloan Arles paint second coat

Once the chest was painted I used the Annie Sloan dark wax to give the same aged look that the chest had in my inspiration photo and also added some gray detailing with Annie Sloan Graphite Gray mixed with Old White.

dark wax and gray detail

dark wax and gray detail

So here is my inspiration photo once again

inspiration for entrance

inspiration for entrance

and here is my front entrance now.

Linda Holt Interiors

Linda Holt Interiors

I am planning to swap out the  lamp to something closer to my inspiration photo but in the mean time I might paint this existing one with Annie Sloan paint. I am also looking for just the right piece of art work for above the chest.

I can’t say we are now using the front entrance but at least today when the UPS guy arrived to deliver a package he entered a bright and happy foyer.

I hope you enjoyed seeing my front entrance “after” photo.

If you would like help with color, decorating or staging, give me a call at 617-965-3342.





When Good Things happen to “BAD” Colors

Colors are a lot like people. They all have their own unique personality with varying degrees of popularity. Did you know that the color Blue is preferred by more people on the planet than any other color?  Blue is like the Rock Star of the color world.

The greens, red, yellows, oranges, and purples, all have varying amounts of  lovers and friends and then there are those colors that seem to get no respect. These colors are thought of by some as “bad” colors. Think mauve, burgundy, or pinky beige (pink slime anyone?). Well every now and then something good happens to turn what is perceived as a “bad” color into super star.

Take the color Brown. About 20 years ago brown was one of those “get no respect” colors. It was perceived as dull, utilitarian, and boring; certainly not a color we welcomed into our home or painted on our walls. Well along came a little company called Starbucks and a really good thing happened to the color Brown. Starbucks gave the color brown a complete makeover; brown became sexy, rich, and exotic. Brown even changed it’s name to Chocolate, Espresso, and Coffee.  Brown went from one of those “bad” colors  to everyone’s darling all because of the power of Starbucks.

starbucks_bold_coffee_photo with bedroom

Starbucks brown

Well hang on to your hats because there is another color that is undergoing a big reputation make over. It’s  a color that many people will tell you they don’t like;  a color with a “bad” reputation. This time it wasn’t a corporation that changed a color’s reputation but a lovable little guy from a movie that has been a good thing for this “bad” color.


Image of Shrek

Yes, we can thank the cultural icon known as  Shrek for being the good thing that happened to Chartreuse green. This half yellow half green color has become one of the hottest colors of 2012 in home, fashion and product.

2012 Chartreuse green

2012 Chartreuse green

Designers  Christian Siriano and Oscar De La Renta chose chartreuse green for their Spring 2012 collection, and who ever thought a chartreuse green file cabinet, shoes or phone would be considered “hot”.

Here are a few interiors that have embraced this hot new color.






Chartreuse may still be popular for a while longer because one more good thing is going to happen to Chartreuse. ..Hint: “it ain’t easy being green.


So how about you?  What do you think of Chartreuse green?  Would you use it in your home?

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Bee Right In Style With This Hot New Trend

Geometric patterns have been such a hot trend over the past few years. Moroccan, Ikat and Chevron patterns have marched into our homes in the form of everything from fabric to accessories to wall stencils.

chevron pattern

chevron pattern

Well make room for a pattern that is as old as the bees; honeycomb. West Elm has chosen honeycomb as their pattern of the year.


West Elm

These blue honeycomb tiles make such a pretty back splash.

honeycomb tiles
Don’t you just love this bathroom at The Soho Beach House in Miami? The view’s not too bad either.



I also like these pretty honeycomb fabric white chairs. They add some nice texture to this living room.


Here are a few of my favorite finds if you are interested in bringing this pattern into your own home.

honeycomb rug from rugs USA

Honeycomb rug from Rugs USA

navy honeycomb shade from Shades Of LightNavy honeycomb drum shade from Shades of Light 

This pretty fabric incorporates both the honeycomb and the Ikat trend.

blue honeycomb Ikat fabric

Honeycomb Ikat from Lewis and Sharon textiles

honeycomb clock cargo

Honeycomb clock from Cargoh


and let’s not forget about one of the best uses of honeycomb….yum.

raw honeycomb on plate

So what about you? Do you plan to use this pattern in your home?

If you would like help with choosing the perfect color, decorating or staging, give me a call at 617-965-3342.

I Spy Tangerine Tango

I am fresh back from a trip to NYC with a few girlfriends. Although the weather could have better (it rained for most of our trip) I was thrilled to get to the city and see all the new trends. As far as fashion, I will say that every single woman under the age of  about 70 was in boots….yes, every single one! Since I knew we would be walking for hours and hours every day (and the boots I currently own are not all that comfortable) I felt like a freak in my “walking shoes”. I did however buy a great pair of boots while there and now I just have to break them in.

statute of Liberty

Although we did see the new 911 memorial, this trip was primarily about shopping. We hit all the big name designer stores and I finally made it to ABC Carpet which I have wanted to go to for ages. Guess what I saw in all the stores and the store windows? Bright, bold, happy colors. Bright colors in clothing, bright colors in home furnishings and brightly colored accessories.


One color which I saw everywhere was Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango. I thought it would be fun to share  a few of my “I Spy Tangerine Tango” images from  NYC.

Hermes window

Hermes Window

pillows at ABC Carpet

 Pillows at ABC Carpet

Window display on Broadway


The window above and the one below were across the street from one another.


window on Broadway



 carpet in Etro blog

Carpet in Etro Store

orange plates at Chic Home

Orange plate at Chic Home

orange clothing on 5th Ave.


orange clothing in window on 5th Ave.


Lastly……My absolutely favorite orange “I Spy” item is below. ….ahhh  be still my heart!

orange sofa in Safavieh window

 orange sofa in Safavieh window



So how about you? Do you love Pantone’s color of the year as much as I do?

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